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Chapter 155 - "Can I borrow some flour" (3)

Wen Rugui felt a grip on his heart, and he reflexively asked out loud the question that was on his mind, “Are you close with that person”

Tong Xuelu raised her brows.

“You mean that guy by the name of Xiao Chengping just now”

Wen Rugui nodded slightly.

“Yeah, he said he grew up with you.”

“We grew up in the same compound, not with each other.

He had always bullied me when I was little, and he had left for the troop a few years back.

I hadn’t seen him in a very long time.”

Having said that, Tong Xuelu cocked her head to look at him.

Blinking at him, she said, “As such, no, I don’t know him very well.

At least not as well as we know each other.”


Wen Rugui’s long eyelashes fluttered a little, and the tips of his ears turned beet red all of a sudden.

Noticing the redness on the tips of his ears, Tong Xuelu lowered her head, and the corners of her mouth lifted.

After returning home.

Tong Jiaming and the siblings had already finished dinner.

There was nothing else left other than rice.

Tong Xuelu would have to make the egg fried rice planned for the next morning for Wen Rugui now.

Tong Xuelu asked Wen Rugui whether he enjoyed sour food.

Once she learned that he did, she made him a dish of vinegar cabbage and fried another egg for him.

Sour and spicy cabbage was particularly appetizing, and Tong Jiaxin, who was full from dinner, was suddenly hungry again.

He wished he could have two more bowls of rice.

Nevertheless, before he was able to say anything, he was dragged away by Tong Jiaming to work on his homework.

Wen Rugui placed a chopstick full of cabbage into his mouth.

It was crispy, sour, and spicy.

He wasn’t too hungry before, but with the stimulation of the delicious taste, he quickly stuffed his face with two chopsticks full of rice.

Tong Xuelu asked, “Oh right.

How long is your train ride”

Wen Rugui swallowed the food in his mouth before he said, “Two days and two nights.”

Tong Xuelu asked again, “What are you going to eat on the train”

Wen Rugui said, “They sell some simple items on the train.

I’ll just buy those.”

Even in modern days, the food might not be very good on trains and planes, let alone in this day and age when resources are difficult to come by.

It was also hard to determine whether he could at least get some steam buns or the like.

She thought about it some and said, “You still got some time.

Why don’t I make you some food for your train ride”

She owed him too much, and she wanted to do something for him.

Wen Rugui replied, “I don’t want to be a bother.

I’m sure you are tired from working all day.”

“My job is not tiring.

Alright, it’s been decided.”

Having said that, Tong Xuelu walked over to the kitchen to look for ingredients.

She had a bundle of leek, three eggs, and two white radishes, but only about one jin of flour.

“I don’t have enough flour.

Let me go and borrow some from next door.

I will be right back.”

She turned and left after she gave Wen Rugui a heads up.

Looking at her slender back,deep inside, Wen Rugui’s heart softened.

He finished the remaining rice quickly, brought the plates and bowl into the kitchen, and washed them.

After finishing the dishes, he returned to the living room again and pulled out the Dacron and textbooks that he had brought with him.

He had hesitated for a long while whether to give the Dacron to her.

They were, after all, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

He worried that she would find that resentful, but looking at how she had rushed off earlier, he suddenly felt that it would be silly for him to hesitate.

Tong Xuelu knocked on the Wei’s door.

Shen Wanrong was the one who came to the door, followed by Wei Zhiguo, holding a flashlight in his hand.

Shen Wanrong asked, “What brings you over”


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