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Chapter 154 - "Can I borrow some flour" (2)

“Who are you to call her Crybaby” said Xiao Chengping as he smacked him on his head.

His cousin rubbed his head and gritted his teeth.

“How am I going to refer to her if not Crybaby”

“Comrade Tong.”


Then did you loan money to Comrade Tong, Cousin”

Xiao Chengping shook his head.

“She didn’t take it.”

“Why not Didn’t you say she needs money”

Xiao Chengping asked, “Didn’t you see the other person next to her”

His cousin nodded.

“I saw.

I was debating if I should go up and help you earlier.

Who was that guy Not Comrade Tong’s boyfriend, is he”

Xiao Chengping gave him a kick on his butt and said, “What are those eyes of yours for That’s her cousin!”

His cousin rubbed his butt, looking aggrieved.

“It wasn’t like it said ‘cousin’ on his face.

How was I supposed to know that Luckily, that was her cousin.

Else you won’t stand a chance, cousin.”

“What do you mean by that”

“You are fond of Comrade Tong, no, Cousin”

Xiao Chengping’s face turned the color of pork liver instantly.

“What the heck are you talking about Who said I like the Crybaby”

His cousin had an experience look on him.

“Cousin, you can fool others but not me.

If you don’t like her, why would you come looking for her the minute that you found out that she was kicked out by the Tong family and took out all of your savings Aunty will have a fit if she found out!”

Xiao Chengping glanced over at him and threatened him, “Don’t even think about telling my mom.

I would give you a solid beating!”

His cousin rubbed his chin and said, “I can consider not telling Aunty if you can convince my mom to let me join the military.”

Xiao Chengping was about to give him another kick.

“You want to join the military with your feeble body In your dreams! By the way, what did you mean earlier when you said lucky that was her cousin or else I won’t stand a chance”


He was much more handsome than you, Cousin.

You look like a gorilla when standing next to him.

You don’t stand a chance if he isn’t Comrade Tong’s cousin!”

The cousin, not wanting to be kicked again, giggled and ran off after he had finished saying that.

Xiao Chengping was so angry that he was fuming.

“You little brat.

Don’t you run.

Just you wait.

When I catch up to you, you’re dead!”

He was handsome, tall, strong, and outstanding, possessing both looks and intelligence.

How dare he compare him to a gorilla He was asking for it!


Tong Xuelu had no idea that not only did Xiao Chengping take Wen Rugui as her cousin but insisted on it.

She looked up at Wen Rugui.

“What are you doing here Didn’t you tell me over the phone that you won’t be back till next month”

Wen Rugui glanced over at her and said nonchalantly, “Our principal wanted me to go pick up someone and bring them back to the capital city.

I am taking off tonight.

I didn’t want to make you wait on your studying, so I thought I would bring the textbooks over to you now.”

Tong Xuelu said, “Oh, is that so Thank you so much, Comrade Wen.

I hope I didn’t delay your plans.”

Hearing that she had reverted back to calling him ‘Comrade Wen,’ disappointment flashed past Wen Rugui’s eyes.

“No, my train ticket is for 3 hours later.”

“Have you had dinner yet then, Comrade Wen”

Standing under the streetlight, the orange-yellow light shone on her, making her eyes appear even more limpid.

The tear-drop-shaped mole under her eyes looked even more charming.

Wen Rugui looked away from her and shook his head.


I will get some food next to a train station in a bit.”

Tong Xuelu said, “The government-operated restaurant is already closed.

Where will you find food Why don’t we do this As you are not in a hurry, why don’t you come to my place, and I will make you dinner”

Remembering her delicious cooking, Wen Rugui gulped and said, “Why, thank you so much.”

Smiling, Tong Xuelu’s lips curved, and she said, “No problem.”

Her lips were red and her teeth white.

Her smile was dazzling under the streetlight.


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