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Chapter 15 - Tong Zhenzhen, you are done for.


Mother Tong was sighing and talking with the Vice Director of the Women’s Federation Office when someone knocked on the door to the office.

An administrative clerk walked inside and said, “Director Tong, your daughter is here.

She’s waiting for you outside.”

Mother Tong was caught off guard, “Which daughter is that”

The clerk scratched under her eye and said, “The one from before, Comrade Tong Xuelu.”

Mother Tong let out an “Oh”.

It was until the vice director had given her a push before she recollected herself and hurried outside.

She finally believed that Tong Xuelu was really here when she saw her.

“Xuelu, what are you doing here Where did you come from Why did you leave without a word yesterday Your dad and I worried so much last night that we couldn’t even sleep!”

After she was done talking, she saw the little bun next to Tong Xuelu.

“This one is……”

Tong Mianmian was hiding behind Tong Xuelu’s bottom.

She poked half of her head out when she heard Mother Tong mentioned her but, as soon as she met Mother Tong’s eyes, she quickly retreated back behind Tong Xuelu like a startled bunny.

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “This is my little sister.

Mianmian, say ‘Aunty’.”

Mother Lu’s oldest grandson was only 6 months older than Mianmian.

She could be very well address Mother Lu as Grandma Lu, but that way the generations would be all off.

Tong Mianmian stuck out half of her face again and, her limpid big eyes blinked, and she said shyly, “Aunty~”

“Oh, what a nice child.

Have some candies.”

Her milky voice was sweet and soft.

Mother Tong’s heart softened.

She pulled out two pieces of candies from her pocket and handed them over to Tong Mianmian.

Tong Mianmian dared not accept them until Tong Xuelu gave her the okay.

Tong Xuelu handed over the snacks to Mother Tong then, holding her hand, said, “Mom, I come to visit you and I also want to move my household register out.”

“You didn’t need to bring me anything when you come visit.” Hearing her words, Mother Tong’s smile lessened.

“You really wanted to move your household register out”

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“Mom, I know you don’t want me to go and I will miss you and Dad but Tong Zhenzhen and I really can’t live under the same roof.”

Mother Tong let out a long sigh.

Tong Xuelu put her arm around Mother Tong’s shoulder.

“Mom, don’t do that.

Even though I am not living here, you are still my mother.

I will come and visit you and Dad often.”

“Okay, you promised.

You have to come visit us often.”

Tong Xuelu nodded and promised.

She then changed the subject.

“Mom, I need to hurry over to get this household register thing taken care of.

I’ll come back and chat with you later.

If I don’t go there before they close, I will have to make a second trip.”

Mother Tong said, “Alright.

Let me give your second sister-in-law a call and have her had the stuff ready for you.

That way you can get right to it once you get there.”

“Thanks, Mom!”

Part of the reasons that Tong Xuelu came looking for Mother Tong was to visit her and also partly she had hoped that Mother Tong would help her with the matters of the household register.

Cai Chunlan hold an administrative position at the Public Security Bureau and was responsible for the area of household register.

Tong Xuelu wasn’t worried that Cai Chunlan wouldn’t do it for her but, with their history, for sure she would drag it out.

But the Tong family side had no more time to wait around.

Tong Xuelu was about to head to the Public Security Bureau after Mother Tong had placed the call but she was stopped by Mother Tong.

“Are you bringing this child with you It’s far and it will be inconvenient to bring a child with you.

Why don’t you leave her here I’ll look after her for you.”

Tong Xuelu felt that what Mother Tong said made sense.



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