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The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories - Ch 147 — fringecapybara

Jul 21 Written By fringe chameleon4-5 minutes

The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the 70s

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Edited by: Teagan

Chapter 147 - "Researcher Wen, you have a call." (2)

Old Mr.

Wen, inside the military compound, sneezed.

Looking at the two young chicken in the chicken coop, he sounded very gloomy, “That unfilial Rugui.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought he did it on purpose.

He was getting back at me for eating his pickled cabbage and fish the other day!”

Uncle Zong defended Wen Rugui palely, “Rugui is not that kind of a person.

He had always been filial toward you.”

Old Mr.

Wen harrumphed and said, “You don’t need to defend him.

I knew he did it on purpose! Young Grass’s cooking is so amazing.

I’m sure braised Xiao Wu was very delicious.”

Uncle Zong, “……”

Why did he have a feeling that Xiao Wu did not feel peaceful even after its death.

Old Mr.

Wen tossed some vegetables pieces at the two young chicken as he mumbled, “Xiao Qi (seven), Xiao Ba (eight), eat lots and grow up quickly.

I will take you to Green Grass later.”

Uncle Zong, “……”

Poor Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba, they weren’t even the size of a palm yet and the Commander already had his heart set on them.


The government-operated restaurant stopped supplying lunch after 2 o'clock.

Chef Meng made a small pot of green bean soup before he left for his break and would not be back until that evening.

After Chef Meng was gone, Tan Xiaoyan gave Tong Xuelu a stare and also took off.

Guo Weiping and Tong Xuelu were the only ones left at the restaurant.

Tong Xuelu was a little worried about Tong Mianmian and wanted to go home to check on her.

It was, however, her first day at work and she didn’t want to skip out of work nor did she think it was appropriate to leave Guo Weiping there by himself.

In addition, one should have trust in those who they rely on.

If she returned like that, it would seem that she did not trust the Wei’s.

She would be needing their help to look after Tong Mianmian for a short while.

It would not be in her best interests to annoy them.

After careful consideration, she decided against leaving.

It was very quiet at the government-operated restaurant with the exception of the sound of vegetables being chopped coming from the kitchen from time to time.

Resting her chin on her palm, Tong Xuelu spaced out, bored.

The position at the government-operated restaurant was a cozy one and the meal was much better than when she was at the factory.

The only draw back was too much down time.

It was still three hours till the dinner shift.

She couldn’t just sit here like this the entire time.

So she started planning her future.

She would most likely stay and work at the government-operated restaurant until the revolution and she should find ways to occupy her free time.

She had made up her mind shortly.

She had decided to pick up her schoolwork again before the resuming of the University Entrance Examination.

This body had only attended through junior high school.

When the University Entrance Examination resumed in 1977, the requirements were not high and the junior high school was the minimum requirement.

If she wanted to attend college, she would need to take the opportunity of the first two years.

If she was to miss that window, she would have to return to senior high school and do it one step at a time.

One’s education is very important no matter what era one is in.

If she would not be able to return to her own time, she would need to get herself a diploma.

Besides, a university student back in the 70s was a hot commodity.

She did not have any junior or senior high school textbooks, however, and would need to see how she could get her hands on some.

Wen Rugui’s look suddenly flashed past her head and her eyes lit up.

Wen Rugui was a researcher and must had a lot of schooling.

She should have textbooks from junior and senior high schools.

The question was whether he had lent them out already.

Thinking of that, she stood up and called out to Guo Weiping.

“Xiao Guo, I want to go make a call and will be back shortly.

Please look after the shop in the meantime.”

Guo Weiping came running out of the kitchen and smiled shyly.

“You go ahead, Big Sister Xuelu.

I got this.”

Tong Xuelu felt that Guo Weiping was a nice child.

She thanked him and turned and walked out of the government-operated restaurant.


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