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The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories - Ch 146 — fringecapybara

Jul 20 Written By fringe chameleon4-6 minutes

The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the 70s

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Edited by: Teagan

Chapter 146 - "Researcher Wen, you have a call." (1)

Baffled by what had happened, he went over the principal’s office to ask.

“Principal, whatever happened to my reward You had promised the Dacron fabric to me.

How did it turn into ceramic pots”

Zhuang Zhenghui looked up and rubbed his temples.

“I did promise it to you but Rugui said he wanted them.

You knew that he had never asked for anything so I felt bad turning him down.

I will save you the Dacron fabric when we get it next time.”

Zhou Yan, “”

Wen Rugui took it

But he never mentioned that he had his eyes on them!

Besides, he didn’t even have a girlfriend, what did he want the Dacron fabric for

He had almost told him girlfriend about it.

What would she think of him when he couldn’t keep his promise

Wen Rugui had gone too far!

Leaving with a long face, Zhou Yan decided to go straight it out with Wen Rugui about it.

Walking out of the principals’ office and feeling the cold breeze on him, Zhou Yan calmed down quickly.

The principal was not playing favoritism.

Whenever there had been rewards in the past, Wen Rugui had never fought over them.

With his hard work and contributions, he could totally have first pick but he always let others go first.

One time when Zhou Yan’s mother was ill, Wen Rugui even gave him two cans of malted milk.

Thinking of that, Zhou Yan was no longer upset.

He was, however, already outside of Wen Rugui’s office.

If he didn’t get answer from him, he would not be able to sleep tonight.

Seeing Zhou Yan walking inside, Wen Rugui said nonchalantly, “You are here.”

Zhou Yan harrumphed.

“I see that you have a pretty good idea why I am here.”

Wen Rugui acknowledged him.

He stood up and pulled out a can of malted milk from the cabinet and handed it over to him.

“This is to make up to you.”

Looking at the malted milk, Zhou Yan was even more baffled.

“If you wanted the Dacron fabric, why didn’t you tell me the other day”

Wen Rugui lifted his brows.

“You would let me have it if I had told you”

Of course not!!!

One would take two stabs for one’s brother, but would stab their brothers twice for their girlfriends!

For the sake of getting himself a wife, there was no such thing as brothers!

Wen Rugui gave him a that’s-what-I-thought look.

“Take the malted milk.

I need the Dacron fabric.”

Zhou Yan looked at him dubiously.

“Rugui, you know that with our line of work, it’s not easy to find ourselves a girlfriend.

If you want that for yourself, can you let me have it first this time”

They definitely made a lot more than others salary-wise but they also work much longer hours.

Most of the time they would stay on base.

It was normal that they were out of touch for 10 days when in the middle of an experiment.

That meant they would not be able to be with their girlfriends or wives all the time.

He had been to several arranged dates and nothing came out of them and this was one of the main reasons.

It was not because of his looks!

Now that he finally had himself a girlfriend, he had wanted to get her something nice for not being able to be with her a lot.

And Wen Rugui had to come out out of nowhere and took it away from him.

Wen Rugui shook his head, “I can’t.”

Zhou Yan gritted his teeth.

“You don’t have a girlfriend.

What do you want the Dacron fabric for”

Wen Rugui’s eyelashes fluttered.

“I can’t give it to anyone other than my girlfriend”

Zhou Yan was taken aback a little.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.

Are you planning to give that to Old Mr.


Wen Rugui did not say anything.

Zhou Yan thought he had guessed right from his reaction.

Old Mr.

Wen was a poor old man.

He had lost his wife in his middle age and his son in his old age.

Now the only one that he had was Wen Rugui but Wen Rugui was not able to spend a lot of time with him.

It would make sense to give the Dacron fabric to Old Mr.


It would let him know how much Wen Rugui cared.

Having thought of that, Zhou Yan looked at Wen Rugui with tender and compassion look.

“Alright, you can have it this time.

I don’t want your malted milk.

You save that for Old Mr.


Wen Rugui happened to see Zhou Yan’s very “passionate” look and couldn't help but shuddered.

“What are you……”

Zhou Yan waved and stopped him.

“Say no more.

It’s decided.”

Having said that, Zhou Yan walked out with his head held high.

He felt that he was basked in kind lights.

Wen Rugui, “”


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