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Chapter 144 - "You wouldn’t know because you don’t have a girlfriend." (2)

Guo Weiping sliced the daikon carefully as he asked, “Isn’t she worried that Tan Xiaoyan will tell on her with the manager”

Chef Meng rubbed his bald head and said, “That girl looks to be a smart one.

I don’t think we will need to worry about her.”

Guo Weiping, however, did not agree completely with Chef Meng.

Tan Xiaoyan was selfish and lazy and all the others only turned a blind eye because the Manager was her brother-in-law.

Back when Su Xiuying used to work there, she had cried many times from being bullied by Tan Xiaoyan.

Nevertheless, Tan Xiaoyan did not tell on Tan Xiaoyan when Liu Dongchang was back.

In fact, she stayed away from him most of the day.

Guo Weiping was tunned and found the new server so amazing.

She was able to take care of Tan Xiaoyan on her very first day there.


The government-operated restaurant served only lunch and dinner but not breakfast.

When Liu Dongchang returned with the meat and vegetables, the kitchen started getting busy.

Now that Tong Xuelu had a poor relationship with Tan Xiaoyan, she must have good relationships with the others.

She went over to the kitchen voluntarily and asked, “Do you need any help, Chef Meng I can help with rinsing the vegetables.”

Cutting and cooking was Chef Meng’s job.

Nobody was allowed to touch that without his explicit permission.

Tong Xuelu had just gotten there nor did she want the others to know that she could cook.

She didn’t want Chef Meng to be hostile toward her.

Guo Weiping was just about to shake her head before he heard Chef Meng saying, “Alright, you can rinse the vegetables with Xiao Guo.”

Guo Weiping’s mouth dropped open when he heard that.

Chef Meng didn’t normally allowed others into the kitchen.

One time when Tan Xiaoyan wanted to come inside and watch Chef Meng cook, she was shouted at by the chef.

The new girl had not only had Tan Xiaoyan under her thumb on day one, she had also befriended the Chef Meng.

That was too amazing.

The look that Guo Weiping gave Tong Xuelu was filled with respect.

Tong Xuelu, “”

What was with those sparkling eyes

Seeing that Tong Xuelu had headed into the kitchen, Tan Xiaoyan waited for her to be shout at and kicked out of the kitchen.

Lo and behold, she waited and waited and nothing happened.

In fact, there was laughter coming from the kitchen.

She was so curious that it felt like her heart was being bitten by ants.

Even though she had been warned by Chef Meng that she was not allowed into the kitchen whe he was cooking, she was simply too curious right now.

She walked toward the kitchen but, soon as she had gotten one foot inside, Chef Meng turned and gave her a vicious look, “What do you think you are doing here”

Tan Xiaoyan’s hand shook but she stiffened up her neck and forced herself to say, “What about her How come she is allowed to be in here”

Chef Meng, with his cleaver in his hand, said with a vicious look on him, “I like her in here.

You got a problem with that”

Tan Xiaoyan, “……” She’s so angry!

Tong Xuelu left the kitchen voluntarily after she was done washing the vegetables.

She returned to the dining area and resumed staring at each other with Tan Xiaoyan.

Liu Dongchang took off after he was done with the purchasing.

It was said that he would not be back until later in the evening.

Sound of vegetables being chopped came from the kitchen nonstop.

The dumplings and the braised pork would be prepared first and other vegetables rinsed and ready to go.

They would be cooked when orders were placed.

By 11:30, Tan Xiaoyan suddenly stood up, grabbed her own lunchbox and rush up to the window.

Tong Xuelu only knew that it was lunch time when she saw Tan Xiaoyan grabbing her lunchbox.

She, too, quickly brought her own up there.

Chef Meng first gave Tan Xiaoyan a scoop of rice, vegetables, and 3 dumplings.

He then scooped out a scoop full of braised pork and it was time for the real show.

His hand shook like he was having a seizure and he shook until there was only 2 pieces of meat left in the scoop before he place them inside Tan Xiaoyan’s lunchbox.

Tan Xiaoyan, “……”

Tong Xuelu almost snorted out loud when she saw that.

Tan Xiaoyan was so angry that her nose was almost crooked.

Tan Xiaoyan, however, did not walk away immediately.

She wanted to see how much Tong Xuelu would get.

Chef Meng did everything the same except when it came to the braised pork.

Suddenly, his hand was not shaking any more and he gave Tong Xuelu a full scoop of braised pork.


Tan Xiaoyan gritted her teeth in anger.

“That is so unfair, Chef Meng.

Why did she get so much meat and I only get 2 pieces!”

Chef Meng pushed his lips sideways and snorted.

“It pleases me.

What are you going to do about it”

Tan Xiaoyan, “………………”

Tan Xiaoyan had never felt so aggrieved for the three years that she had been at the government-operated restaurant.

She burst into tears with her lunchbox in hand.

Chef Meng, “If you are going to cry, go somewhere else to cry.

Don’t block my light.”

Tan Xiaoyan walked over to one side with her lunchbox to keep on crying.

Seeing that, Tong Xuelu made a decision right away: She was with Team Chef Meng and would follow Chef Meng for good food and drinks from this point forward.



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