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Chapter 140 - Tong Xuelu looked very calm sitting there, but she was feeling very excited.


It was close to 9 when Liu Dongchang, the manager of the government-operated restaurant finally arrived.

Liu Dongchang was around 35 ~ 36 of age and, similar to Tan Xiaoyan, was short and stout, had a square face, thick eyebrows, and big eyes.

If one was to only see his face, one would think that he was big and burly 1.8 meter tall men.

Lo and behold, that face was situated on a 1.6 meter body.

Anyone one looked at him, all the parts just didn’t go together very well.

Tan Xiaoyan’s eyes lit up when she saw Liu Dongchang.

She jogged up there and said, “Brother-in-law, you are finally here.

If you don’t some soon, I’ll be bullied badly.”

Tong Xuelu was not surprised by Tan Xiaoyan’s referral to Liu Dongchang.

She would not had been so arrogant otherwise if she had no backing at all.

Liu Dongchang frowned when he heard that and didn’t seem very happy.

“How many times have I told you to not call me that during work hours”

Tan Xiaoyan twisted her body and said coquettishly, “I know, brother-in-law, but work hasn’t started yet!”

Not everyone could talk coquettishly.

When she saw the way that Tan Xiaoyan did it, Tong Xuelu was very glad that she did not eat too much for breakfast.

Liu Dongchang, on the other hand, was not bothered by it.

“Say, who’s bully you now”

Pointing her short and stubby fingers at Tong Xuelu, Tan Xiaoyan said, “That new girl.

She just shouted at me for no reasons and she even said that she will be making the calls around here from now on and that I must listen to what she tells me!”

Oh boy.

She sure knew how to make stuff out of thin air.

Tong Xuelu had underestimated her vileness.

That was when Liu Dongchang noticed that Tong Xuelu was there.

He was surprised when he saw her face.

Regardless, as pretty as Tong Xuelu was, he still wasn’t very fond of her.

He had wanted Sheng Xiuyan to exchange her position with his sister after the incident.

His parents had passed away early and he was raised by his sister.

She had turned down many marriage propositions in order to send him to school and had worked many tough and dirty jobs like men.

Their family’s turmoil was finally over after he had gotten into the A&M University and was assigned a job at the government-operated restaurant after graduating.

Even though he was the manager, but the openings at a government-operated restaurant was still very limited and it was not easy trying to get his Big Sister in.

He finally waited for a position to open up but, before he could even broach the subject, it was taken away by Tong Xuelu.

Naturally, he was not pleased with her.

Listening to what Tan Xiaoyan was saying, he said solemnly, “Comrade Tong, what is your problem huh You don’t try to form a good relationship with your colleagues but tried to stir up problems instead.

The government-operated restaurant does not welcome someone like you!”

He was already labelled her off the bat.

This Liu Dongchang was much smarting than the bird Tan Xiaoyan.

(TN: “yan” = sparrow)

Tong Xuelu looked at her shows and said nothing.

Tan Xiaoyan placed her hands on her waist and said, “Hey there, Tong, did you not hear my brother-in-law talking to you Are you scared now So how were you so arrogant earlier, huh”

Tong Xuelu still didn’t make a sound.

Liu Dongchang frowned and his voice authoritative, “Comrade Tong Xuelu, if you continue to remain silent, I am going to have penalize you per the rules and regulations of the government-operated restaurant.”

Tong Xuelu finally looked up slowly and her fair cheeks beet red, “Manager Liu, it wasn’t that I don’t want to talk.

I just worried that speaking the truth will embarrass you.”

Liu Dongchang frowned even more when he heard that.

“What truth! Just say it!”

Tan Xiaoyan stared at Tong Xuelu with her puffy eyes and started to shout, “Don’t listen to her, brother-in-law.

I am sure she is trying to accuse me of something!”

Tong Xuelu, “Comrade Tan, I hadn’t even said anything else and you are already accusing me of making stuff up.

Even a murderer has the right to defend themselves before proof is presented!”

Liu Dongchang turned and said to Tan Xiaoyan, “You be quiet.”


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