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Chapter 139 - She wondered what the woman had up her sleeves.


After waving goodbye to Tong Mianmian and the Wei family members, Tong Xuelu headed toward the government-operated restaurant.

It was a 40-minute walk from where she lived to the government-operated restaurant and there was no bus that would take her there.

Luckily, she had already gotten used to walking after she had gotten there.

Su Xiuying had mentioned to her in the past that the government normally opened up at 10 o'clock and they needed to be there before 9.

It’s now the end of summer and, after the walk, Tong Xuelu sweated a little.

She arrived at the government when she realized that the door was still locked and there was nobody inside.

She could only wait outside.

She waited for 10 or so minutes before a short and chubby body headed over slowly.

When she saw Tong Xuelu, he said, “Aiyo, you are so pretty Comrade Tong.

If this was still the old society, you will be better as a lady of the night.”

Oh shoot!

What was wrong with this Tan Xiaoyan!

Tong Xuelu looked her up and down, smiled and said, “If that’s the case, you are so short that you should go sell pancakes”

Tong Xuelu was mocking her for her resemblance to Wu Dalang, that much Tan Xiaoyan got.

She was so angry that her mouth was crooked!

Her entire family was short, especially the lower half of her body.

Even when she was the same height as everybody else, she still looked shorter than others.

It so happened that her mother’s maiden name was Wu.

So, whenever her family got into a fight with others when she was a child, the others would call them the descendant of Wu Dalang.

That made her so angry.

She rolled her puffy eyes, pointed at Tong Xuelu and scolded, “Here I thought you look like a human being but you were just the same as that unconscientious Su Xiuying.

And you have the audacity to work here”

Tong Xuelu snickered.

“Look at your mean jerk look.

Dogs will bark and pigs will pee when they see you.

If you have the audacity to come to work still, why wouldn’t I”

“You, you……”

Tan Xiaoyan didn’t think that the decorous-looking Tong Xuelu would be so sharp with her tongue.

Her square face turned red and green from anger.

“You, you, you what You think I’ll not shout back at you just because you are so ugly I am telling you right now.

Leave me alone or the entire capital city will know how ugly you are!”

Tong Xuelu had an idea of what kind of a tool Tan Xiaoyan was when she came to switch her position with Su Xiuying.

Having been a green tea for so many years, she was very good at reading people.

Some people just had a sharp tongue but they were not bad people.

Some other people were just evil through and through.

Tong Xuelu was the latter.

She wasn’t even worth Tong Xuelu’s effort to bring her to her side.

Tan Xiaoyan was so angry that her nostrils flared like that of a gorilla and her chest heaved.

Tong Xuelu couldn’t be bothered by her.

She turned to check out the government in front of her.

Even among government-operated restaurant they were divided into different levels, low-end, mid-range, high-end.

The one that she was working for was considered mid/high-level.

In front of her was a red wooden door and, peeking in through the glass window on the door, she could see neatly placed tables and chairs.

She counted them roughly and there were between 10 ~ 20 tables.

The area was quite sizeable.

Four characters were writing on each side of the wall.

“Be independent” and “Work Hard”.

A plaque was hung on the very top and over there were four large characters “Government-operated restaurant”.

There was even a Chinese flag on one side, making it looked very modern.

Seeing how Tong Xuelu was still looking around leisurely after their fight, Tan Xiaoyan was even more unhappy.

But, her eyes rolled a little and then she had a complacent smile on her.

When Tong Xuelu turned back around, she happened to capture the look on Tan Xiaoyan.

That made Tong Xuelu frowned a little.

She wondered what the woman had up her sleeves but that didn’t matter.

She could cross that bridge when she came to it.


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