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Chapter 134 - "Don't.

You don't want Zhuzhu to see this." (1)

Even Uncle Zong didn’t know what to say anymore.

“We will just have to ask him tonight.”

Old Mr.

Wen had already have his mind made up.

He would give Wen Rugui a good beating if he wasn’t able to provide a good explanation.

Lo and behold, he was NOT! COMING! HOME!

Old Mr.

Wen was so angry that he was just about to swallow up the phone when he found that out.

“You brat! You come back right now!”

Wen Rugui, “Grandpa, I need to go back to the base tonight.

I don’t have enough time.”

Old Mr.

Wen was infuriated.

“Then tell me.

What was the story with Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu!”

Wen Rugui went silent for a little bit and said, “Grandpa, Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu cannot make it back.

I’ll get you two new chicken next time.”

Old Mr.

Wen clanked his cane on the floor.

“Is this a matter of chickens It is Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu that we were talking about! I’ve raised them since they were young chicken.

They are like my children!”

The other end of the phone went silent.

After a long while, Wen Rugui’s nonchalant voice came from the other end.

“Grandpa, you have also said that Xiao Yi (No.

1), Xiao Er (No.

2), Xiao San (No.

3), and Xiao Xi (No.

4) were like your own children.

Didn’t they also turn into broth or braised in the end”


Old Mr.

Wen was speechless for a little while before he said again, “That’s not the same.

Xiao Yi and the others were raised by Xiao Zong.

They were Xiao Zong’s children.

Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu were raised by me!”

Uncle Zong, “……”

So his chicken could be eaten

Wen Rugui, “Grandpa, I’ve given the chicken to Comrade Tong.

She just moved today.

I’ll replace your chicken next time.”

When Old Mr.

Wen heard that, he no longer cared about the chickens.

“Comrade Tong You mean Miss Young Grass”


Old Mr.

Wen was even angrier the next minute.

“Why didn’t you tell me ahead of time then!”

The pickled vegetable and fish was so good the other day.

He was sure that Xiao Wu would only taste better whether it was turned into a broth or braised!

That was exactly why I didn’t tell you.

Thought Wen Rugui.

And then that was that.

Old Mr.

Wen was still very unhappy in the next few days.

Those who didn’t know better would think that he was mourning for the loss of Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu.

Only Uncle Zong knew that he was simply upset that he didn’t have Xiao Wu that was prepared by Miss Young Grass.

As soon as he had hung up on the phone, Wen Rugui turned and was met with Pu Jianyi’s eyes that were brighter than lightbulbs.

Pu Jianyi, “Wen Rugui, something is going on with you.”

Wen Rugui picked up the bag that had the date cakes inside and said, “It’s getting late.

Drop me off the train station.

Someone will pick me up over there.”

There was no more trains to the station at this hour.

That was why he came over to the police station and asked Pu Jianyi to give him a ride.

Pu Jianyi placed his hand over Wen Rugui’s shoulder and smiled like a hooligan at him.

“I can give you a ride, but only if you tell me about what is going on between you and Comrade Tong.”

Wen Rugui pushed his hand away expressionlessly.

“About the money that you owe me……”

Pu Jianyi jumped up and down in anger.

“Fine, fine, fine.

I won’t ask anymore, okay”

He had been getting worse and worse.

He was not like this in the past!

He suddenly recalled how Tong Xuelu had tricked him the other day and his heart dropped.

Was she the reason that Wen Rugui had become like this Because she had been rubbing off on him

But, with Wen Rugui holding his dirt on his hand, Pu Jianyi dared not pry anymore.

He drove his police car and dropped Wen Rugui off at the train station.

Wen Rugui left with the bag after he had thanked him, having no intention of offering any of the date cake to him.

Looking at Wen Rugui’s back as he walked away, Pu Jianyi pushed his molar with the tip of his tongue and looked like he was having a toothache.


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