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Chapter 121 - Tong Xuelu wasn't going to turn that down.


Tong Xuelu nodded, “The place is excellent! Oh right, if this house had been vacant for so long, had it never occurred to you to sell it”

Wen Rugui shook his head, “No.”

Tong Xuelu looked at the man standing in front of her.

The first time she saw him, she was stunned by his look and, at the same time, she had detected how he remained a polite distance with others.

When they met later on, she noticed that he was innocent like a young man.

And now, she found his silly, cute silly.

This was the same house that was shown to her before by the Housing Management Office.

Wen Rugui was obviously lying.

He had bought the house from the Housing Management Office after they had parted ways the other day, but he said he had this house from before.

He wanted to be nice to her and he had to look for so many excuses.

How silly.

Wen Rugui felt uncomfortable being looked at by Tong Xuelu and asked, “What’s the matter Did I have something on my face”

Tong Xuelu shook her head and did not call him out on his white lie.

“Thank you, Comrade Tong, I like this house a lot!”

Wen Rugui, “Don’t mention it.”

Tong Xuelu’s red lips curved, and her dimples appeared on her cheeks.

“Okay, I will not turn down your kindness, but you can’t turn down mine either.

You must come over whenever you have free time.

I will make you fish.”

Under the sun, her skin was almost translucent.

It looked like a peeled and juicy lychee.

Wen Rugui, seeing the sparks in her eyes, felt his heart pounding in his chest.

Her smile was too overly sweet.

It made one felt that they were suckling on a piece of candy.

The candy melted in one’s mouth and their lips started to curve upward reflexively.

“Alright, I won’t turn down your offer either.”

Wen Rugui wanted to rent the place to her for 5 yuan a month, but Tong Xuelu refused to take advantage of him.

They finally agreed on 12 yuan a month.

Why scheduled for a day when one could be spontaneous Tong Xuelu decided to move in that very day.

Wen Rugui offered to help, letting her know that he could get ahold of a jeep.

That would be wonderful, and Tong Xuelu wasn’t going to turn that down.

The two parted ways to take care of things on their own.

Wen Rugui went to secure the car before going to help her out at Yanqing County and Tong Xuelu would return first by bus and pack.

While Tong Xuelu was returning to Yanqing County by bus, Mother Tong, too, had gotten into the car driving by her eldest son, heading toward the farm where Tong Zhenzhen was.


Sitting inside the car, Mother Tong was very anxious.

“Do you think Zhenzhen is still mad at us”

Tong Zhenzhen was her daughter that she had carried for 10 months, and she did not have the opportunity to raise her.

Mother Tong felt a lot of guilt toward Tong Zhenzhen.

She didn’t have a choice but to make the decision that she did.

The political atmosphere was very uncertain nowadays and, any misstep, the entire family would be dragged down.

She must consider both her palm and the back of her hand, and it would be wrong of her to pick her daughter over the rest of the family.

Regardless of what they said, however, Tong Zhenzhen did not understand.

She shouted and cussed at them and hurt them with the nastiest of all words.

That made Mother Tong very sad.

She had wanted to visit Tong Zhenzhen since she had been sent to the farm but Tong Zhenzhen refused to see them.

This time, they had received a call from the farm, informing them that Tong Zhenzhen wanted to see them.

Mother Tong was very happy when she got the call but also somewhat worried.

She wondered whether Tong Zhenzhen would fight about wanting to come home again this time.

Big Brother Tong shook his head.

“Zhenzhen is too stubborn.

What had happened back then really isn’t little sister’s fault.

I hope she have figured that out by now.”

Mother Tong sighed when she heard that and reminded him, “You should stop referring to Xuelu as your little sister.

Zhenzhen will be upset again if she hears that.”

Big Brother Tong pinched his lips shut.

“Alright, I understand.”

The two stopped talking after that and the atmosphere became more stifling afterward.


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