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Chapter 120 - Tong Xuelu wasn't going to turn that down.


Tong Xuelu brought Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin with her to transfer them to their new school the next day.

Back then, neither the area of residence nor the household register were required.

Transferring to a different school was very easy.

She brought the two brothers with her to the school over in City Nan with the proof and recommendation letters for them from the school at Yanqing County.

The process wasn’t complicated, but with waiting for the bus, waiting for everyone’s signatures, it still took most of a day when all was said and done.

As they had not yet moved, she also took a few days off for the boys.

They could start at their new school in a few days when everything had been settled.

After the transfer process, Tong Xuelu took the bus back to the city again on the third day with her military bag.

When she got to the post office, Wen Rugui was already waiting for her there.

It was the middle of the day and the golden sun poured over his white shirt.

His entire person seemed to be basking in the sunlight.

When the breeze blew, the fringes over his forehead wavered in the wind, reflecting the glistening of the sun.

This man was so incredibly good looking.

Tong Xuelu looked at him from a meter away with appreciation in her eyes.

As though sensing that someone was checking him out, Wen Rugui turned his head.

And he was met with Tong Xuelu’s lively and smiling almond eyes.

He looked a little lower and her red mole looked even more charming in the sun.

His lips curved some and there were stars in his eyes.

“Hi, Comrade Tong.”

“Hi Comrade Wen.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

She even headed out early specifically today; unfortunately, she was out of luck and had to wait an hour for a bus.

Wen Rugui said nonchalantly, “It’s no problem.

I just got here myself.”

As soon as he finished saying that, a postman walked out from the post office and said to Wen Rugui, “Oh hey, Comrade, I see that your friend is finally here.”

Having said that, he didn’t even give Wen Rugui a chance to say a word before he looked over at Tong Xuelu and, his eyes lighting up, said, “This is your girlfriend, right No wonder you came so early to wait for her.”

If he had a girlfriend that pretty, he’d come early as well.

Tong Xuelu raised her brows.

“Didn’t you say you just got here”

The postman raised two of his fingers.

“Who said he just got here Your boyfriend has been waiting here for two hours already!”


The base of Wen Rugui’s ears turned red again.

They were a pink color under the sun.

Looking at his red ears, Tong Xuelu’s lips couldn't help but curve upward.


Worried that the postman would blurt out more inappropriate speeches, Wen Rugui quickly took Tong Xuelu with him to check out the place.

He rode his bicycle there again this time and he sped down the road with Tong Xuelu riding behind him.

Half an hour later, when the bicycle stopped in front of a small yard, Tong Xuelu was stunned.

Looking at the small yard in front of them, her brows lifted, and she asked, “This is the house that you’ve mentioned”

Wen Rugui’s eyeids quivered a little.

He nodded and said, “Mmhmm.

It has been vacant for a few years.

Uncle Zong and I came and cleaned up the place yesterday and fixed where it was necessary.

It is not move-in ready.”

Having said that, he opened up the wooden door with his key.

“C’mon in.

See if you like the layout.”

Tong Xuelu followed him inside.

The yard was very clean, and all the weeds had been taken care of.

There was an osmanthus tree in the yard and, as it was August, its fragrance could be smelled whenever there was a light breeze.

Wen Rugui walked in front of her, showing her the place, as he introduced it, “There is a total of 4 rooms.

It has its own bathroom and kitchen.

You and your three siblings can each have your own room.

Or you can turn one into a study.”

Seeing that Tong Xuelu was very quiet, he turned and looked at her, “So what do you think about the place”


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