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Chapter 110 - Uncle Zong turned around and started running madly.


Her series of actions stunned everyone in the compound.

Su Xiuying, in particular, was in awe.

“Xuelu, your cooking skill is amazing.

I think you can totally be a chef at the restaurant!”

That being said, it was no easy feat to become a chef at a government-operated restaurant.

Nevermind about getting the certification, the bigger problem was being held back by the current chef.

Tong Xuelu smiled.

“My cooking skill is nothing.

It doesn’t remotely measure up to the chefs at the government-operated restaurant.”

Her goal was to eat good food at the government-operated restaurant, not to cook for others!

As such, it had never crossed her mind to replace the chefs.

With all the people inside the compound, Su Xiuying did not want to pursue the subject.

She didn’t want word to get out and get Tong Xuelu into trouble.

Tong Xuelu placed the pickled cabbage and fish onto a plate, covered it up, and planned to take the bus with it in her hand.

The idea of riding public transportation with a plateful of fish made Tong Xuelu sigh to herself.

For the 1001 time, she missed modern transportations.

Luckily, there were buses that would take her directly to the military compound and it would only take her about 30 minutes or so.

Su Xiuying helped her carry her stuff to the bus station and only went home after Tong Xuelu had boarded the bus.

She was really lucky today and didn’t need to wait for the bus both times.

In addition, there weren’t a lot of people in the car, so she looked for a spot and sat down.

Neither the ticketing person nor the driver felt that it was odd for Tong Xuelu to board the bus carrying a tub with her.

Back in these days, passengers were free to bring chicken or ducks onto the bus, let alone a tub.

The problem was that the content of the tub smelled so good!

The driver gulped and asked, “Big little sister, what’s inside the tub that you are carrying”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “Pickled cabbage and fish.

I’m a server at the government-operated restaurant and had picked up a thing or two from the chefs there.

You should come and visit the government-operated restaurant when you have time.

I’m sure you will enjoy the food there!”

Upon hearing that she was a server at the government-operated restaurant, the driver and the ticketing person were much less haughty instantly.

The driver chuckled.

“Oh, I see.

I venture to say that your cooking is quite good judging from that smell, Big little sister!”

Tong Xuelu took the opportunity to slip in her request.


Driver, look, I am carrying this tub with fish inside.

Do you think you can slow down a little I worry that the juice will spill out.”

The driver, “Oh, that won’t be a problem at all!”

With that promise, the rest of the trip was very smooth.

Tong Xuelu thanked the driver profusely when she got off the bus.


She was stopped again by an orderly after a 10-minute walk.

“Who are you looking for What’s that you are carrying in your hand”

Tong Xuelu removed the cover and showed the contents to him.

“It’s pickled cabbage fish.

I am here looking for Comrade Wen Rugui .

Do you think you may be able to give him a call so he can meet me here”

The orderly was made very hungry by the smell from the pickled cabbage fish.

He gave Tong Xuelu a look, nodded, and went to place the call.

Wen Rugui returned by taking a red-eye bus the night before.

Old Mr.

Wen was so shocked when he saw Wen Rugui the night before that his goatee stuck up into the air.

He looked Wen Rugui up and down and only felt relieved when he realized that Wen Rugui was not hurt in any way.

Wen Rugui woke up early this morning and, as he had no idea what time Tong Xuelu would be coming over, he dared not leave the house.

He got up early and bathed and washed his hair.

Then he cleaned his room.

His actions completely baffled Old Mr.

Wen and Uncle Zong.

He thought Tong Xuelu wouldn’t be there until the afternoon but, lo and behold, he received the call from the guard before noon.

Wen Rugui immediately put his shoes on and dashed out after he hung up on the phone.

As soon as he was gone, Old Mr.

Wen popped his head out from Lao Jiang’s place and bossed Uncle Zong around.

“Xiao Zong, follow him quickly and find out what’s going on with that kid!”

Uncle Zong quickly said, “Yes, Commander.

I’ll get right on it!”

Old Mr.

Wen added, “Be careful and don’t let him find out that you are tailing him.

You will get a swift kick to your butt if he finds out!”

“Don’t worry, Commander.

I’ll be very careful!”


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