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Chapter 103 - “I will be waiting your wedding candies then!" (1)

After arriving at the plant, Tong Xuelu went straight to look for Manager Ma and explained to her that she wanted to switch jobs with Su Xiuying.

Manager Ma’s mouth dropped open when she heard that.

“You are leaving, Xuelu When did that happen”

Tong Xuelu, “I met a big sister who is moving here.

She would no longer be able to keep her job in the city, so we talked about swapping our positions.”

That was the story that Su Xiuying and Tong Xuelu had agreed on.

They would not mention anything about her husband or her mother-in-law.

County Yanqing was an hour by bus from the city.

It would take a while for word to get there.

“In the city So you and your siblings will all have to move Oh right, what kind of a position is it”

Manager Ma liked Tong Xuelu a lot and was sad to hear that she will be leaving.

Manager Ma was a generous one and had always taken Tong Xuelu under her wing.

Tong Xuelu, too, was sad to have to leave.

“I swapped for the position as a server at the government-operated restaurant.”

Those at the workshop launched into an uproar when they heard that she would be working for the government-operated restaurant.

“How did you do that, Comrade Xiao Tong Did your adoptive family pull some strings for you”

“That must be it.

Her adoptive parents are high officials.

It is a piece of cake for them to switch her to a government-operated restaurant position.”

“Aye, that is so lucky.

I am so envious of her.”

Tong Xuelu explained to them that it had nothing to do with her adoptive parents but, no matter how hard she tried, nobody would believe her.

She finally gave up trying.

She then went with Manager Ma to look for the Plant Manager.

The Plant Manager was equally surprised when he found out that Tong Xuelu would be switching jobs.

“Are you sure you want to do that If you stay here, I can at least keep an eye out for the four of you.

It would be much harder if you were to move away.”

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“Thank you, Plant Manager, I have thought about it long and hard.

I appreciated all the help from you all this time!”

The upper management at the plant were all very nice people.

They had chipped in to help out the Tongs’ kids after Tong Dajun and his wife had passed away.

Working at the garment plant was, after all, too tiring.

Tong Xuelu didn’t want to stay just because the people were nice.

Seeing that her mind was set, Plant Manager Yu didn’t say anymore.

The process that followed went smoothly and quickly.

As soon as they were done here, Tong Xuelu went with Su Xiuying over to the government-operated restaurant for the other part of the process.

Unlike those at the garment factory who were sad that Tong Xuelu would be leaving, those at the government-operated restaurant were so happy that they were short of setting off firecrackers when they learned that Su Xiuying would be leaving.

Tan Xiaoyan, in particular, stared at Su Xiuying with her puffy eyes and mocked her.

“Sister Xiuying, are you leaving because you can’t handle this”

Su Xiuying pinched her lips shut and said nothing.

Seeing that she had remained silent, Tan Xiaoyan became more arrogant.

“I will take that as a yes.

Just what I thought! If I were you, I would be too shameful to be seen as well!

“I wouldn’t have done what you did.

What were you thinking, Sister Xiuying No matter what Brother Bogen had done, he is still Xiao Qiu’s father.

How could you be so vicious”

Blood seemed to have left Su Xiuying’s face and she turned pale suddenly.

Tong Xuelu remembered this server.

She was the arrogant server with puffy eyes when she came looking for Su Xiuying previously.

She had always referred to Su Xiuying as Sister Xiuying.

Tong Xuelu had mistaken that the two of them were close.

She hadn’t expected her to be such a vitriolic one.

That being said, she had no intention of speaking up for Su Xiuying.

Su Xiuying must learn to process and handle it on her own.


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