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Chapter 100 - “You are right.

Our days will only get better from this point forward!” (1)

Pu Jianyi almost laughed his @$$ off.

Old Mr.

Wen was infuriated.

He had won the fish fair and square over a few chess games with Lao Jiang.

There’s a saying where Lao Jiang was from, if one can receive a plateful of fish from someone lucky on their birthday, they will have things in abundance in the future and be as lucky as the person sending the fish.

Lao Jiang was surrounded by children and grandchildren.

Old Mr.

Wen felt that Lao Jiang was luckier than him that way.

It wasn’t easy to beat Lao Jiang in a few chess games and forced him to cook a plate of fish for him.

He had yet to have it and the brat had eaten all of it!

Could he not be mad

On top of that, he couldn’t even say that out loud.

He didn’t want others thinking that he believed in feudal superstition!

Wen Rugui felt that he had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life.

He ate the entire fish because he didn’t want his grandfather to know that Tong Xuelu had sent over a fish.

If his grandfather was to find out about it, he would be talking about Young Grass all the time from this point forward.

And they really weren’t seeing each other.

He worried that it would not be good for her reputation.

As long as he ate the entire fish, his grandfather, who never saw the fish, would never ask about it.

As for sharing it with Pu Jianyi

Sorry, hadn’t even occurred to him.

It had never occurred to him that the fish wasn’t from Tong Xuelu but that Lao Jiang had made it himself.

That was, welp…… somewhat awkward.

Wen Rugui looked at Pu Jianyi, who was still rolling on the floor laughing, and cleared his throat “Grandpa, I’ll make one for you myself.”

“I want the one from Lao Jiang!” Old Mr.

Wen hrumphed loudly and stood up.

“Xiao Zong, if I remember correctly, Lao Jiang caught a lot of fish today.

Hurry up and see if he still has another live one.

Have him make me another one!”

Wen Rugui, “……”

Truth be told, Grandpa Jiang’s cooking wasn’t all that.

The steamed fish that he had earlier wasn’t even entirely cooked through.

He didn’t understand why his grandfather insisted on a fish made by Lao Jiang in person.

Old Mr.

Wen hurried up and headed over to Lao Jiang’s with Uncle Zong.

Pu Jianyi was the only one left, still laughing at the living room.

Wen Rugui took a look at him and said nonchalantly, “Don’t slip about matters of Comrade Tong.”

Pu Jianyi rubbed away the tears out of the corners of his eyes.

“I thought you told her specifically that today was Old Mr.

Wen’s birthday and had her send it over today.”

Wen Rugui’s hand paused in midair as he reached for a dish on the table.

“…… I thought you were the one who told her.”

Pu Jianyi’s mouth cracked out.

“I wouldn’t tell her such things.

Alright, what a happy coincidence, eh But you still didn’t need to eat the entire fish by yourself.

How did it taste anyway”

Wen Rugui did not make a sound.

Pu Jianyi looked Wen Rugui up and down and said, “I thought it was Comrade Tong who had taken an interest in you.

Judging from what I am seeing so far, it seems that you have taken more of an interest in her.”

Wen Rugui’s eyelids quivered a little and he said coldly.

“If I remember correctly, your dad had no idea that you had borrowed money from me, right”

One’s gotta hit where it hurts the most.

Pu Jianyi backed down in a second or less and quickly pleaded with him.

“Alright, I was just spewing out nonsense, alright You can’t let my old man find out about that.

He would for sure break my legs!”

Wen Rugui did not comment on that.

After a short pause, he said, “Why did she go to the police station again I thought matters with the Tong family had been settled”

Pu Jianyi tsked.

“Yeah, she sure likes heading to the police station a lot.

She didn’t go for matters with the Tongs this time though.

A woman was struck by her husband and her mother-in-law.

Comrade Tong was there as a witness.”

“Speaking of, that woman really should be appreciative of her.

Had she not convinced her neighbors to be witnesses, her husband and her mother-in-law would at most be locked up for 2-3 years.

Now we are looking at 5-6.”


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