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After he said his piece, he turned to leave as Zi Yi looked at him incredulously.

Not long after Runge left, Annette came over in large strides.

As soon as she came over, she said to Zi Yi apologetically, “Mrs.

Lu, Im sorry for leaving you here alone.”

“It doesnt matter.” Zi Yi pointed to the cherries on the table and said, “The maid sent us some cherries earlier.

Lets have them together.”

In fact, Annette had seen the cherries from afar and she was already surprised.

When Zi Yi invited her to eat together, Annette asked her, “Why did the maids only send one type of fruit”

“Runge told them to.”

Annette was shocked.

“My Third Royal Uncle was here earlier”


Annette had a complicated expression on her face and she seemed to be somewhat vexed.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have left.”

She had never hung out with her Third Royal Uncle privately.

Zi Yi looked at Annette who was Runges fan girl and she took a cherry as she slowly munched on it.

Even though Annettes gaze was on the cherries, she did not reach out for one.

After Zi Yi ate a few, she asked, “Why arent you eating”

Annette said with a serious expression, “These are specially given to you by my Third Royal Uncle.

I cant eat them.”

The corner of Zi Yis lips twitched.

She did not expect that a princess would have moments where she was so inflexible.

She grabbed a few cherries and passed them to Annette.

“Do you think I can finish everything by myself Are you expecting me to pack them up and take them with me when I leave later”

Annette opened her mouth.

She wanted to say: “Who would pack up food to take back home at a banquet” However, in the next second, she immediately understood Zi Yis intention and gave her a sweet smile.

“Thank you.”

Having said that, she placed one cherry in her mouth.

She felt that this was the best cherry she had ever eaten.

Subsequently, Annette treated Zi Yi even more warmly.

She started talking about the great achievements her Third Royal Uncle had accomplished.

“Two years ago, our crude oil resource was intercepted by the pirates when it passed through the Somali Strait.

At that time, my Third Royal Uncle only brought along a dozen or so men and chased the pirates away.

Moreover, he managed to retrieve all the cruise oil.


The more Annette spoke, the more excited she became.

It was as though she could not wait to tell Zi Yi all of Runges achievements from over the years.

Zi Yi sat there and treated it as if she was listening to a story.

Thus, this situation lasted for some time and they unexpectedly finished all the cherries.

By the time Zi Yi noticed the plates were empty, she stood up and said to Annette, “Weve been out for quite some time.

Lets go back to the banquet hall.”

Annette stood up with her.

Only then did she realize that they had finished all the cherries from the plates and she was surprised.

“We ate so many cherries No wonder I was feeling a little full.”

Zi Yi was amused by her remark.

“Youre full just by eating a few cherries”

Annette said with a smile, “Yes, are you still feeling hungry There are some cakes in the banquet hall.

Why dont you have some”

Zi Yi did not answer her and both of them headed back to the banquet hall.

While walking, Annette asked, “Zi Yi, how about if I come to look for you tomorrow to hang out Ill bring you around and show you the university here”

Zi Yi thought about it.

“Come on, lets go together.

Youll be able to feel the difference between D.Uni and M.Uni.

However, I heard that M.Uni is really beautiful, especially in the current season.

I really hope that I can visit sometime in the future.”

Annette was still a student right now and she was studying at the Royal University.

Zi Yi nodded her head and said, “Its indeed beautiful.

Its neither too hot nor too cold in the current season.

The streets are also full of students carrying books around along with fresh flowers on the side.

Itll feel even better when you play a popular tune of our country and walk along the streets.”

Annette listened to Zi Yis description longingly.

“Then in the future when I come to M.Uni, you can be my guide.”

“Sure, if I have the time.”

Zi Yi felt that it was unlikely she would have the time.

Annette was happy with her response.

Soon, they returned back to the banquet hall.

After the guests in the banquet hall had a few glasses of wine, all of them were more at ease.

Some talked about business while some talked about life.

However, there were still many people surrounding Lu Jingye at this time.

Annette who was standing next to Zi Yi saw the scene and said with a laugh, “You and Mr.

Lu are similar.

Both of you are the type of person that naturally attracts other peoples attention.

Previously, Ive always felt that East Asians looked similar to each other.

Now that Ive seen you and Mr.

Lu, my opinion has been completely overturned.”

Zi Yi smiled and walked towards Lu Jingye.

Annette did not tag along.

When Zi Yi was about to arrive next to Lu Jingyes side, she just so happened to hear the eldest prince saying, “Mr.

Lus skills in business are something even the best economist cannot compare to.

Its the luck of all businessmen to be able to cooperate with Mr.


I wonder what projects you are planning to invest in next”

Lu Jingyes answer was watertight.

“For now, I am going to develop my mothers Jewelry company.”

“Haha… Mr.

Lu, youre too much.

Song Jewelry just did a worldwide release recently.

This time around, the jewelry released is especially popular with the high-society ladies in Europe.

I heard that the sales exceeded ten billion within two days.”

“Yes, yes, I heard that the jewelry released by Song Jewelry is highly appreciated.

My wife and daughter are especially fond of the pieces.”

Everyone continuously praised Song Jewelry.

Lu Jingye maintained a proper smile on his face from the start to the end.

Just then, he suddenly looked up and made eye contact with Zi Yi who was standing nearby.

He said to those around him, “Apologies, please excuse me.”

Subsequently, he walked over to Zi Yi and asked, “Are you tired”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“I want to go back.”

Lu Jingye nodded and motioned for her to take his arm.

Both of them made their way to the two princes and he said, “My apologies, my wife is feeling a little tired, so we will be making a move first.”

Everyone was surprised.

Both of them came to attend the royal banquet and yet they are planning to leave in the middle.

The guests subconsciously looked at the eldest prince and the second prince.

The eldest prince immediately responded.

“Since Mrs.

Lu is tired, then…”

The second prince suddenly interrupted him.

“There are many guest rooms in the palace.

Why doesnt Mrs.

Lu take a rest in one of the rooms first”

The eldest prince glanced at the second prince and he swallowed the words he was about to say.

Following that, he said in agreement, “Yes, we have plenty of guest rooms here.


Lu can take a rest here.”

Zi Yi remained tight-lipped without answering.

Lu Jingye said, “My wife is used to her bed and she is unable to have a good rest outside.”

Lu Jingye was being very straightforward when he said that.

However, the two princes were still unwilling to let them leave just like that.

They had yet to achieve their goal tonight.

They were guests that their father had personally invited.

If they do not pull Lu Jingye and Zi Yi to their side, when were they supposed to do so

Just then, a stern-sounding voice came from behind.

“Let them leave.”

Everyone subconsciously turned to look at Runge standing there.

Runge did not spare a glance at the others and said, “Both of you can leave.”

Traces of displeasure flashed past the eldest prince and second princes eyes.

However, they soon concealed their emotions.

The eldest prince said to Zi Yi with a smile, “Mrs.

Lu, Annette is very fond of you.

If you want to go somewhere to play these days, you can give Annette a call and get her to accompany you.”

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