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Two huge cyclones flew away.

Within a huge area, the mountain was directly cut open.

The two cyclones did not stop.

They continued to fly into the distance and only stopped when they hit the ground.

Liu Yans figure turned and arrived at the mountain that had been cut.

Under the terrifying cyclones, half of the small mountain had been cut open.

The surface that was cut was neat.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Was this the power of the wind element

Although Liu Yan had the Wind Control skill, it was still a low-level skill.

Hence, Liu Yans understanding of the wind attribute was somewhat limited.

With the help of the SSS-grade equipment, the Wings of Wind God, Liu Yan finally witnessed for the first time how terrifying the power of the wind element was.

It was swift and deadly.

It was impossible to guard against too.

If such a powerful cyclone hit Liu Yan, he would be seriously injured even if he didnt die.

The most troublesome thing was the terrifying speed of the cyclone, which was impossible to guard against and unable to defend in time.

Liu Yan had thought that the Gods Effect of Wings of Wind God, the Gale Force, was a passive skill.

Now, it seemed that Liu Yan had completely underestimated tits horror.


Its power was still terrifying even though it was a passive skill!

After all, Gods Effect on SSS-grade equipment was not weak.

In other words, it was a high-level wind element skill, so its power was naturally terrifying.

Liu Yan had been in contact with more basic elements, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

He had never come into contact with high-level elements.

From the looks of it now, a high-level element was powerful.

If Liu Yan could master such a powerful wind elemental power, his combat strength would undergo a qualitative change.

It was a pity that Liu Yan had yet to come into contact with any awakened or fierce beast that mastered the wind attribute.

Thus, Liu Yan did not have the opportunity to obtain a powerful wind attribute skill with the help of Divine Extraction.

He could only wait until he reached the higher levels of the Tower to see if he had the opportunity to come into contact with it.

But for now, Liu Yan was already satisfied.

Liu Yan had not mastered any wind attribute skill.

However, with the help of his SSS-class special equipment, and the Wings of Wind God, Liu Yan could also use powerful wind elemental skills.

The Gale Force he used just now was over the chart.

Liu Yan roughly understood the distance of the Gale Force.

He could only use it when flying at high speed in the air with the help of Wings of Wind God.

Under the swift and violent speed, it also affected a large amount of wind elemental power in the surroundings.

The surrounding underwent massive wind elemental fluctuation.

It created a huge cyclone, causing a terrifying destructive power.

If Liu Yans speed were faster, the effect of Gale Force would become stronger.

Liu Yan had not even used his full speed to fly just now.

If he flew at full speed, the Gale Force that he displayed at his fastest speed would be terrifying!

Liu Yan was satisfied with Gods Effect of the Wings of Wind God.

It was a handy passive skill.

It meant Liu Yan could use it continuously without using much of his energy.

He could use it while flying too.

This way, Liu Yan could kill people invisibly, making it impossible for the opponent to guard against it!

After understanding the Gale Force, Liu Yan looked at another Gods Effect of the Wings of Wind God, Whisper of the Wind.

(Active skill.

After activation, it can detonate the wind element in a large area, causing a terrifying area of effect damage! [ usage: 3/3, recovers three times a day) ]

Compared to the unlimited usage of the Gale Force, the Whisper of the Wind had limited usage in a day.

At Liu Yans current strength, he could only use it three times, and he could only use it three times a day.

When Liu Yans strength increased, especially after he mastered wind talent or secret art, he could use it more times.

However, it also meant that the Whisper of the Wind would be much more powerful than the Gale Force.

The Gale Force was already strong, so the Whisper of the Winds power was undoubtedly powerful.

Liu Yan pondered for a moment and decided not to try.

After all, he could only use it a limited number of times, so it was better not to waste it.

It was to prevent him from having to use this skill in the battle against the European Federation team and the Red Star Empire team.

It was a powerful group attack skill that could play a significant role in a battle.

After understanding the effects of the Wings of Wind God, Liu Yan was satisfied.

The Wings of Wind God was in a sealed state, but its effects were already so terrifying.

It would be even more powerful if Liu Yan could unseal it in the future.

Liu Yan looked at the Wings of Wind God on his back.

With a thought, he could retract them.

It was convenient.

He could put it away when he was not using it, and it would not affect his movements and battles on the ground.

It was convenient to use it when it was needed.

After all, it was an SSS-grade equipment piece that recognized its owner.

It was different in all aspects.

Liu Yan once again released the Wings of Wind God.

He then quickly flew in the direction of the water attribute territory.

After extracting Moonshine Qilin and familiarizing himself with the Wings of Wind God, Liu Yans combat strength improved.

Liu Yan would undoubtedly be more confident in the battle against the European Federation team.

With his rapid speed, Liu Yan caught up with his team in no time and flew rapidly toward the sky above his team.

Liu Yan didnt stop and continued to move forward.

He stopped at the edge of the water attribute territory.

Then, he waited for the team from the Land of Origin team behind him.

The team members were marching forward.

They suddenly felt something pass by in the sky.

When they looked up, they could only see a green afterimage and nothing else.

The speed was so fast that they didnt even have time to react before the other party disappeared from their sight.

They were skilled awakened ones, and their reaction and perception were far superior to ordinary people.

Hence, they were able to sense something.

If they were ordinary people or low-level awakened ones, they would not have been able to sense it at all.

Everyone looked up at the disappearing green shadow, and they were confused.

What was that thing just now How could it be so fast

Wasnt this the fifth level of the Tower Logically speaking, there should be a limit to ones strength, and there shouldnt be such a powerful existence.

The team members were all a little confused.

They could not understand what was going on.

Why would such a terrifying existence be on the fifth level of the Tower

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