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I never thought I’d see a Neapolitan Ghost Story here.

Was this also related to the Ghost in Room 333 When I reached the bottom of the page, Rule 13 caught my eye.



It was complete gibberish.

I squinted my eyes to see if there was a printing error, but then I noticed the sentence below it.

[These guidelines only consist of twelve rules.

If Rule 13 is present, stop reading the handbook immediately.]

There were only supposed to be twelve rules But there was definitely a Rule 13.

I saw the final sentence on the page.

[And never, never look back.]

I felt a chill down my spine at these words that were more like a warning.

Without realizing it, I was frozen on the spot.


All I heard was the ticking of a clock and my heart that was beating faster than usual.

Regardless, I was sure of it… Someone was watching me.

But I was the only person in this room.

My attention was still drawn to that final sentence on the page.

[And never, never look back.]

My heart was pounding.

I was nervous.

Ring, ring!

The phone rang.

I turned around.

I was panting, yet there was only a large mirror on the wall.

“…I was anxious for no reason.” The moment I reached for the phone, however, it stopped ringing.

I heard a creepy whisper.

“I will protect your mind…”

Protect my mind… Don’t tell me there was something evil in this handbook.

It seemed there was more to the hotel than meets the eye.

The Ghost of Room 333.

An employee handbook that was full of bizarre guidelines with a “mental corruption” effect by just reading it.

And the existence of Edward Hyde, who the King in Yellow wanted dead.

…A picture began to form in my head as I put the pieces together.

“I see.” Having understood the connection between everything, I shook my head.

It was time to wait for an opportunity to meet Miss Melbourne, the witness the bellhop mentioned.


The Ghost in Room 333.

It was only a year ago that such a thing began to be spoken about in earnest.

An accident occurred every month in Room 333, which was known as the “Cursed Room”.

“I heard a guest who stayed in Room 333 slit his wrist.”

“There was a violent fight in Room 333, and someone lost his life.”

“I heard if you say ‘Eddie’ three times in front of the mirror in Room 333, a demon appears.”

The hotel, worried its reputation would be tarnished, tried to cover up the rumors by preventing guests from reserving Room 333.

It was useless.

On the contrary, reporters and writing hobbyists tried their best to get the latest scoop.

What was interesting was that the time supposed, evil spirits began to appear coincided with the time Graham Langham’s nephew, Mr.

Henry Langham, became the new owner of Langham Hotel.

However, few employees were aware of this fact.

Most were very afraid of Room 333.

“Why did I…”

This week, Miss Melbourne, an employee assigned to clean Room 333, grumbled as she stood in front of the door.

What was the point of complaining She remembered what a friendly colleague had said.

“Sally, you’re out of luck.

How many times did you get picked”

That’s right.

Since everyone avoided cleaning Room 333, they drew lots.

Sally, unfortunately, got the short end of the stick three times in a row.

“Let’s get this over with.” Sally Melbourne sighed and opened the door.

From the ceiling embellished in gold to the marble floor, she gazed at the room’s beautiful interior. It’s a really nice room.

Room 333 might be used once for one luxurious night, but it was a hassle to clean.


She saw a familiar man standing in front of a table.

He was muttering something.

He was taller than others, had a good stature, and had a handsome face reminiscent of a Greek god.


Henry Langham, the owner of Langham Hotel.

“Excuse me… Boss” Sally Melbourne approached him, but he didn’t seem to notice her.


Henry muttered something about prayers and began to speak in a strange language.

“Ph’nglui Mglw’nafh…”

He was usually soft-spoken.

Maybe it was because his voice sounded more like the hiss of a snake that was trapped in his throat.

Sally Melbourne shuddered.

“Cthulhu R’lyeh Wgah’nagl Fhtagn…”

She couldn’t imagine how he was able to pronounce everything.

As she continued to walk toward him, she felt a sense of ominous foreboding.

The moment Mr.

Henry turned around, Sally jumped.


There were dark circles around his bloodshot, dark blue eyes.

His eyes moved around frantically as if looking for something.

Sally managed to suppress a scream.


Henry looked possessed rather than exhausted.

Thud! She dropped the broom in her hand.

Only then did Mr.

Henry blink and look at her.


“Uh… I’m…” With her heart pounding, Sally pointed to her nametag.

“Sally Melbourne, here to clean Room 333.

I didn’t know you were using this room.”

“…Room 333”



Henry was expressionless.

He blinked a few times and looked around as if he woke up from a dream.

“I’m… Why are you here”

“What” Sally tilted her head at her boss who seemed to have a loose screw.

She then felt a piercing stare behind her and turned around. Oh, it’s just the mirror on the wall.

It was probably just her imagination.

When she turned her attention back to Mr.

Henry, the figure of a man appeared and disappeared in the mirror.

“Boss, are you all right Do you want me to call for a doctor”

“N-No, it’s fine… I-I’ll be on my way.”

He didn’t seem to be okay, but if that’s what her boss says, then so be it.

Sally watched as Mr.

Henry stumbled out of Room 333.

“What’s wrong with him”

He, called the “Young Master” by his staff, was famous for his gentle personality and good character.

Some believed he lacked the will to lead such a large-scale business.

In addition, there was a rumor from an unknown source that he was haunted by ghosts.

Sally believed ghosts were just as real as groundless rumors. Is his health that bad to the point of saying nonsense

That was all she thought about.

She moved the cleaning supplies to the front of the door and finished preparing.

Sally picked up the broom and began to sweep diligently.

…She wanted to get out of the creepy Room 333 as soon as possible.

“Even if no one sleeps here, it gets dusty.” She was grumbling to herself again and recalled what Jimmy had said earlier.

“Miss Melbourne, I sold your name.”

“What do you mean you sold my name”

Jimmy was a bellhop who had been working at Langham Hotel for less than a few months.

Sally didn’t know why he had a job since he appeared to be the child of a well-off family and had a decent education.

This was based on her observations of his appearance and way of speaking.

“I don’t work all the time, so I have to make some money.”

He received a lot of tips because of his quick wits.

But wasn’t he exposing himself by telling Sally this

“Do you know the woman Mr.

Henry brought Mrs.

Emily Carter.”


Emily Carter.

A woman who was once talked about by everyone in London and known as London’s Most Beautiful Widow.

She was staying at a luxury suite thanks to Mr.

Henry, who seemed to be in a relationship with her.

Already, it had become a huge issue and topic of conversation for the staff.



“She’s very interested in the Ghost of Room 333.

You know she’s a horror novelist, right”

Of course she knew.

The name “Emily Carter” was famous in a different case for those of the working class like Sally.

The horror novels Emily wrote were popular among the common folk because they could be bought at the low, low price of a penny.

They were literally in a sense, a penny dreadful.

“You can’t let anyone else now.

The guidelines…”

“How many people actually follow them” Jimmy shrugged.

“I’ve already given most of those secret documents to Mrs.


Do you have no fear Sally, who was about to say something, widened her eyes at the money in the boy’s hand.

It was ten shillings, which was too much for a simple tip.

“Since she got the information she wanted, she’ll be looking for you, Miss Melbourne.

She wanted to know everything about the Ghost in Room 333.”

“But I don’t know much…” She knew all the rumors everyone else knew.

“You can start looking for information.

After all, didn’t you clean Room 333 today”


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