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Soberg clicked her tongue.

“How can you say that! Beauty doesn’t last forever!”

“Neither does a body or skills.

Besides,” Emily continued with a smile, “while beauty is fleeting, royalties come in steadily.

It’s a lot for one woman.”

“Is your dress poorly made because your coffers are overflowing”

“I’m merely following a Puritan’s lifestyle.”


She quickly hugged Mrs.


“Auntie, you know I love you, right”


Soberg didn’t hug her back, but she didn’t push her niece away.

Emily was a child Mrs.

Soberg could never hate.

“…Ah, Mrs.


As she was reminiscing, the door to the drawing room opened, and Mr.

Henry came out.

She admired his handsome appearance again. He’s quite a good-looking fellow. That wasn’t all.


Soberg could tell he received a good education from the dignity that oozed out of every gesture.

She had already taken a fancy to her niece’s potential suitor.

“Did you have a pleasant conversation with Emily”

“Oh, yes.

It was very delightful.

Thank you for this opportunity, Mrs.

Soberg.” The young man, glancing back at Emily, had a joyful expression on his face.

If he was a true gentleman, he would teach her niece the wonders of being in love and happily married.

After seeing off the young man who was daydreaming, Mrs.

Soberg returned to the drawing room.

“How was it, Emily”

“We’ll see each other again in two days.”

“Really” Mrs.

Soberg’s eyes widened.

“We’re going to London.”

“You’ll be together… in London”

“Yes, Auntie.

You must have heard about the hotel he owns, right”


Soberg was on cloud nine.

Emily continued, “The Langham Hotel.

He invited me.”

“Oh, oh my.

Oh, my goodness!”


“Finally, you’ve come to your senses! How can you—No, let’s focus on your date.

We’ll call a seamstress first.

I hope there’s enough time.

For heaven’s sake, two days…”

Maybe it was because Mrs.

Soberg was crying tears of joy that she didn’t notice the bittersweet smile of her niece.


Emily was going to Langham Hotel for a reason.

She never dreamed she would see this young man after dying to him twice.

The first time she died was when he was completely possessed by Hyde, and the second time was when Hyde shot her after she provoked him.


The first-class seats on the train to London were very comfortable.

Ladies and gentlemen actively engaged in gossip.



“Oh, really How can you be so…”

“As for Count Paris, I don’t think the business…”

Some of the best information was revealed during a casual conversation; however, Henry Jekyll Langham could care less about that.

He was focused on Emily who sat next to him. I never felt this way in my life. He had never given his heart any woman before, nor did he hold such strong feelings for one.

Henry was glad to see himself undergo this unfamiliar change.

Of course, since he wasn’t used to this, he felt like he was being very talkative in front of his crush.

“Miss Emily’s second work… Oh, my apologies.

I must be bothering you.” He blushed, embarrassed.

Emily smiled.

“No, it’s all right.

Your voice is soothing and pleasant to listen to.”

Why was he so excited about such a trivial compliment Ashamed, Henry looked out the window.

There was a heavy fog that could be seen.

“…It appears we’ll soon be in London.”

“Sooner than I expected,” Emily responded.

Unlike her, who seemed to be fine, Henry lamented their time on the train was short.

Besides, he didn’t like the downtown region that much.

It was very different from Richmond, where one could enjoy the sunlight and fresh air despite its location being slightly outside the city center.

“The view of London is always dreary.”

“I agree,” he said.


The city was surrounded by the world’s most polluted body of water, the River Thames, also known as the River of Death, and its pungent odor.

Nevertheless, the citizens were bound to feel indescribable grievances. I’m no exception. The conductor’s announcement was heard as Henry gazed at the gloomy cityscape.

“The next stop is Paddington.


The two got off the train.

Because they arranged their meeting in advance, a limousine from the hotel was waiting for them in front of the train station.

“We’ll be heading to the West End of London.”

The limousine which carried the two was slightly faster than a carriage.

“That’s…” Emily was looking out the window.

The splendid appearance of a single, golden light under the dim sky of London, the Langham Hotel.

“I’ve heard of its grandeur many times, but it’s incredible.”

The reason why the Langham Hotel established itself as a five-star hotel was not because of its beauty.

This was the first hotel to possess the latest modern technology for its accommodations such as elevators and air conditioning.

“You’ll be more impressed when we’re inside,” Henry said.

He escorted her into the hotel.

Many of the hotel’s guests had their eyes on Emily, but she appeared indifferent.

Henry guided her to a suite only reserved for VIPs.

Her eyes momentarily widened in surprise from the sight of the room.

With a playful smile, Emily asked, “Isn’t this the kind of room a prince would sleep in”

…She was correct, but Henry didn’t give her a definitive answer.

“Rest well, Miss Emily.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled and closed the door.

Henry also returned to his private room. It was a rather long morning. He had hoped his time with her wouldn’t be over so soon.

Alone, he realized how nervous he was. Why did I bring up marriage all of a sudden

Emily Carter.

Not only was she famous as “The Most Beautiful Widow in London”, but she had a unique personality and was a horror story writer.

Henry Jekyll Langham’s request to see her was only because he was a fan. The moment I saw her in the drawing room. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Emily.

It was like seeing someone of the same kind.

It was his first time meeting her in person, but he felt he had known her all his life. It’s like we’re long-lost twins or soulmates perhaps At the same time, he had hoped to share his terrible secret with her.

He was confident she would understand.

“…I never dared to dream that you would accept my request.”

The moment she agreed replayed over and over in his head.

Henry was so happy, so overwhelmed with delight.

He saw himself reflected in the mirror on the opposite wall.

What a silly smile he had on his face.

However, before he could laugh again at the thought, his reflection slowly became distorted.

Edward Hyde began to appear.

Why are you laughing like a fool

Henry didn’t look the same as he was before.

Was it because of his bloodshot eyes and contorted mouth

Marriage Love Don’t even bother.

“Jekyll” responded to Edward’s remark.

“…Please leave me alone.”

You speak of the arts and pretend to be noble, but in the end, you just want to satisfy those ugly desires.


While she’s not what I look for in a woman, I will admit she’s pretty.

Soft skin, a nice scent…

“That’s enough.”

Am I wrong Dating is just an excuse.

I just want to take her—


Jekyll picked up an ashtray from the table and threw it at the mirror.

Crash! Fragmented pieces fell to the ground.


Oh, no…” Henry Jekyll gasped.

“Please, wait, don’t just—”

Henry Jekyll disappeared.

Standing in the middle of the empty room, someone else was reflected in the broken mirror and scattered fragments.

“…When did you have a temper”

It was Edward Hyde.


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