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I opened my eyes and found myself back in the third-class seat of the train.


I closed my eyes, trying to resist the pain and fear that assaulted my body.

Should I keep my eyes closed or open them The silhouette of that huge being which destroyed the entire world with one gesture was in front of me.

I managed to suppress the tears and the scream about to leave my mouth.


The end of the world.

Experiencing such a thing was absurd at first glance.

Everything now felt fleeting.

The cosmic horror, the futility.

Everything didn’t matter in the end, even the ego I built up for twenty-eight years.

I was like a sandcastle ready to be destroyed by the raging whirlpool of emotion…

“My apostle, I’ll protect you.”

With that whisper, my mind calmed down.

Huff, huff.

I took several deep breaths; my heartbeat gradually returned to normal.

When I finally came to my senses, I sensed the concerned gazes of the surrounding people were directed at me.

“What’s wrong with her”

“Her face looks so pale like she’s going to faint…”

Curiosity, worry, anxiety.

One of the passengers approached me.

“Are you okay”

“…I’m fine.

Thank you for your concern.”

I answered as politely as possible.

The man returned to his seat, relieved.

Thanks to that, some people lost interest in me.

I looked out the window and tried to calm down.

I watched the peaceful scenery go by so quickly.

In the end, I came to a conclusion.

I became “his” apostle because I read The King in Yellow.

If I didn’t carry out the king’s order, I would see the end of the world again.

No matter how many times I avoid it, I can’t escape this fate.

I could… only fulfill the role given to me.

The train arrived at its destination.

This time, I didn’t immediately head for the abandoned church.

I went to the hunting equipment store, buying plenty of shotguns and bullets.

Being able to use a gun was one of the few things my husband left me.

“Emily, don’t you want to learn how to shoot”

Randolph, despite his scholarly appearance, hunted as a hobby.

He was a very good teacher, and I was a talented student.

“You have a knack for it.

At this rate, you’ll be shooting better than me.”

When I complained from time to time about what I’d do with my shooting skills, Randolph shook his head.

“Emily, one day you’ll find a use for it.”

I never imagined the “usefulness” would be for this.

I stayed at a hotel near the city center and wrote to Ms.

Blavatsky, no, Helena.

[Helena, please tell me everything about the ghoul.]

A week later, after I got a response from Helena, I began to fight the ghoul.

“I’ll turn back your time…”

I died again to the ghoul.

I even asked Inspector Lestrade from the Metropolitan Police Service for his cooperation.

After two more deaths, I succeeded.

“My apostle, you have finished your task.

I wish to thank you for your service…”

It was only then I could face tomorrow without witnessing death or the destruction of the world.

“I shall tell you my true name.”

The King in Yellow.

The Unspeakable One.

A master of worlds who exists among the stars.

I was recognized as the apostle of the King in Yellow, Hastur.


I returned to reality, unable to control the memories that rushed into my mind.

Why did I forget such an important fact After I put pieces of my fragmented memory back together, I slowly opened my eyes.

I recognized the surrounding scenery.

The open windows, the green fields, the spring breeze that tickled my cheeks…

Richmond was a village located on the outskirts of London.

It was famous for being a vacationing spot for upper-class families.

My aunt, Marilyn Soberg, owned a nice villa here.

She managed to persuade her niece, who was reluctant to debut in high society, to visit her at this beautiful mansion.

“…The land is owned by the Langham family, right Emily Are you listening to me”


My aunt’s familiar voice reached my ears.

When she turned to the side, Aunt Marilyn frowned.

“You dozed off again, didn’t you”

“What day is it today”

My aunt was a middle-aged woman with a rather plump physique.

As the older sister of my father who passed away a long time ago, she was fond of me.

“Why are you suddenly asking about the date” But then she grumbled that today was May 14th.

“…It’s the fourteenth” I stood up.

“Hey, Emily! What’s wrong with you”

Ignoring her words, I looked for the nearest clock.

I found a grandfather clock that looked more than one hundred years old.

It was 10 A.M.


I’m glad.

I, Emily Carter, will never die.

Strictly speaking, I return to a time before I died.

After more than a decade of experience, I realized there was a price to pay.

I forget something important.I remember something I’ve forgotten, usually a terrible memory.

What I remember or forget wasn’t up to me to decide.

After I found out about this, I made a habit of keeping a detailed diary of my day’s work.

If I go back to the past, any records of that future will disappear.

It was meaningless… but obsessively keeping a diary was the only way I make myself feel at ease.

Also, the past I return to after death is random.

Usually, it went back at least a day which gave me room to change the future.

Yet I only returned to the time of just a few hours ago.

That meant I can change the future without going too far back.

I began to listen to my aunt again.

“…Anyway, Mr.

Henry is a wonderful man.”

“I see.”

“Even though he’s very popular, he’s only dated a handful of women.

I suppose you don’t have to worry about cheating”

“I guess.”

Aunt Marilyn continued to talk for a long time.

To cut to the chase…

“He’s the first man you’ve met who wants to propose to me”


I don’t know why such a man would marry you.”

I heard it was because he liked my novel.

I remembered what Mr.

Henry said before I returned, but I had yet to answer my aunt’s question.

“What are you going to do”

What do you mean You already made the appointment ahead of time.

Unlike before my return, I decided to go along with her plan without complaining.

“See you.”

“If you’re… What” Aunt Marilyn stared at me with widened eyes.

Judging from that reaction, she thought I’d say no.

“Didn’t you want me to meet him”

“Yes, but… Is something wrong Will the sun rise in the west tomorrow” Excited, my aunt sprang from her seat.

“Oh, I must tell Mr.

Henry at once.”

“…You already arranged our meeting.”

“Oh, how could I…”

The first time I met Mr.

Henry, I was furious that Aunt Marilyn made an appointment with him and didn’t tell me.

Then, she had said, “It’s for your own good.

Do you think I’m doing this because I like you It’s all because of your damn late husband who…”

Cursing Randolph was part of her daily routine.

In any case, my aunt was busy for an hour.

It was typical of her to ask the maid if we were ready to welcome guests.

She often yelled at them to throw away normal tea leaves and bring out new ones.

My aunt had a problem with my clothes, so I dressed myself from head to toe again.

I looked good enough.

Finally, the person in question arrived.


Henry Jekyll has arrived!”

Aunt Marilyn tilted her head to the side when she heard our visitor’s name.

“I thought Henry Langham was coming today…”

“He’s Mr.

Jekyll, Auntie.” I recalled what Mr.

Henry told me before I returned.

“You may call me Jekyll, Miss Emily.

My friends often call me by a nickname, my middle name to be exact.”

“His full name is Henry Jekyll Langham.”

Yes, he’s that character you’re thinking of right now.

On the surface, he’s a perfect gentleman no matter the place.

However, at night, he wanders through the back alleys of London as Edward Hyde.

Henry Jekyll was here to win my heart.


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