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A wave of powerful messages surged into Li Haos mind.

It was as if he had been preached.

Li Hao did not even need to comprehend it himself.

In an instant, he had already mastered this Maledict and the Divine Voodoo.

Maledict was a magical soul karma technique.

It could affect the targets vitality through a wisp of connection and achieve the goal of cursing the other party to death.

As for the Divine Voodoo, it was voodoo but not an ordinary voodoo, but the source of ten thousand voodoo…

Stone voodoo, love voodoo, snake voodoo, harm voodoo, swollen voodoo, epileptic voodoo…

All kinds of voodoo techniques were controlled by Li Hao at this moment.

The art of Voodoo was very magical.

It was similar to the Dao of Beast Taming.

However, the Dao of Beast Taming was to establish a connection with demon beasts and achieve the goal of controlling them for his own use.

One of the Dao of Voodoo was only to control the voodoo worm and let it enter the targets body without anyone knowing, thus achieving the goal of controlling the other party.

A smile appeared on Li Haos face.

He did not expect the system to reward him with these two techniques just as he became interested in it.

This system was really considerate.

In the hotel room, Chu Xiaoqing was dressed again.

“Have you met anyone special in the past two days” Li Hao asked Chu Xiaoqing again.

When Chu Xiaoqing heard Li Haos words, she could not help but tremble again.

A moment later, her eyes widened.

“Could it be that guy” said Chu Xiaoqing immediately.

Li Hao looked at her.

Chu Xiaoqing continued, “Yesterday, when I was sunbathing and drinking tea in the ancient city, a guy from Miaojiang stared at me…”

Chu Xiaoqing recalled the scene she encountered yesterday.

That guy was sitting opposite her and staring at her non-stop.

He even had a wicked smile.

Thinking about it now, Chu Xiaoqing could not help but feel a little terrified.

Hearing Chu Xiaoqings words, Li Haos eyes narrowed.

Li Hao had a feeling that he would probably encounter the guy who poisoned Chu Xiaoqing.

If he really encountered it, he did not mind killing him.

It was a sin to live in this world for such a guy who harmed girls.

“Since youre fine, rest well! Ill go out for a while…” Li Hao said to Chu Xiaoqing again.

“Ah, where are you going” asked Chu Xiaoqing.

“Im going to do something…” said Li Hao.

His main goal in coming to the southern border was to find a cauldron for refining pills, so Li Hao prepared to make a trip to Cang Mountain.

“Yes! Tell me when youre done.

Ill wait for you,” Chu Xiaoqing nodded again.

“Okay!” Li Hao smiled and left.

Li Hao left the hotel and headed for the ancient city.

Da Li Ancient City was a very famous ancient city in China.

It was a beautiful city with snow, lake and moonlight…

Li Hao walked through the ancient city.

There was a bustling scene everywhere.

Tourists came from all over the world, and beautiful and rhythmic melody kept ringing in his ears.

Li Hao walked from one side of the ancient city to the other, preparing to pass through the ancient city and go up the Cang Mountain.

Only by crossing this mountain could he enter the territory of the tribes and clans in the southern border.

“Excuse me, have you seen this girl”

Just as Li Hao was walking in the ancient city, a voice came from the bustling crowd.

Li Hao followed the voice and saw a woman in her fifties with gray hair.

She was holding some printed photos and asking the person beside her.

“No, no…”

“Have you seen this girl”


“Excuse me…”

The woman kept asking the people around her.

Her voice was tired, but she kept asking.

She was clearly looking for someone, but none of them had seen the person she was looking for before.

Li Haos eyes narrowed when he saw this.

The middle-aged womans eyes were filled with despair, but she refused to give up.

The next moment, the middle-aged woman came to him and asked him, “Have you seen this girl in the photo” She showed him the printed photo.

Li Hao saw that the photo showed a delicate-looking girl in her twenties, beautifully dressed.

This was clearly a missing person notice.

Li Hao shook his head and asked, “Auntie, what happened”

When Li Hao saw this missing person notice, he already knew the general situation, but Li Hao wanted to know the details.

“My daughter is missing! Ive been looking for her for more than ten days…”

“Boohoo, she just came to this ancient city to play…”

“Shes only twenty years old…”


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