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Chapter 7: Jealousy.

Since the day Hinata rejected my invitation so he could hang out with Kuraki, I started to notice they were both mingling a lot with each other.

Usually, they’d both just exchange greetings.

That was the extent of their friendship up until now.

While they had known each other since elementary school, Kuraki had some bad rumors hanging about, so they didn’t interact much.

Or at least, it was supposed to be that way…

In the morning, after leaving my boyfriend at his class, I walked into my own only to get surrounded by my peers.

But why did he remain seated Looking further, I notice he’s chatting and laughing with Kuraki since she sits right in front of him.

Why Why don’t you come to me

Later, during recess, I checked up on Hinata instead of going to my boyfriend’s class.

Here, Hinata.

I’m here! I know I haven’t been paying attention to you lately, but I’m here today.

I’ve missed you so much.

Let’s spend our break time throwing our laughs at the wind like before, shall we

I wait and wait, but the only ones who approached me were my classmates, some asking me “Are you not going to your boyfriend’s today” to which I replied appropriately, my eyes then falling on Hinata.

—And he’s still chatting with her! This isn’t funny, y’know Why! Even though I stayed here!

You too, my classmates! Don’t you think it’s weird that Kuraki is chatting with Hinata in the corner while she’s all smiles Why don’t you notice it!

It wasn’t just that.

After a while, he was invited by her and they left somewhere together.

Worse, they didn’t return to the next class, and I could barely contain my anxiety.

I just wasn’t in the mood for studying with my mind all jumpy like that, and for some unknown reason, frustration started to pile up inside.

At lunchtime, my boyfriend came to me, probably because I didn’t go to his class as always today.

“Busy day today Mind if we grab lunch together” Though his invitation only annoyed me.

I’m just not in the mood.

“Yeah, I’m kind of busy today, so I can’t even grab lunch.

Okay then.”

“Ah, okay… See ya.”

There’s no time for that now.

I had to check on what Hinata was up to, but before I could even stand up, he and Kuraki stepped out the door together.

Seems they’re going to the cafeteria to hang out with each other.

I joined the classmates who were eating there and just observed them.

“You’re not with your boyfriend today, huh That’s rare, Suzuka.”

“…Once in a while,” I said, but that didn’t matter.

Looking further back, I see the two are eating lunch while having the time of their lives… Then, I noticed something—an epiphany if you will.

Hinata must be forcing himself here.

Rather, she’s forcing him to hang out with her.

Yes! Otherwise, there’s no way he’d be going out with someone as dangerous as her.

“You like fried chicken”


What a conversation.

That girl knows nothing about him.

Hearing he loves fried chicken is rookie knowledge.

I know everything about him, including his favorite foods and what he doesn’t like.

We are not the same.

“I also love hamburgers and pasta!”

“Oh~ Y’know, I’m a surprisingly good chef.”

“Nah, it’s not surprising.

You look like you’d be great at it.”

“Oh, I’m flattered… Should I make you something next time, then”

“Really! I wanna try your cooking, Kuraki-san!”


That woman! Is this a joke Don’t you dare make a homemade meal for him! Of course your cooking would be rubbish, so don’t! My homemade meals taste far better, of course! Even Hinata would prefer mine over yours!

Oh, poor Hinata.

I can’t believe he’s being forced to eat some homemade trash… Don’t worry though.

I’ll help you Hinata, so don’t worry.

“Hmm, but I’ll feel bad if I just ask you to make it for me.

Is there anything you’d like me to do in exchange”

“Don’t worry about it.

Hmm, then I wanna go out this Saturday, so could you please come with me”

“Oh, maybe you want me to carry your stuff No biggie.”

“Then it’s decided.

Whether you’ll carry my baggage or not, you’ll have to wait and see on the day we’ll go out~!”


No no no.

No no no no no no no!

That woman must be serious, I can tell.

She’s really after him.

You’ve gotta be kidding me! How many years do you think he’s been with me I’m not handing him out to anyone! I’ve always been, and always will ne with him! You’re the worst…

I didn’t think there were idiots in this class who couldn’t see Hinata needs me there.

He’s so kind and shy he never says what’s on his mind, so I have to say it for him!

I had planned to tell him whenever he was alone so he’d understand, but that girl didn’t leave him for one second.

She’s been on her own most of the time thus far, and now she thinks she can take advantage of his kindness Just like that! What a petty b*tch, you are!

However, it just so happened that when I went to the bathroom later that day, she also walked inside.

She made no pretense of caring about me, and just started to fix her makeup while looking through the mirror.

Her insensitivity started to get on my nerves, and I reached my wit’s end.

“Hey, Kuraki-san You seem to be getting along pretty well with Hinata lately and all, but could you please stop it I feel bad for the guy.”

“Ha What’s this all of a sudden I don’t understand you.”

“He’s just forcing himself to hang out with you.

Oh, I know he just doesn’t get it.”

“Nope, he’s not forcing himself or anything.

In fact, that’s how Hinata looks when he’s having a blast…”



“No no no, that’s not right! Why do you keep saying ‘Hinata’ Even though you’re not close to each other, don’t you have a shred of reserve”

“I’m using his first name because he said it was okay.

So, what’s your problem”

“So that means he’s really forcing himself, and I don’t know why! Anyway, I’m telling you to stop getting involved with him.”

“What’s with you all of a sudden Why do you care if he and I are getting along He’s not your boyfriend, right So don’t meddle with my relationships.”

“But he’s my childhood friend! You’re not supposed to interfere! It’d be horrible for him to get involved with someone who has so many rumors as you!”

“Hey, you have no right to try and limit his relationships just because you two have known each other for years.

He doesn’t belong to you.”

“Wha—! What are you saying!”

“Even more so, y’know Ichinose-san You have a boyfriend. You’re not gonna be playing with Hinata when you’re compromised, are you Why don’t you just hang out with him instead —Well then, bye.”

I had no choice but to watch her leave as those last words left her mouth.

True, Hinata isn’t my boyfriend.

I know I have a boyfriend, but still…

“That… that b*tch…”

T/N: Wow, this girl is horrible.

Glad to see Kuraki calling her out on her BS.

Also, if you think this doesn’t happen, it does.

Some girls nowadays, a small portion, thinks they can have a “guy friend” with as much or even more intimacy than their boyfriends.

If the guy they’re dating tries to make her stop, she calls him controlling and stuff.

It’s not the slightest bit healthy, I tell you.

Reiterating, it’s not all girls who do that, okay

All in all, I just feel pity for her boyfriend so far.


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