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“I warned you in advance, so you better not really expect it.”

Seta that transformed into a dragon was as huge as an ancient castle.

“You are going to die by the other dragons now!”

A great gust of wind blew high in the night sky, with each wing moving up and down once.

Olivia could barely grasp some of the scales on his broad back.

The sound of the dragon’s flapping wings was so deafeningly loud, and the strong wind made Olivia unable to open her eyes.

High-flying was difficult, even though Olivia had prepared everything by tightly covering herself in clothes.


Seta chattered with himself with the mouth with sharp, large, human-like teeth.

“I told you! Dragons aren’t merciful enough to help mere humans.

You’re only going to die.”

Olivia screams as she endures the gust of wind.

“That would be better!”

Then, she would close her eyes, not having to see her daughter die.


Seta was at a loss for words in shock.

Just in time, most of the dragons are gathered together for a regular meeting of the millennium.

Just lending their powers is enough to change the flow of magic in the world.

However, there was no sense of relief as there was no need to stop by several Rares.

After all, the dragon was not a race that would be shaken by human persuasion.

After a while, Seta landed on a cloud in the night sky.

Clouds are made up of water vapor and dust.

If he steps on his foot, his foot will pass straight through.

But, this was a kind of stairs made by dragons.

He had to transform into a human form here before entering the regular meeting place.

As Seta turned into a young man, Olivia looked down with strange eyes at the clouds she stepped on.

“From this point on, it is difficult for an ordinary human body to survive.”

Seta shared his magic with Olivia.

A spherical scarlet energy was formed in the palm of his hand.

It was as small as a grain of glass egg, but it shimmered as if it contained a lot of light.

It touched Olivia’s forehead and disappeared like absorbed in her.

“I don’t think anything has changed…”

“If a human can feel magical power, it is a Sword Master.”

Seta stepped on the clouds and ascended higher.

Olivia also carefully followed him.

A huge milky-colored temple could be seen in the distance.

A long time ago, a temple dedicated to dragons in a certain country was moved to the sky.

Dozens of tall and large columns lifted the grand ceiling like a pyramid.

It was clear that tens of thousands of labor must have been used.

Seta explained.

“The dragons will stay here for the next week.

There are dragons who are late, so it takes that much time for a proper meeting.”

Seta went into the temple where there were several dragons.

In the huge, flat hall, there was a single dragon in human form.

“Oh my.”

Seta clicked his tongue.

He was the chief of the Red Dragon to which Seta belonged.

A stout old man…

The chief was older even by dragon standards.

His human form was a wrinkled old man.

“Why did you attend the regular meeting I thought you were just wandering around the human world without a care.”

Olivia, who was behind Seta, came out to the side.

“What A human has come crawling after you.

Did you not know”

The chief raised his right hand without thinking.

He was going to kill Olivia and drop her.

It wasn’t a cruel act.

It is the same as killing a fly that enters a house by swatting it.

Before the chief could use his magic power, Seta quickly threw his body to block it.

“Nope! I brought her here, chief! Actually, this person has a request for the dragons.”


“She needs to change the flow of magic, so she needs the help of many dragons.

As to why she needs to change the flow…”

The chief didn’t even find it worth hearing.

He clicked his tongue and snorted.

“Aren’t you all grown up now I know you’re particularly fond of humans, but grow up.”

Olivia fell flat on the floor.

“Please, please, listen to me just once… Heavenly dragon, my daughter will die without your help.”

“Go back to where the humans live now.”

“Even though you are called dragons, don’t dragons have parents and families Remember it and think of my heart.

Without the dragons, my daughter will die.”

She bowed her head on the floor of the temple.

“I won’t move like this until you do my favor.”

The chief bit his tongue and disappeared, yet Olivia did not move.

Seta sighed and flopped down next to Olivia.

“I told you, you can’t.

Did you see the old man just tried to kill you Let’s go back.”

After that, several dragons occasionally passed the hall and saw Olivia lying face down.

Everyone listened to Seta, but none offered to help.

“There are twenty-eight dragons here.

Do you know how many of them should help you It has to be over twenty-three.”

Assuming that it takes 100 shares of power to change the flow of magic that makes up the world.


Even if Seta uses his power as much as he can at the risk of taking the damage himself, he can only take 9 shares.

Thinking that the other dragons give 4 shares of power if that is not annoying, they need to round 23 dragons.

They wouldn’t give up even that much power for the sake of a single human.

“Because it’s meaningless… It’s better to just stay by your daughter’s side till the end.”

Seta sighed as he lay down beside Olivia.

A few days passed like that.

Olivia… Her bowing posture was unchanged.

“You are also quite crafty.”

If she was an ordinary person, she would starve to death, but Olivia was alive thanks to Seta’s magic.

Though the energy was waning, and she felt no sensation in her arms and legs.

The dragons were now mostly aware of Olivia’s existence.

While walking through the temple, they saw Olivia lying frozen, and clicked their tongue.

At that time, a young humanoid dragon like Seta entered the temple.

“Seta, who is the human next to you”

Seta, sitting cross-legged on the floor, rolled his eyes and looked at the new dragon.

It was his friend, the Blue Dragon Ikar.

With long hair as blue as the sea, Ikar had a cold personality like a Blue Dragon.

Seta greeted Ikar with a half-hearted hand.

Then he told Olivia.

“Anyway, that guy is hopeless.

Blue Dragons really don’t care about anyone but themselves.”

Ikar stood next to Seta who laid on his back.

“You did something strange again.

Why do Red Dragons always do strange things”

“Is that what you want to say”

Seta had something to say to Ikar.

Because… Ikar had great interest and love for a certain race, unlike the Blue Dragons.

Ikar’s robe hood began to move on its own.

Then, a black-haired cat broke through the robe and stuck out its head.

Ikar, who had been cold, changed into a smiley face in an instant.

“Oh, my sweetheart.

Are you bored You have to stay still though.

The other dragons don’t like it when your fur flies away.”

Seta shook his head.

“It’s not normal to see you like that either.

Aren’t there already over a hundred cats in your Rare”

Ikar nodded and cried.

“What is strange What kind of race do you think is as cute as a cat Look at these clear eyes and soft fur.

Much better than the smoothest human.

Damn humans, I picked up this cat because it was kicked out of town without food as it was black and was said to be ominous.”

When the meeting is over, he will put the cat on his Rare so it can enjoy a comfortable life.

Seta thought of something and said to Olivia’s back, who was lying down.

“By the way, don’t you have a cat in your house too”

His memory is hazy because he wasn’t interested, but it was definitely a cat with long, white fur.

Ikar frowned.

“Human, do you also have a cat”

Olivia nodded, struggling to move her head from the floor.

“Where can I see it”

Ikar floated magic in the air.

The magic gathered and turned into a large full-length mirror, reflecting the figure of the Duke’s residence.

Olivia raised her head when she saw Laritte.

She was dying.

It was just what Olivia had seen in the bed before she left.

If there was one thing that changed, the cat Lavizenis was curled up by Laritte’s bedside.


What’s that cat’s name”

“Lavizenis… This is Lavizenis von Alexandria Anges.

It is usually called Butterfly.”

“That’s a great name.

But why is it doing that next to the human”

Ikar developed magic to read the minds of cats so he could read Butterfly’s inner mind.

His blue eyes looked intently into the mirror.

Butterfly… was licking Laritte’s cheek and saying this.

[ “Why can’t you wake up when I’m taking care of you like this” ]

At some point, Butterfly felt Laritte’s death.

Butterfly knew it and it had not allowed anyone else to approach Laritte’s bed.

Only Ian was allowed.

[ “Dad, when will Mom get better I’ll allow her to touch me, so please fix Mom.” ]

The cat’s sad heart was passed on to Ikar.

A tear ran down Ikar’s cheek.


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