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Plant flowers He didnt know how.

Yun Linzhou scratched his head at a loss.

Gu Nuoers calm and composed appearance just now had left a deep impression on people.

Therefore, Yun Linzhou felt that she must be a very amazing person.

He wanted to play with her.

Yun Linzhou said, “I dont know how to plant flowers, but can I get some grass and plant them beside your flowers”

“Sure,” Gu Nuoers voice was soft and straightforward.

“I dont want my flower to lonely.”

This was the first time Yun Linzhou wasnt rejected.

Instead, the other party agreed happily.

Yun Linzhou felt exceptionally surprised.

He immediately stood up happily.

“Ill go pluck the grass now!”

As he spoke, he quickly ran towards the flower bed at the side and bent down to pull a lot of green grass.

Yun Linzhou imitated what Gu Nuoer did and planted a circle of grass next to her pink flower.

In the end, Gu Nuoer stood up and looked at the flowerbed.

Only her flower was surrounded by green grass.

They surrounded the little pink flower, making it look like it was growing even stronger.

The child was not stingy with her praise.

“Yun Linzhou, youre really amazing! This combination looks very good.”

Yun Linzhou didnt care about the dirt on his hands at all.

He scratched his face in embarrassment.

“Thank you… Dont despise me for being a fool”

Gu Nuoer immediately widened her eyes as if she had heard a fantasy tale.

“Why are you saying that about yourself Only idiots would say that theyre fools.

Youre not! You even know how to plant grass next to a flower.

Youre very smart.”

Yun Linzhou lowered his head in inferiority.

“They all say that I was born a fool.”

“Thats just them speaking nonsense.

You dont have to take it to heart.

Youre just growing up very slowly.

Sooner or later, youll be smarter than them!”

Yun Linzhou raised his head and smiled happily for the first time.

It was no wonder his mother always encouraged him to look for friends at the state school.

It turned out that having friends felt so good.

Moreover, she didnt think that he was a fool.

Gu Nuoer waved her small hand, having the disposition of a female boss.

She stepped forward.

“Come, Ill bring you to wash your hands!”

Yun Linzhou quickly followed behind.

The two of them arrived at the scenic stream in the state school.

Gu Nuoer reached out her small hands, causing a splash in the water.

Yun Linzhou imitated her actions and cleaned his small hands.

“Princess, erm…” Yun Linzhou said hesitantly, “Im sorry.”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head, her watery eyes sparkling like a small stream, making her small face look even cuter.

“Why are you suddenly apologizing”

“Its because I just heard you tell that official uncle that if someone does something wrong, they have to apologize by themselves and cant have others do it for them.

“Although Im stupid, I know that that person made use of me to steal! I shouldnt have trusted her and almost hurt you.

Im sorry!”

Gu Nuoers eyelashes fluttered like a pair of butterfly wings.

She smiled sweetly.

“Yun Linzhou, look, I told you that youre not stupid! You understand logic very well.

I accept your apology!”

Although some people were clumsy, they had the purest hearts in the world.

After being praised, Yun Linzhous face turned red.

His already handsome facial features hid a hint of gentleness.

“Then… are we friends now”


When Yun Linzhou heard Gu Nuoer say it herself, he felt extremely happy.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded from not far away—

“Gu Nuoer, school is over.

Its time to go home.

Come over here.”

The two children looked up and saw Ye Siming leaning against the corridor not far away.

His cold eyes swept across Yun Linzhou.

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