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Xie Liuhua was stunned and quickly lowered her head to look at her sleeve.

As expected, there was an obvious greasy handprint near the cuff!

This was left behind when this damn fool, Yun Linzhou, tugged at her sleeve.

Gu Nuoer turned around, grabbed Yun Linzhous wrist, and raised it for everyone to see.

“We havent had time to wash the grease left on Prince Yuns left hand!”

At noon, Yun Linzhou held food directly with his hands to eat during lunch.

As he had avoided the maid who served him, he had yet to wash up until now.

Unexpectedly, this left behind crucial evidence.

Yun Linzhou probably knew that Gu Nuoer was helping him and nodded repeatedly.

“I, I, I grabbed her sleeve!”

Xie Liuhuas expression turned a little grim.

“I accidentally rubbed it on myself.” She continued to argue.

Gu Nuoer tilted her head, her black eyelashes fluttering like two small fans.

“Is that so The stain is on your left sleeve.

If you want to press all five fingerprints on it clearly, Sister Xie Liuhua, itll be very difficult to bend your hand to achieve this!”

Xie Liuhuas psychological defense was almost broken by Gu Nuoer.

She thought of her reputation.

She must neither admit nor be discovered!

Therefore, she retorted, “Even if its difficult, I can still reach it, right Isnt what the princess said a little far-fetched”

Jiang Xiaoran couldnt help but snort.

“You call this far-fetched! Do you believe that if I send you to court, this can be called irrefutable evidence!”

Young Miss Zhang, Zhang Jinyu, also said, “Miss Xie just said that the princess deliberately colluded with the prince to slander you.

Could it be that the marks on your sleeve were also arranged by the princess If you continue to argue, things will turn ugly!”

Xie Liuhua gritted her teeth and refused to admit it.

“You guys are trying to force me to admit that I stole the little white tiger.

Youre all speaking up for the princess.

What else can I say”

She had decided to act shamelessly.

It was as if the reason was on her side just because she was weak.

Gu Nuoer raised her delicate eyebrows.

It seemed like she really had to teach this disobedient baddie a lesson!

Gu Nuoer spread out her small hands.

“Alright then.

Ive given you a chance, but youre unwilling to admit your mistake.

Then I can only be more serious and let you know that lying is wrong!”

Her pink lips were soft and when she stood beside Ye Siming, she looked even more delicate.

“Little meow and big meow share a connection as mother and child.

If anyone had taken little meow away, they would definitely have its scent left on them.

“Ill let big meow out.

Whoever it pounces on will be the one who stole little meow.

After all, big meow wont hurt innocent people.

Everyone, dont worry!”

After saying that, Gu Nuoer turned to look at the imperial guards.

“Older brothers, open the cage and let the meow out!”

The surrounding students were immediately in an uproar.

If the white tiger was released, would it eat people!

Even the tigers on the mountain were extremely ferocious, let alone this white tiger which was even more amazing!

The tigress, who had not been able to find her child for a long time, had long been letting out deep growls from her throat.

Her strong and powerful claws pressed against the ground, and her ice-blue eyes were filled with beastliness and danger.

The teacher had been watching from the side all this while.

He knew that this was the princesss matter and he had to let the princess take care of things first.

However, when he heard that the princess said that she was going to let the tigress out, he was also given a shock!

“Princess… Isnt, isnt, isnt this too dangerous”

Gu Nuoer waved her small hand.

“Its not dangerous.

Big meow is very obedient and wont hurt people.”

The imperial guards did not hesitate and did as the princess instructed.

Therefore, with the sound of chains, the cage was opened.

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