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Gu Nuoer looked at the mist lingering on the moons tip, creating a cold and hazy scene.

“Uh, theres nothing to see.” Gu Nuoer tilted her head and looked at Ye Siming with watery eyes.

“Are you thinking about someone”

Ye Siming met her gem-like sparkling and clear eyes for a moment before looking away.

“No,” he said coldly.

“I dont have anyone to think about.”

“Wont you think about your parents”

“I dont have parents.”

Gu Nuoer opened her mouth in surprise.

She thought that Ye Siming was just born poor.

She didnt expect him to be so pitiful!

When Gu Nuoer was two years old, there was a female goat in the palaces vegetable garden.

However, she died after giving birth to the baby goat.

At that time, the cook in the imperial kitchen was muttering, “This lamb is so pitiful.

Its so young and has lost its mother.

Will it not taste good in the future…”

Gu Nuoer did not understand what this had to do with whether it would be delicious or not.

However, in her eyes, Elder Brother Siming was as pitiful as a lamb that had lost its mother!

“What kind of look is that” Ye Siming gritted his teeth in dissatisfaction.

Gu Nuoers eyes flickered.

“Then does that mean you only have me as a friend Elder Brother Siming, Ill treat you well in the future!”

Ye Siming sneered.

“No need.”


Gu Nuoer placed her small hands on the windowsill and lowered her chin to rest her head.

“Elder Brother Siming always pretends to be cold, but I know youre a good person!”

Ye Siming glanced at her.

“Youre wrong.

Im not a good person.”

“You are! Otherwise, why would you agree to some of my requests every time even though you said you didnt like them!”

Gu Nuoers round eyes were like stars in her eyes, emitting a beautiful glow.

Ye Siming turned to look at the moonlight.

“Because I want to repay your kindness.

You let me out of the cage, and I owe you a life-saving favor.

“Before I repay you in something where your lifes on the line, I wont leave for the time being.

Ill leave after Im done.”

Wolves wont look back unless they wanted revenge or if they wanted to repay a favor.

Gu Nuoer was even more puzzled.

Ye Siming looked cold and distant, but he also seemed to care a lot about debts and favors.

How strange!

“Why do you have to leave Isnt this place good” Gu Nuoer thought of something and came to a realization.

“Elder Brother Siming must want to return to your hometown, right Is it very beautiful there”

Ye Siming thought of the tragic situation in the Asura Realm.

It was always dark without a sighting of any sun, and rivers of blood were everywhere.

Corpses of demons were scattered everywhere.

Beautiful Probably.

He smiled coldly and said lazily, “I crawled out from there bathed in blood.

Why would I still think of going back

“Theres no moon as beautiful as this one there.

Theres no one there, let alone… a talkative little meat bun like you.”

As he spoke, Ye Siming glanced at Gu Nuoer.

The child was stunned for a moment before crossing her arms angrily and hugging herself.

“Elder Brother Siming, Im not a meat bun!”

Seeing her puff up her pink cheeks, she really looked like those steamed buns with thin skin and thick meat stuffing that were sold on the streets.

Ye Siming couldnt help but smile and let out a soft laugh.

Seeing him smile, Gu Nuoer felt even angrier.

She reached out her small hand and wanted to pinch Ye Simings itchy flesh.

However, the moment she touched Ye Siming, something in her waist bag shook.

Immediately after, Ye Siming opened his eyes slightly.

That familiar evil aura immediately penetrated the meridians in his limbs from the deepest corner of his heart.

The powerful evil force that he was suppressing seemed to have been provoked by something.

It was igniting his beastly desire to kill at a roaring and surging speed.


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