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He watched as Ye Siming and Gu Nuoer walked away.

Jiang Xiaoran, who had suffered in silence, stood there in a daze for a long time.

This feeling… was like a dream.

When Gu Nuoer and the others returned to the General Manor, Gu Yihan had already woken up and was looking for Gu Nuoer everywhere.

“Baby Nuo! Come out quickly.

Were going home.”

He wasnt wearing a worried expression on his handsome face, but a deep one.

After all, it was an embarrassing thing for anyone to lose in drinking to an eight or nine-year-old boy!

Wasnt Ye Siming a captive in Yaoxia in the past Wasnt he locked up with the wolf pack for training

Did they train him to hold his liquor as well


When Gu Nuoer saw her father, she ran wildly.

After jumping into Gu Yihans arms, the child raised her head.

Her eyes were bright and she looked happy.

“Father, when you were sleeping, I ate a lot and felt so full!”

Bai Yi and his wife ran over behind the emperor and looked at Ye Siming while panting.

The latter was not afraid of the emperors murderous gaze and walked over slowly.

Gu Yihan glared at him, but the latter remained unmoved.

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He was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Ye Siming, you…” Gu Yihan spoke up coldly and was about to give an order.

However, Gu Nuoer hugged her fathers arm and kept jumping like a worm.

“Father, carry me.

Lets hurry back to the palace.

Uncle Bai took care of you today and Elder Brother Siming took care of me.

Theyve worked hard!”

Gu Yihan reached out and pulled his daughter into his arms and sniffed her carefully.

The milky fragrance on her body was mixed with the sweet smell of various pastries.

“Youve been running around and playing again Do you know how anxious Father was when I woke up and didnt see you”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head, her face looking round and cute.

“Daddy was asleep.

Moreover, Uncle Bai is so reliable.

Baby Nuo wont go missing.

“Its been hard on Elder Brother Siming today.

He has worked so hard.”

Gu Yihans anger gradually subsided.

His daughter was right.

Ye Siming was the person he had chosen to be the princesss number one guard.

What did it matter if he could hold his liquor better

So what if he was knocked down from losing to him in drinking

Did he still want to kill Ye Siming No.

In any case, Bai Yi and his wife wouldnt dare to tell anyone that he had lost to this young boy in drinking.

Gu Yihans expression remained the same.

He turned to Bai Yi and said, “The princess is right.

It has indeed been hard on you guys today.

The food in the Bai Manor was very delicious.

If theres a chance, Ill come again.

Im leaving.”

He squeezed his daughters small hand.

“Father will bring you home.”

After saying that, Gu Yihan strode out.

Bai Yi and his wife hurriedly followed him to the door and cupped their hands to send him off.

“Sending off Your Majesty! Sending off the princess!”

Gu Nuoers little head popped out of the carriage window and smiled sweetly at Bai Yi, his wife, and Ye Siming.

She then gave Ye Siming another mysterious wink.

Her meaning was—

‘Ive helped you again.

Am I a good girl

The carriage drove away.

Other than Ye Siming, everyone in the Bai family heaved a sigh of relief.

Although General Bai and the emperor had known each other since they were young, the emperor had a strange and unpredictable temper.

When he got angry, he didnt care about favors or rules at all.

He had always cared about his reputation the most, yet he could put down his anger because of the princesss words.

She was indeed his precious daughter.

She could make the emperor listen to her.

Bai Yi turned to ask Ye Siming, “What did you bring the princess to play today”

Ye Siming thought for a moment and replied calmly, “Beat someone up, kick someone into the water, snatch money, and drink tea.”


Bai Yi was shocked and speechless.


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