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Sheng Tingchun cried out in surprise and hurriedly pounced to the side, falling to the ground.

The arrow that Gu Nuoer shot out naturally missed.

“Oh~” Gu Nuoers voice was soft, but her words made ones hair stand on end.

“I missed this time, but you might not be so lucky the next time.”

Under the hood, the child smiled softly.

“Start running, or Ill shoot you!”

With that, she raised a blunt arrow again.

The surrounding young ladies and maidservants screamed and fled in panic.

Gu Nuoer snorted coldly in her heart.

She was so cruel to others, but when such means were applied to herself, she felt scared

Sheng Tingchun covered her head and fled, screaming non-stop, “Where are the servants Stop this lunatic!”

The commotion on their side quickly attracted the attention of the young masters and young misses on the other side.

Ji Yongwangs eldest son, Ji Tongye, quickly rushed over.

With an arrogant and dissatisfied expression, he shouted, “Who dares to cause trouble in our manor”

Gu Nuoers eyes lit up when she saw him.

She was just fretting over not seeing this baddie.

This was the bad person who had deliberately knocked into their horse carriage that day!

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Later on, he even set his servants to follow them and wait for an opportunity to take revenge.

They even caused Elder Brother Siming to be hurt at a spot above his eyebrows.

The arrow in Gu Nuoers hand aimed directly at him.

Under the hood, her soft, fair, and delicate face was filled with displeasure.

At this moment, from the corner of her eye, she saw the Minister of Justice, as well as Ji Yongwang, rushing over with everyone.

The childs gaze shifted and she immediately had another idea.

No one saw her pink lips move slightly.

On the other side, Ji Tongye was walking toward Gu Nuoer angrily when he suddenly stopped.

He suddenly heard many cries and howls in his ears.

These sounds surrounded him like a tsunami—

“Eldest Young Master, we died so miserably.

That house suddenly collapsed and crushed us to death.

Why didnt you come and save us”

In a daze, he even seemed to see the servant who had died tragically and had his neck broken!

He came running towards Ji Tongye with his head tilted, his eyeballs protruded, and his tongue hanging out.

He even shouted, “Young Master, save me!”

Ji Tongye was scared out of his wits when faced with vengeful spirits chasing after him.

Under everyones gaze, the eldest young master of the Ji family fell to the ground and kept on punching into the empty air.

“Dont look for me! It has nothing to do with me! I just wanted you to make trouble for them.

Who would have thought that you guys would end up dying! Get lost!”

Suddenly, Ji Tongye screamed as if someone had climbed onto his back.

He was so frightened that he hurriedly took off his clothes.

He then directly jumped into the frozen pond at the side.

He landed so hard that a loud bang rang out and the surface of the ice was smashed through.

Even though Eldest Young Master Ji was shivering in the pond, he was still throwing punches as if many people were standing in front of him.

Gu Nuoer snorted softly.

Those who did bad things deserved to be punished.

Ji Yongwang had already arrived near the pond and looked at the trembling crowd around him.

He flew into a rage and roared at the butler, “What are you waiting for Do you want the eldest young master to freeze to death Hurry up and help him up!”

The servants immediately pulled Ji Tongye up from the pond.

As soon as Ji Tongye came up, Ji Yongwang rushed up to him and asked in concern, “Son, are you alright!”

Unexpectedly, when Ji Tongye looked up, what he saw wasnt his fathers face, but the face of the dead servant with a crooked neck!

“F*ck! Youre already dead, yet youre still pestering me! Go to hell!” Ji Tongye shouted and punched his father, Ji Yongwang, in the left eye.


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