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Ch60.2 - Taking a cold shower in the middle of the night


In the end it was Song Zhi Xu who lost the battle and went into the bathroom with Lin Ran, putting the water into the bathtub for him and watching Lin Ran undress by himself and sit in the bathtub. 


Lin Ran blinked innocently and said as he sprinkled the water, “Song Zhi Xu, will you take a bath with Ran Ran”




The bathroom was so big that both of them could take a bath together.

Song Zhi Xu’s eyes unconsciously fell on Lin Ran’s body, and the water that was lifted up by Lin Ran slid down his collarbone, flowing over his chest and finally into the bathtub, blend into the water. 



Song Zhi Xu took a deep breath, shook his head, and after a moment, he added,


“Let me wash your hair, ba.”



After tasting it, Song Zhi Xu almost couldn’t help himself, but they still had things to do tomorrow, therefore he couldn’t mess around, so it was better for him to find something to do than to stand around and watch.



Lin Ran shook his head, smiled happily and let Song Zhi Xu rub the foam all over his head.

When it was good enough to finish washing Lin Ran’s head, he then blow-dried his hair.

Lin Ran stood in the bathroom again, wanting to accompany Song Zhi Xu take a bath. 


Song Zhi Xu looked down and coaxed Lin Ran as he pushed him out the door.

“Ran Ran, I take a bath very quickly, so just stand outside and wait for me, okay I’ll leave a little crack in the door.”

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“Ktfc Ejc Ejc kjla obg Vbcu Itl We.”


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Ca cluta, Olc Ejc lcrlrafv bc riffqlcu mibrf ab Vbcu Itl We, cba fnfc ecvfg bcf delia kjr jiibkfv, rb Vbcu Itl We tjv cb mtblmf yea ab jugff.



He took another cold shower in the middle of the night and finally made it through the night.

The next day, Lin Ran woke up first and moved around in a daze, seeing that he was still in Song Zhi Xu’s arms.

He rubbed himself, crawled on top of Song Zhi Xu and poked his chin with his fingertips. 


“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran awake.”


Song Zhi Xu was also woken up by his rubbing a few times, so he opened his eyes and let out a sigh. 


Lin Ran had always been a restless sleeper, he had woken up several times last night and hadn’t slept for long altogether.


In a fit of his pent up anger, Song Zhi Xu rolled over and pinned him down, kissing Lin Ran’s lips. 


He kissed him until his lips were a little red and swollen and his eyes were misting up, only then Song Zhi Xu got up and went into the bathroom to take another cold shower.

Like this, he also didn’t know who punished who.


When Song Zhi Xu finished his shower and came out all fresh, Lin Ran was still sitting on the bed with his mouth covered, staring at the bathroom door impatiently.

When he saw Song Zhi Xu come out, Lin Ran ran into his embrace again as if he had some revenge and stood on tiptoe to give him a kiss on the neck before he went into the bathroom to wash up. 


The two of them cleaned up and ate breakfast before once again going to that area they had visited last night.


Song Zhi Xu wrote down the name of that construction team’s company last night.

Once he met them during the day, he then found the place after asking around. 


After asking around, he found the people from the company, showed them the address of the house and took out the building (or house) property ownership certificate.

Several people looked at each other before then they told them to wait.



Song Zhi Xu could only wait with Lin Ran for another half hour or so before a man in a suit with a briefcase stepped through the door and greeted the two men with a smile.

That person walked to the table and took out a contract from the briefcase and handed it over to Song Zhi Xu. 


“Hello, Mr.

Lin right We tried to contact you before but there is no address and no phone number on our side so we have been unable to get in touch.” The other party gestured for him to look at the contract in his hand, “This is the contract for the demolition of the house, the price is all standardized here, please trouble you to take a look at it and then sign it.”


The other party did not consider whether they would sign it or not, mainly because that their side had already started to tear it down, even if they didn’t sign, there was no way for them to live here, not to mention that the two people didn’t look like the “nailed down” household—people who refuse to move out when their house is scheduled to be torn down by the government for a new construction project.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t care about the money, but it was Lin Ran’s so he looked at it and saw that there was no problem before handing it over to Lin Ran. 


“Ran Ran, write your name on it.” Song Zhi Xu pointed to the place for Lin Ran to sign.


Lin Ran nodded obediently and wrote his name neatly on it. 


The man was also a little surprised, he didn’t expect the child-like person to be the owner of the room (as registered on the residence booklet), he had just misidentified the person, and a trace of embarrassment appeared on his face.

Song Zhi Xu handed back the signed contract, asking as he did so, “Have you ever contacted the previous owner of this apartment And can we go and have a look at that flat”


The other party looked at the two people with some doubt for a few moments, but still nodded and led the two people over. 


As they walked, they also said,


“We tried to contact the previous owner, Mr Su, but his phone had to stop working many years ago and we couldn’t find it, so the demolition contract was never signed by anyone.” 


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