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Chapter 94 - The living room is freakishly green.


“! ! !”

Uncle Zong was stunned on the spot.

Wen Rugui had always resented the subject of getting married but what did he just say That “he got it”!

He must hurry and deliver the good news to the commander.

Uncle Zong was just about to leave the house when he saw Old Mr.

Wen returning while humming a tune.

Uncle Zong, “Commander, you seem to be in good spirit.”

Old Mr.

Wen stroked his goatee and smiled, “Lao Jiang lost 5 chess games to me today.

What a useless man!”

Uncle Zong decided to take the opportunity to share the good news.

When Old Mr.

Wen heard the news, his eyes widened to the size of Ox’s.

“He really said that”

Uncle Zong nodded repeatedly.


Rugui was standing right here, looking at this pot of grass, and I said it to him.

And he said to me that he got it!”

Old Mr.

Wen looked over at the pot of green grass and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Ahahaha… I knew it.

I knew have fresh grass around would help!”

“Xiao Zong, hurry up and get more grass.

The very fresh kind.

And, send a couple of pots over to Rugui’s room so he can look at them every day! Also have them take a couple pots with him when he returns to the base!”

Have him looked at this fresh grass every day to remind him!

Uncle Zong quickly agreed to it.


I’ll go get some more green grass!”

Old Mr.

Wen corrected him, “Not green grass; fresh grass!”

“Yes, Commander!”

By the time Wen Rugui came downstairs for dinner, there were more pots of green grass around the house.

The entire living room was covered in green, freakishly green.

…… Just green.


Seeing that it was still early, Tong Xuelu decided to not rush back home.

Rather, she was going to look around for a place to stay in the city.

After she had swapped her job with Su Xiuying, her family of four would need to move to the city.

Working at the government-operated restaurant did not provide housing.

Su Xiuying’s house was not assigned to them from He Baogen’s unit; they owned the place.

She would most likely sell the place when she sold his position.

Even if Su Xiuying was not going to sell her place, Tong Xuelu would not want to rent it from her.

The place was even older and was in more disarray than their current place in the compound.

The yard was piled with all sorts of stuff and looked dirty and messy.

Tong Xuelu wanted to swap to a place with privacy so she wouldn’t have to worry about how others looked at them when she prepared food.

Besides, she did not like those cold and distance neighbors.

She would not want to rent the place from Su Xiuying if she had a choice.

If she was going to work for the government-operated restaurant, it would be best for her to live near the restaurant.

Once she had her mind made up, Tong Xuelu started walked toward the southern part of town.

Unlike in the future, the houses in the capital right now were short and dense.

There was no city planning to speak of.

Tong Xuelu walked around all the residential areas in the area and asked around a lot, but she still did not see any places for rent.

She couldn't help but missed all the advertisements and rental agencies that were all over the place in the future.

Finally a middle-age woman told her to go and ask around in the Housing Management Office.

There might be houses for rent or for sale.

It was almost noon.

Worried that those from the Housing Management Office were about to go on their lunch break, Tong Xuelu hurried over there.

She was just about to step into the Housing Management Office when she bummed into a man walking out of there.

The man was tall and stocky and, even though Tong Xuelu wasn’t seeing stars in front of her eyes after the collision, her forehead sure was smarting.

Regardless, she was the one who ran into the other person, so she was the first to apologize.

“I’m sorry.

I didn’t do that on purpose.

Are you alright”

Xiao Chengping was just about to say he was alright when he saw Tong Xuelu’s face.

“Eh” He said before he bent down and looked closely at her face.

Tong Xuelu felt offended, and she did not feel comfortable about that.

Before she could say anything, he pointed at her and shouted out, “It’s you, Cry Baby!”

Cry Baby

What the heck


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