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Chapter 53 - Welp, that was a bit awkward.


Jie Jinhua was the first to recollect herself.

She stared at Tong Xuelu and shouted at her, “So you are Tong Dajun’s daughter What is the matter with you What took you so long to get here”

Tong Xuelu lowered her eyes and said softly, “I’m so sorry, Grandma.

I had Jiaming go pick you up from the train station earlier but you somehow missed each other.

We headed over here as soon as we learned of the call but you know how it is with the public transportation.

We waited for over two hours before we got on a bus.”

Jie Jinhua had thought that, growing up in the kind of family that she did, she must be an arrogant one that would look down on others.

She had no expected her personality to be so passive.

Suddenly, Jie Jinhua became even more arrogant.

“Aren’t your adoptive parents high government officials Couldn’t you have given them a call and had them send a car over to pick us up”

Tong Xuelu blinked and gave her an enlightened look.

“You are right.

How come that didn’t occur to me Next time.

I will for sure remember to do that next time.”

Jie Jinhua was speechless from her reaction.

But, Jie Jinhua could shout at her again, Tong Xuelu quickly turned toward Tong Yanliang.

“You are Tong Yanliang, my cousin I heard that you have been kicked in your important anatomy.

How is it now Is it broken Can it still function in the future Will you not be able to have kids”

Tong Yanliang, “……”

The rest of the Tong family, “……”

The others around them almost choked to death on their own spittle when they heard her words.

The girl was fair, clean, and decorous-looking, how was she able to just spew out things like that!

And, at the same time, all of the others looked over to Tong Yanliang’s crotch area.

The intense looks made Tong Yanliang felt that his pants could combust spontaneously.

His face was beet red and he started viciously at Tong Xuelu.

“You shut up!”

Tong Xuelu took a step back.

She put her hand over her chest as though she was startled.

“Tong Yanliang, my cousin.

What’s the matter with you Is something else hurting Or that you had lost your ability”


Tong Yanliang felt his breath stuck in his chest and he was short of spitting out blood.

That dang *****.

She called out his name every single time as though she worried that others would have missed that.

Was she doing that on purpose

Of course Tong Xuelu was doing that on purpose.

Such good news should be announced to the entire world so that everyone would hear about it.

Jie Jinhua, too, was infuriated.

She shouted at her with a long face.

“You stupid brat.

Do you know the art of talking If you don’t have anything better to say, don’t say anything.

We all know that you are not a mute!”

Tong Xuelu scratched her skin below her eyes, put on a shy looked and said, “Yes, I am very good with words.

Thank you for your complement, Grandma.”

Jie Jinhua almost spit out blood.

“……” That was not a complement!

The others around them would look over at them from time to time, particularly in Tong Yanliang’s crotch’s direction.

That made them very unhappy.

Jie Jinhua wanted to shout at Tong Xuelu but she worried that she would spew out more irritating words.

With a long face, she said, “Hurry up and paid the hospital bills.

We will talk after we got home!”

Tong Xuelu nodded docilely and turned to say to Tong Jiaming, “Jiaming, you take Grandma and the others out first.

I’ll go meet up with you after I finished paying.”

Tong Jiaming nodded before he said to Jie Jinhua, “Let’s go, Grandma.”

Jie Jinhua and the others were very happy but there wasn’t much they could do right now.

They felt horrible!

Tong Xuelu watched them walked out the front door before she turned to pay the hospital bills.

Lo and behold, as soon as she turned around, she saw Wen Rugui standing there next to the cashier, giving her a strange look.

Welp…… that was a bit awkward.


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