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Chapter 50 - Tong Xuelu put on just the right amount of shock and worries.


Tong Xuelu walked over and woke them up.

“Wake up, Mianmian.

Big Sister brought huge meat buns for you.”

Tong Jiaxin heard “huge meat bun” and popped right up with his eyes opened wide.

“Where’s big meat bun Where is it”

Tong Xuelu pulled the meat buns out of her military purse and Tong Jiaxin threw himself in her direction with his eyes beaming.

He looked like a wolf who hadn’t eaten in days.

When Tong Mianmian saw the meat buns, her two limpid eyes curved into new moons.

She ate it one small bite at a time while holding the bun in both hands.

She reminded one of a hamster eating and was super cute.

When the two finished eating, Zhudan came running in in his bare butt and handed a note over to Tong Xuelu.

“This is for you, Big Sister.”

Tong Xuelu was taken aback a little, “What is it”

Zhudan shook his big head and said, “I don’t know.

A little big brother gave it to me outside to give to you.

He gave me candies.”

He showed the piece of candy that was now dirty-looking from him holding it to Tong Xuelu.

Tong Xuelu took the note over, patted him on his head, and sent him on his way.

Zhudan rubbed his freshly-shaved head, cracked into a smile, and ran off.

Tong Xuelu opened up the notes and written on there was the message: Come into the alleyway.

Tong Xuelu was very baffled.

She could tell from the writing that the note was from Tong Jiaming.

But that only confused her more.

Didn’t he go to pick the others up from the train station Why was he sending him a note then

And, why didn’t he just come home instead of having her meet him in the alleyway in such a stealth manner

Luckily it was broad daylight so she wasn’t too worried.

She gave Tong Jiaxin and heads up and walked out of the house.

She saw Tong Jiaming right away right after she round the corner of the alleyway.

Glistening sun poured into the alleyway and the young man stood inside the golden light, his back unwavering.

He looked up when he heard the footsteps and a hint of discomfort flashed past the normally calm black eyes.

Tong Xuelu said to him calmly.

“Go ahead and say it.

What happened”

Tong Jiaming pursed his lips and summarized what had happened in the train station to her.

Tong Xuelu remained silent for quite a while after she heard it.

It took her away to recollect herself.

“So when you saw that Tong Yanliang was beat up, not only did you not help out, you pretended that you saw nothing and took off”


Looking at Tong Xuelu with his black eyes, Tong Jiaming did not look as nonchalant as he was earlier.

He wasn’t sure if his not being able to catch them at the train station had foiled her plan, which was why he had someone brought her a note.

The very next minute, Tong Xuelu busted out laughing and patted him on his shoulder through her laugh.


Great job!”

She hadn’t expected such a pleasant surprise!

It had crossed her mind to turn Tong Yanliang into an eunuch but that would be quite challenging to make it happen.

Besides, he hadn’t committed any of his heinous crimes yet so she only stopped at thinking about it.

Lo and behold, there was a god after all.

Even Heaven wouldn’t tolerate him!

Tong Jiaming was baffled from her laughter.

“Did I not foil your plans”

Tong Xuelu laughed so hard that her cheeks were sore.

“Not at all.

Great job! I asked you to take them to the government-operated restaurant to show others how filial we are.”

That way others would not become suspicious when she carried out her following plans.

Tong Jiaming had no idea what her complete plan was but he wasn’t going to ask if she wasn’t going to share.

Tong Xuelu debated what to do with Tong Jiaming.

It would not be a good idea to have him return to the compound right now.

Suddenly, someone ran past the alleyway and Tong Xuelu called out quickly, “Manager Ma, where are you heading”

Hearing Tong Xuelu’s voice, Manager Ma stopped abruptly.

“Why are you here, Xuelu Something had happened to your grandmother and cousin!”

“Oh What happened”

Tong Xuelu put on just the right amount of shock and worries.


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