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Chapter 49 - Tong Xuelu put on just the right amount of shock and worries.


Her words stunned the both of them.

Even the two of them wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to turn their own families in!

Tong Xuelu wasn’t surprised by their reactions at all.

“Let me tell you two a little story……”

She then repeated the story that she made up the other day to the two of them.

The two were stunned silent and the story gave them goosebumps.


You see now I told Sister Xiuying to report her husband and her mother-in-law for a reason.

Do you now think that Sister Xiuying should report them with incidents like that”

Chen Dani didn’t say anything this time; it was Huang Xianglan who first broke the silence.

“There is no way that my cousin would do that.

My aunty and uncle will disown her if she did that.”

Chen Dani, too, recollected herself and sighed.

“What Xianglan said is true.

Not only would her family not be understanding and supportive of her, those around her would also label her vicious!”

Even her daughter might blame her after she had grown up.

Tong Xuelu’s lips curved upward slightly.

“Would they still object to having your cousin report them if her husband’s position goes to your uncle or their son”

Huang Xianglan let out another “Oh!” and her mouth dropped open for a long, long time.

He Baogen was a worker at an electronic factory and made 50 yuan a month.

That was considered high for a factory worker.

If Su Xiuying was to turn He Baogen and his mother in, his position would go to her and she could choose to sell it or give it to her family.

People are tempted by money and so might Su Xiuying’s famiy.

Su Xiuying could totally use this as a leverage when talking to her family.

In addition to asking for their support, she could also request for them to help her take care of her child.

That way she could better go out to work.

As for the others around here, that was even simpler.

All she needed to do was to move to a new place and start a new job.

Tong Xuelu had already thought about that but, she didn’t know Su Xiuying very well so she couldn’t be the one bringing that up to her.

Tong Xuelu, “Repeat what I said to your cousin.

She needs to help others help her.

She will need to stand on her own two feet for her own happiness.

Had her really give it some thought but keep in mind to not share this with anyone else, especially those from your aunty’s family!”

And if Su Xiuying still couldn’t make up her mind, there wasn’t much more that Tong Xuelu could do for her.

Perhaps realizing the severity of the issue, Huang Xianglan couldn't help but nodded.


I won’t share it with anyone else.”

Chen Dani looked at Tong Xuelu.

She was surprised how thorough her thought process was at her young age.

Too bad her husband and her mother-in-law didn’t beat her.

She could otherwise adopt the same strategy to take care of them.

Pei, pei, pei.

Not “too bad”, it was just some crazy thoughts on her part.

Tong Xuelu had no idea what was going through Chen Dani’s mind.

She told the other two that she would be bringing her family over to dine there and had them help save her some good food.

Naturally, Huang Xianglan and Chen Dani would not turn down such a small favor.

Seeing that it was still early in time, Tong Xuelu bought a few large meat buns back to the compound for Tong Mianmian and the others.


Back at the compound.

Seeing that she had returned empty handed, they asked her, curiously, “Were you not able to get any meat”

Tong Xuelu looked distressed.


I stood in line for an hour and they were sold out by the time I got to the front!”

That happened so often that nobody felt that it was odd.

After Tong Xuelu had left this morning, Tong Jiaxin sat in the courtyard with Tong Mianmian for a long while and, as the two were dozing off, they were urged by the others in the compound to go nap inside their house.

The two were still sleeping when Tong Xuelu walked inside their house.


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