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Chapter 43 - "I don’t care what you think of me, but I am going to need your full cooperation." (3)

Tong Jiaxin had no idea how things had gotten to this point but he had always listened to everything that his Second Brother said.

He nodded and said, “Alright.

On my way!”

Hearing that the Tong family would be filing a police report and looking for supervisors at the factory, Old Mrs.

Lin could not remain silent anymore.

She rushed out of the house like the Tasmanian devil and bounced in front of Old Lin's wife.


She slapped her across her cheek.

“You prodigal woman.

You don’t do any work all day long and just go around causing trouble.

Hurry up and apologize to the girl!”

Old Lin's wife was dumbfounded being slapped by her mother-in-law.

Her cheek reddening quickly, she said, “Mom, I……”

“You what, you Hurry up and apologize.

Or I am sending you back to your own family!”

Old Lin's wife’s almost crushed her silver teeth from gritting her jaw so hard.

She looked at Tong Xuelu, feeling aggrieved, and said to her, “I am sorry, girl.

Your sister-in-law didn’t know any better.

I will apologize to you.”

Tong Xuelu had always been the easy-going one in the compound but not so much this time.

“Oh, if apologizing can solve everything then why do we still need cops around Jiaxing, hurry up and make a police report.

Then bring the comrade cops directly to the factory and meet us there!”

Old Mrs.

Lin was so angry that she leaped up and slapped Old Lin's wife two more times.

“Look at what you have done, you prodigal woman! If you can’t make the girl forgive you today, I am going to have Da Lin divorce you tomorrow!”

If they truly take matters to the manager at the factory, her son just might lose his job!

Old Lin's wife finally became aware of the severity of the matters.

“Girl, sister-in-law is really sorry.

Please forgive me this one time!”

The others in the compound chimed in as well.

“Aiyo, girl, we are all neighbors.

We can talk our differences through.

There’s no need to take matters to the cops!”


There’s no need to take things that far!”

“Old Lin's wife had gone too far this time but she was already aware of her mistake.

Just forgive her this time.

We will all shout at her next time if she ever does this again!”

Typical people who’d say things like that when they were not the victims.

Tong Xuelu cussed to herself but she said docilely, “Alright, as all of the aunties said so, I will listen to you.

But…… for the sake of Aunty Lin to really think about what she had done wrong, I suggest for her to return to her own family for 2 weeks.”

Old Mrs.

Lin was worried that Tong Xuelu would bring up any unreasonable requests.

When she heard that all Tong Xuelu was requesting was for her daughter-in-law to return to her own family to reflect upon her actions, she nodded immediately.

“Don’t worry, girl.

I will have to leave right away!”

Old Lin's wife was anxious as soon as she heard that.

“Mom, I……”

“You what, you! Hurry up, pack you stuff and go!”

Old Lin's wife was so angry that her nose was crooked.

She went on and on but Tong Xuelu still insisted for her to return to her family.

The others had no idea why Tong Xuelu was so insistent about that but they also felt that it was no big deal as long as cops were not involved.

As nobody had spoken up for Old Lin's wife, she finally took off from the compound with her cheeks swollen and enraged.

Tong Mianmian came running out of the house after the crowd had dispersed.

“Big Sister!”

“Don’t run too fast.

I don’t want you to fall!”

Tong Xuelu quickly ran up and picked up the little bun when she saw her running toward her.

Tong Mianmian dashed into her sister’s arms and said in her milky voice.

“Big Sister, Mianmian listened to you and didn’t come out earlier!”

The little bun looked at Tong Xuelu with her limpid almond eyes as though she was saying: Praise me quickly, Big Sister.

I have been a good girl.

Tong Xuelu’s heart softened, and she kissed her soft and fair little cheek.

“Our Mianmian is such a good little girl!”


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