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Chapter 41 - "I don’t care what you think of me, but I am going to need your full cooperation." (1)

ith a casual look.

Old Lin's wife felt inexplicably bothered.

But, thinking that she could embarrass Tong Xuelu in no time, she raised her brows that were so light that they were almost invisible, and said loudly ––

“Your grandma said you are all a bunch of ungrateful brats and you didn’t even inform them after what had happened to your parents.

And that they will teach you all a lesson when they arrive at Capital City!”

Old Lin's wife’s voice resembled that of a broken gong and twirled around the courtyard.

Everybody looked over at Tong Xuelu when they heard Old Lin's wife.

What is the matter

Did the Tong’s children really not inform those back home

Noise of things falling came from behind them.

Everybody looked over and they saw that Tong Jiaxin was standing there, stunned, all the firewood in his hand had fallen onto the ground.

Tong Jiaming, standing next to him, didn’t look much better.

Old Lin's wife got even more excited when she saw the two brothers.

“Aiyo, perfect timing, you two! Jiaming, it was you who phoned and informed of your family back home back then, right Now your grandma called and said that they were never notified.

As the saying goes, dragons will give birth to dragons and phoenixes to phoenixes; those born to mice would know to dig holes from birth.

Some people are just natural-born liars!”

Holding onto the firewood, Tong Jiaming’s lips tightened.

Tong Xuelu frowned a little and had a concerned look on her.

“Aunty Lin, is your head alright Do you need me to a doctor to you”

Tong Xuelu said the most annoying words in the most tender tone.

That was our Tong Xuelu!

Old Lin's wife was so angry that her face turned green.

“You little brat.

Are you cursing me now You are such a mean one at such a young age.

Aren’t you worry that you won’t be able to find yourself a husband”

Tong Xuelu had an innocent look.

“But I didn’t curse you, Aunty Lin! My grandmother hadn’t retain much since her had lost her mind and everybody in the compound know that.

I thought perhaps Aunty Lin couldn’t retain things either, which was why I suggested for you to go see a doctor.”


Old Lin's wife was so angry that even her nose was crooked!

Tong Xuelu acted like she hadn’t noticed that at all and went on innocently, “Or, Aunty Lin can wait around for a little.

You can my grandmother can go see a doctor together after she comes.

You might even be able to get a discount since there will be two of you.”


Those in the compound almost choked on their own saliva from what Tong Xuelu had said.

People get quantity discount when buying things; nobody had ever heard of discount when visiting doctors!

Old Lin's wife had this discomfort feeling lodged in her chest that she couldn’t let out or make it go down.

She was so mad that the muscles on her cheeks trembled.

“Pei, pei, pei.

My brain is just fine.

Your family are the ones with brain issues!”

Tong Xuelu nodded, “You are exactly right.

My grandma, indeed, has issues with her brain.

Jiaming called them as soon as my parents’ accident happened and it was my grandmother who answered the call.

Back then nobody knew that she had issues with her head and she turned around and forgotten about this.

Now that she was calling to question us, we are really quite innocent!”

The doubts within all the others were gone.


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