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Chapter 31 - Tong Zhenzhen is going away.


Parted with the little bun with her longing look, Tong Xuelu left for the closest police station with her note and her proof of identification.

This proof of identification was prepared by the police station during the investigations when she and Tong Zhenzhen had been kidnapped.

With this proof of identification and note, it would be very easy for her to take care of her household register.

All she had to do was to provide them with her name.

As for Tong Zhenzhen, her household register had been moved out way before Tong Dajun husband and wife’s accident.

Tong Xuelu hurried over to the textile factory after she had her household register taken care of.

She saw Zhou Fang waiting for her at the front of the textile factory when she arrived.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Sister Zhou Fang.”

Zhou Fang smiled and said, “I didn’t wait that long.

I just got here myself.”

Tong Xuelu’s cheeks were red from the heat.

“Let’s head inside then.”

Zhou Fang nodded.

This position had always belonged to the Tong family so all they needed to do with to notify the factory and the paperwork was very simple.

Once their transfer was completed, Tong Xuelu stopped Zhou Yan on her way out.

“Sister Zhou Fang, since you are here already, why don’t we take care of the transferring of the stevedore position as well”

Zhou Fang was a little surprised, “Now But we don’t have the money ready yet.”

Zhou Fang’s plan was to return to the village after this and borrow a little bit of money from her parents and other relatives.

Tong Xuelu said, “It’s fine.

Just pay me when you have the money.

I don’t think I will need to worry about that.”

To get someone on one’s side, one couldn’t do that just from talks; one must offer them actual benefits.

Sure enough, Zhou Fang was very touched when she heard that.

“Big little sister, I… I don’t even know what to say!”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “Then said nothing.

Sister Zhou Fang, why don’t you have Brother Xu come over right now so we can have that taken care of”

Zhou Fang nodded and hurried over to the loading dock to fetch her husband.

Xu Baigen ran over, sweating all over, and thanked Tong Xuelu profusely.

Tong Xuelu let them know that that would not be necessary and the three of them headed, once again, to the administrative office.

Officer Qiu, responsible for the process, was baffled when she saw Tong Xuelu returning with the others.

When she heard that Tong Xuelu wanted to transfer the position over to Xu Baigen, her mouth dropped open.

“Are you sure you want to transfer the position out I thought your relatives from your hometown hasn’t arrived yet”

Tong Xuelu put on a sad look and said, “My grandmother had gone crazy because of my parents' accident.

She now shouts and beats people up a lot and needed constant care.

I have spoke with my family and decided on transferring the position out.”

“She had gone crazy Oh, that’s very unfortunate!”

No wonder it had taken the Tong family so long to come over.

Something had happened within the family.

That being said, the Tong family had been very unlucky as of late.

How did this string of unfortunate events happen

Tong Xuelu sighed and said, “Yeah, me and my siblings have been very worried after finding out what had happened to Grandma but my brothers and sister are still young so I worry about taking the train with them by myself.”

Officer Qiu nodded with understanding before looking over at Xu Baigen.

“Comrade Xu Baigen had surely acted quickly.

How much did you pay for the position”

Xu Baigen was an honest one.


Tong Xuelu quickly interrupted him.

“Last time someone sold their stevedore position for 410 yuan.

Brother Xu and Sister Zhou Fang are being very nice to us and offered us 20 more yuan over that.”

That made it 430 yuan.

That was a fair amount for this position.

Officer Qin acknowledged them and pressed the stamp on the form.

After they had departed the factory’s administrative office and before Xu Baigen and his wife could say anything, Tong Xuelu apologized to them.

“Brother Xu and Sister Zhou Fang, I apologize for telling them the wrong amount.

I just worry that they would think you are taking advantages of us kids if we tell them the truth.

That was why I……”

That had never even occurred to Xu Baigen and his wife.


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