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Chapter 30 - For the first time, he felt that letting this woman back into their lives was the right decision.


Wouldn’t others be able to tell whether a person is crazy or not

Besides, more than one person would come from Beihe, she couldn’t just make up whatever she wanted.

Tong Xuelu shrugged.

“That’s exactly why we needed to make our moves first.”

She wasn’t just doing it for fun with all of her acting and feigning filial tonight.

Tong Jiaming’s excuse was flimsy and, when the others came from Beihe, he would immediately become everyone’s target.

She had to make her moves first.

Jie Jinhua, their grandmother, would need to be “crazy” for their plans to work.

As for her selling the position to the Xu family for cheap, that was so that the Xu would owe her a favor.

She hoped that when conflicts arose in the future, they would be on her side.

If one was to ask if she felt bad trying to set up an elderly person whom she had never met before, then the answer was a definitive no.

In the original novel, Jie Jinhua, the evil woman, had everything to do with the three bosses’ terrible childhood.

Tong Mianmian had always been a pretty girl but she was deflowered by her cousin who was 10 years her senior when she was just 6.

Not only did Jie Jinhua did not scold her grandson when she found out, she called Tong Mianmian shameless for seducing someone at such a young age.

That had left Tong Mianmian with a lot of traumas.

She felt both scared and aggrieved at the same time and dared not told this to her two brothers.

She finally succumbed to this incident and committed suicide at the height of her career.

Tong Jiaming had wanted to say more when he saw Tong Mianmian pitter pattered out on her chubby little feet from the inside of the house.

She ran straight toward Tong Xuelu.

“Big sister, Mianmian is sleepy and wants to go to bed.”

Tong Xuelu bent down and picked her up.

“Just a little while longer.

We will go to bed after we have bathed.

Little kids who don’t bathe will turn into stingy little pigs.”

Tong Mianmian’s eyes widened and looked like a silly little puppy.

Shaking her meaty little paw, she said, “Mianmian doesn’t want to turn into stingy little pig.”

“Then we go to bed after we have bathed and smell good, okay” Tong Xuelu gave her a kiss on her little cheek.

Tong Mianmian giggled with her arms around Tong Xuelu’s neck.

“Okay, we bathe and smell good.”

Tong Jiaming’s brows unfurrowed when he saw how his little sister smiled in Tong Xuelu’s arms.

He recalled how Tong Mianmian had cried so much that her voice was hoarse when their parents had just passed away.

Eventually she had stopped crying but she never returned to her usually liveliness.

She was happy again these last few days and would smile from time to time.

This was the first time he felt that letting this woman return was the right decision.

It was very sunny the next day.

As there were a lot to get done, Tong Xuelu only made a plate of garlic vegetables that morning.

There were some potatoes and braised pork left from the night before and they could be reheated.

That and the light sweet potato porridge that Tong Jiaming had made that morning made perfect breakfast.

After lunch, she had Tong Jiaxin taken care of the dishes before bringing Tong Mianmian over to Aunty Cai’s to help watch over her.

Aunty Cai received a portion of the potatoes and braised pork yesterday and it was so delicious that her family almost swallowed their tongues along with it.

She was just worrying about how they could repay Tong Xuelu when Tong Xuelu came to ask her to babysit.

Of course she was very happy to do that.

Tong Mianmian tugged at her sister’s pants, cocked her head, and asked, “Big Sister, can’t Mianmian go with you”

The little bun’s little face was pink and soft and her long and thick eyelashes waved like two fans.

She was incredibly cute.

Tong Xuelu’s heart melted.

She squatted down and looked at Tong Mianmian at eye level and said, “Big Sister had a lot to get done today and she needs to go to work.

That is why Big Sister cannot bring Mianmian with.

Mianmian will be a good girl, stay with Aunty Cai, and not run around, right”

Tong Mianmian’s grape-like eyes were limpid.

Pouting her little lips a little, she finally nodded her little head docilely and said, “Okay, Mianmian will be good.

Mianmian won’t run around.”

The little bun was so cute that Tong Xuelu hugged and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Mianmian is such a good girl.

Big Sister will make you yummy food when she returns.”


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