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Chapter 207 - She found out that an incident had taken place while she was gone.


Edited by: Lulu

Wen Rugui returned to the military compound after he had left the police station.

Old Mr.

Wen saw how disheveled his grandson looked and didn’t even tease him for a change.

“You don’t need to come home when you are this tried.

You should just rest up on base.”

Wen Rugui put down his travel bag and said in a hoarse voice, “Grandpa, I remember one of your comrades in arm has a son who is the Party Secretary of the Dept of Education, right”

Old Mr.

Wen’s heart ached even more when he heard that Wen Rugui had lost his voice from being so tried.

“Why do you ask And whatever had happened to your voice”

Seeing that, Uncle Zong quickly ran into the kitchen to make him a cup of monk fruit tea before he returned to make some green bean soup.

Wen Rugui, “I suspect that Jiang Huarong, the Director of the Department of Education was accepting bribes and abusing his powers.”

Old Mr.

Wen was even more baffled, “I thought you have left town to pick someone up.

Why are you suddenly involved in the matters of the Department of Education”

Wen Rugui took a sip of the monk fruit tea and said, “My friend’s little brother was expelled from school because he had offended the grandson of this director.”

Friend’s little brother

Old Mr.

Wen frowned a little and he could smell something in the air.

“Which friend is this Do I know them”

Wen Rugui pinched his lips a little.

“No, you don’t.”

Old Mr.

Wen harrumphed.

“You are lying! Your eyelids always flutter when you lie ever since you were a child.

Is this friend Young Grass”

Wen Rugui, “……”

“I knew it!” Old Mr.

Wen was certain of it from Wen Rugui’s reaction.

He frowned all of a sudden.

“So you didn’t come home to visit me You came home to make things right for Young Grass”

Wen Rugui, “……”

Old Mr.

Wen was so upset that his goatie fluttered.

“You unfilial child!”

Wen Rugui suddenly felt that his returning home might have been a mistake.

That being said, he would need his grandpa’s network in order to pull down Jiang Huarong.

As a researcher, there wasn’t much that he could do.

Old Mr.

Wen suddenly smiled.

“That being said.

I’ll let this one slide seeing how you finally had things figured out.

Here, tell me what happened.”

Wen Rugui knew that Old Mr.

Wen would find out about it one way or another so he recounted the story to him.


Old Mr.

Wen was so angry that his face reddened after he heard of the event.

He slammed on the table and said, “A government official who is not working for the citizen should just go home and grow sweet potatoes! This Jiang Huarong is something else.

Are everyone at the Department of Education blind Why did they allow him to behave this way”

Wen Rugui said, “Both his little brother and his wife were war heroes and had contributed a lot to the country.”

That was the reason nobody would want to take actions against him lightly.

Jiang Haurong had also used his status of being family of war heroes to obtain power and became the Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of a county in the past.

Over the last few years, when the political tide seemed to be turning, he quickly used his power to get himself into the Department of Education.

He was good at it and it was not easy to collect evidence against someone like him.

Old Mr.

Wen frowned even more when he heard “war heroes”.

“Someone like him is an insult to the term ‘family of war heroes’!”

Wen Rugui went on to say, “There is something else odd about it.

War Hero Jiang had a daughter and a son.

Their son died from illness two years after the couple had sacrificed and their daughter was sent to the village.

Lo and behold, both of Jiang Huarong’s daughters hold important positions in government units and neither one of them are in villages.”

That was bizarre.

A sharp light crossed Old Mr.

Wen’s eyes, “Hmm, that really is worth looking into.”

It would be fine if there was nothing fishy going on.

If there was, that would be very disappointing to war heroes!

Old Mr.

Wen paused for a little bit and said, “I’ll take care of this.

I’ll have someone look into it.

You go and get some well-needed rest at the base so you don’t fall ill.”

Wen Rugui nodded and said, “Okay.”

Wen Rugui did not head back to the base after he had left the military compound.

He headed back over to the police station instead.

He asked for a referral letter from Pu Jianyi and headed over to Dongfeng Commune to look for Jiang Danhung, the orphan of the two war heroes.

Pu Jianyi did not want Wen Rugui to go alone so he took some time off and accompanied Wen Rugui on his trip.

Tong Xuelu had no idea what Wen Rugui was doing for her and returned to her work at the government-operated restaurant the next day.

She found out that an incident had taken place upon her return.

Chef Meng had hurt his hand.


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