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Chapter 201 - he couldn't say that his daughter was a good match for Wen Rugui.


Edited by Lulu

Tong Xuelu picked up the uncooked dumplings and brought them into the kitchen for cooking before joining the others in the living room to eat the cooked dumplings.

Tong Mianmian scooped out a dumpling and brought it in front of her Big Sister.

Her large eyes blinked.

“For you, Big Sister!”

“Mianmian, good girl.

Big Sister has her own.

You eat.”

Tong Xuelu made a lot of smaller dumplings earlier for the little bun.

She didn’t want her to accidentally burn herself when eating the big dumplings.

Tong Mianmian was not disappointed.

She followed Tong Xuelu and took a big bite of her small dumpling.

It was so delicious that her eyes narrowed in contentment.

Tong Mianmian looked so cute at that moment that Tong Xuelu’s heart shivered.

The little kiddo was cute and caring.

She would always save a portion for Tong Xuelu whenever she came across some good food.

Looking at the interaction between the two sisters, a shred of warmth crossed Wen Rugui’s pitch-black eyes.

Meanwhile, Tong Jiaxin didn’t care at all that the dumplings were too hot to eat.

He shouted out how delicious they were as they went down burning into his stomach.

Tong Xuelu made sure that they were not too difficult to eat for the children.

She was able to make the wrap of the dumpling nice and thin, soit wasn’t difficult to bite through them after they were cooked.

In addition, even though the skins of the dumplings were thin, she ensured that they were wrapped tightly and stirred gently, so none of them broke while being cooked.

The three-ingredient kind was a mixture of lean and fatty pork, mushrooms, carrots, and some crispy black fungus.

One bite and the rich soup would come pouring into one’s mouth.

It was so savory and extremely delicious that one could swallow one’s tongue after eating a dumpling.

Wen Rugui was too tired to have an appetite.

Nevertheless, the food greatly stimulated all of his senses and subsequently his appetite.

When Tong Xuelu finished cooking, the dumpling’s heavenly aroma was detected by his nose, and the sight of all the nice, plump dumplings along with the dipping sauce entered his tired eyes.

He accidentally devoured two big bowls.

After dinner, Tong Jiaming delivered raw dumplings to the Wei’s next door with Tong Mianmian following behind him on her two stubby legs.

Tong Jiaxin knew to go and do the dishes without being told.

As such, Tong Xuelu and Wen Rugui were the only two remaining in the living room.

Under the light, Tong Xuelu looked particularly charming in Wen Rugui’s eyes.

Her cheeks were red as if she had applied blush on them., Her lips were red and shiny, and her birthmark next to the corner of her eyes was close to the color of her lips.

She was like a beautiful rose.

Wen Rugui only took a look at her before he quickly turned away.

“It’s getting late.

I should take off.”

Tong Xuelu stopped him.

“Wait a minute.

I’ve made you some stew pears with rock sugar.

It should be ready by now.

I’ll go fetch it.”

Wen Rugui stood up.

“I can go get it.”

“It’s fine.”

Tong Xuelu moved with alacrity and had already turned and walked out of the living room by the time she was done talking.

She quickly returned with the stewed pears with rock sugar.

The tips of Wen Rugui’s ears were a pinkish color.

“Thank you so much for this.”

More and more he felt that the purpose of his trip was the food rather than coming here to help solve her problems.

Tong Xuelu placed the bowl on the table.

“Pears with rock sugar are good for your lungs.

Have it while it’s still warm.

And stay away from spicy food for a while.”

Wen Rugui acknowledged her instructions and had a spoonful of the dessert.

It was sweet and warm, just like her caring words.

This sweetness went straight from his mouth and into his heart.

After he was done, Wen Rugui dared not waste any more time.

He stood up and said his goodbye.

Tong Xuelu stood up and looked at the sky.

Suddenly, she said, “Why don’t you spend the night, Comrade Wen”

Wen Rugui’s heart skipped a beat, and his travel bag almost slipped and fell out of his hand.

He looked up at her, and before his brain could process the message, his mouth had already said to her, “Okay.”

He froze on the spot after he had said that.

How did he just accept her invitation

He should not stay.

It would be bad for her reputation if word got out that he spent the night at their house.

But he had already accepted her invitation.

What the heck was he thinking

“Jiaxin sleeps with his brother, so his room is vacant.

You can spend the night in his


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