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Chapter 193 - What to make from the Dacron (2)

Edited by Lulu

Fang Jingyuan paused for a little and then asked tentatively, “You are not trying to get me to speak highly of you in front of my brother, right Didn’t you ignore him like he was just some dog poop last time”


Tong Xuelu had no idea how Fang Wenyuan would feel if he heard that, but she found it so hilarious that she almost passed out from laughing.

“I still think of your brother as dog poop.


I would like your help with something else.

I need you to spread the word about my two brothers being expelled from school.

The more people that know about it, the better.”

Right now, everybody knew about Ma Mei and her affair, but nobody knew about Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin being expelled for talking back to their teacher.

Tong Xuelu’s original idea was to negotiate with the school using Ma Mei’s scandal to get her two brothers back to school.

But she had a change of heart now.

She was going to force the school to beg them to return using public opinions!

She didn’t want to just go back like an underdog!

Fang Jingyuan had thought that it would be something difficult.

Hearing that this was her request, she nodded immediately.

“Not a problem.

Count me in!”

Fang Jingyuan worked at the Cultural Troupe and knew many people.

The Fang family also has many relatives, and all of them work in government units.

She was the perfect person to spread the word.

Before Fang Jingyuan took off, Tong Xuelu headed to the C**C and purchased some snacks.

They were meant for the Fang family and also the other Tong family.

In addition, she also took out 100 yuan for Chen Yueling.

She said it was what she had borrowed from her before.

After parting ways with Fang Jingyuan, Tong Xuelu headed home directly.

Wen Rugui was also on his way back to the capital city by then.


Tong Jiaming and others were still out when Tong Xuelu returned home.

Wei Zhiguo took Little Sister Wei with him today to visit an old comrade in arms in the countryside.

He asked whether the Tong’s siblings wanted to tag along before he took off.

After learning about what had happened to the Tong family, the Wei family had been sending food over using all kinds of excuses.

All of the Tong family members were well aware of that.

Wei Zhiguo was a reliable person, and the countryside wasn’t that far away.

Tong Xuelu also felt that it was not good for Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin to be cooped up at home all day long.

It wouldn’t hurt for them to take a trip out, so she had them decide for themselves.

Tong Jiaxin and Tong Mianmian really wanted to go.

As such, Tong Jiaming had no choice but to tag along to take care of the two of them.

Seeing that it was still early, Tong Xuelu brought the Dacron fabric that Wen Rugui had given to her in the past and headed over to the Wei’s.

Shen Wanrong was bored being home by herself, so she revealed a bright smile when she saw Tong Xuelu.

“Oh mi.

Finally! Someone to keep me company! It felt so strange with Zhuzhu gone today.”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “I was going to come by sooner, but something happened at home.

I was finally only able to come visit now.”

Shen Wanrong welcomed Tong Xuelu into her house.

“You can come over whenever.

It’s not like I have a lot going on.

Oh right.

What would you like to make out of this A dress or a shirt and a pair of pants”

Tong Xuelu thought about it some and said, “Why don’t we make it into a dress”

People were still conservative back then, but they could have dresses that fall below the knees.

Besides, by October next month, the Ten Year Activity would be over, and the society would become progressively more open and modern.

As such, making it into a dress should not be a problem.

Shen Wanrong smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Yes, a young girl like you should dress up nice.

I liked dresses a lot too when I was young.


I’m so old now.”

Tong Xuelu quickly shook her head and disagreed.

“Grandma Shen is still very attractive now, not old at all.

I thought you were still a girl in her 20s when we first met, Grandma Shen!”

Shen Wanrong smiled so much that even her crow’s feet could be seen.

She smacked Tong Xuelu with a smile, completely flattered.

“Oh, stop with that already.

Any girl in her 20s looking like me would be crying!”

Tong Xuelu had exaggerated some, but Shen Wanrong truly looked young.

She was close to her 60s but looked to be less than 50.


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