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Chapter 192 - What to make from the Dacron (1)

Edited by Lulu

As such, Tong Xuelu grabbed her military bag, locked the door, and left with Fang Jingyuan to head to the government-operated salon nearby.

Arriving at the government-operated salon.

The minute that they walked in, they saw a not-too-clear mirror facing the door.

In front of the mirror, there was a small old dim-yellow wooden table with razors, scissors, and other hair-cutting tools on it.

The only hairstylist in the shop was an old man dozing off on the couch.

His snoring was so loud that it could almost blow the roof off.

Tong Xuelu walked over to him and said loudly, “Old Master, we would like Comrade Liu Hulan’s hairstyle.”

The old hairstylist was startled by her shout and woke up groggy.

He had yet to say anything when Fang Jingyuan started to complain.

“That’s what you said is a good fit”

Tong Xuelu raised her brows.

“What is it now Do you not trust my taste How about it If your hair is messed up, you can do whatever you like to my hair!”

Fang Jingyuan bit her lower lip and thought about it some.


You said it.

You will never see the end of it if my hairdo is messed up.”

Fang Jingyuan never got along with Tong Xuelu ever since they were kids.

Nevertheless, she must admit that Tong Xuelu always knew how to doll herself up.

“What do you mean by messing up Do you know how to speak properly, Comrade I had been doing this for dozens of years.

I have never messed up anyone’s hairdo!”

The old master was not pleased.

Tong Xuelu curved her lips and smiled sweetly.

“My little sister doesn’t know any better.

Do forgive her, Old Master.

I’ve already asked around before we came here, and people said that you have the best work in the capital city.

Why else will we come all the way here”

A big smile appeared on the old master instantly.

“Ah, you know what’s good for you, Comrade! This art was passed down from my ancestors for generations.

Just you wait!”

Tong Xuelu quickly pressed Fang Jingyuan down into the styling chair and jokingly offered her ideas on how the old master should cut Fang Jingyuan’s hair.

The old master didn’t pay attention to any of Tong Xuelu’s random ideas at all.

In the end, Fang Jingyuan ended up with Liu Hulan’s hairstyle with full, thick bangs, which was quite similar to a bob cut with bangs in modern times.

Truth was Tong Xuelu felt that wavy hair suited Fang Jingyuan much better, but in their day and age, people need a referral letter from the government for a perm.

People were also required to tie their hair up, so it couldn’t be too short.

Thus, Tong Xuelu had to suggest the next best thing available for Fang Jingyuan’s new hairstyle.

After the haircut was finished, Tong Xuelu raved about the old master’s handy work.

“Wow, I am so lucky to see you in action today, Old Master! Your skill is so solid and so amazing! I will absolutely come here for my haircut next time!”

The old master smiled so much that his face resembled a blooming chrysanthemum.

“Wait here.

Let me get my tools for the bangs!”

The old master returned with his hair-perming tools shortly.

He then used a small brush and curled the not-so-docile bangs.

When he was done, Fang Jingyuan had a 180-degree change.

Her forehead, which shined like a mirror, and her hairline, which resembled the popular high hairline men had from the Qing dynasty, had both been miraculously covered by her new bangs.

With the bangs, even her face seemed smaller.

Fang Jingyuan looked at herself in the mirror in disbelief.

“This…… this really is me”

The old master harrumphed.

“Are you still worried that I will mess up your hairdo, Comrade”

Fang Jingyuan shook her head violently.

“No, no.

You did an amazing job, Old Master!”

Wu wu wu! It was so pretty that she could cry!!

The old master was so pleased by the praise that he even gave them a 10 cent discount, only charging them 30 cents in total.

He did not forget to tell Tong Xuelu that she must look for him for her haircut when she needed it in the future.

Tong Xuelu promised him that she would do just that.

Walking out of the salon, Fang Jingyuan stroked her hair, still in disbelief, and stammered with her ears reddened.

“Em…… why don’t I treat you to the government-operated restaurant.

But don’t look too much into it.

I just don’t want to owe you a favor, is all!”

Tong Xuelu thought about it some and said, “I don’t need dinner from you.

I work at the government-operated restaurant.

I can eat there whenever I like.

If you want to repay me, there is something else that you can do for me.”


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