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Chapter 188 - Ma Mei's Eyes Widened.


Edited by Lulu

Nobody doubted Tong Xuelu’s words.

She was, after all, the first person who noticed the fire.

Naturally, she would have called out to the people inside before she ran to get help.

As such, the crowd gave up on knocking, scaled the wall, and quickly unlocked the wooden door from the inside.

After everyone had rushed inside, they put out the fire in the yard quickly.

Meanwhile, two sturdy men went to knock down the door of the house.


The two people getting hot and heavy inside were startled.

Ma Mei turned pale.

“What- what is going on”

Duan Wanfu was scared as well.

He was unable to perform right away.

“How would I know”

Ma Mei shoved him with her hand.

“Well, hurry up and check it out then……”

She hadn’t finished her sentence when there was another loud BAM!

The wooden door that was less than sturdy was knocked open.

The crowd came running in and was expecting to see the people inside unconscious in bed.

Lo and behold, they saw two very much conscious persons laying on top of each other in bed; neither one had any clothes on.

The crowd was stunned.

Ma Mei let out a loud cry and pulled a blanket over herself.

Duan Wanfu, whose bottom was now exposed, quickly pulled the blanket over himself as well.

Tong Xuelu, mixed in with the crowd, said in a fake voice, “By golly! I thought Comrade Duan’s wife was sent to the countryside.

Who’s that woman then They are not having an affair, are they”

That reminded the others.

“Oh right, I remember that his wife was sent to the countryside and would only return during New Year.

That woman is not his wife!”

“No wonder they wouldn’t open the door up this whole time.

They were here doing the unspeakable!”

“Everyone, let’s hurry.

Tie them up, and bring them to the police station!”

Having an affair was a serious crime in their current society.

Not only would one’s reputation be ruined, but they may also have jail time.

Ma Mei trembled in fear under the blanket.

She was about to pass out.

She pinched Duan Wanfu hard with her shaking hand.

Duan Wanfu let out a loud cry before he said with his pale face, “You all misunderstood.

This is my wife under the blanket!”

Tong Xuelu said again in her fake voice, “I don’t believe you.

Let us see her face!”

Duan Wanfu, running out of options, patted Ma Mei and said, “Wife, just show them.”

He only hoped that his location was remote enough and that he didn’t mingle with his neighbors much in the past.

In addition, with his wife only coming home once a year, he hoped that the others would not recognize that it was not his wife with him now.

That was Ma Mei’s thought as well.

She showed her pale face slowly from under the blanket.

Indeed, not very many people recognized Duan Wanfu’s wife.

A couple of them had met her in the past, but with Ma Mei only showing half of her face, they weren’t able to tell that it wasn’t her.

Tong Xuelu did her green tea thing again.

“I know her.

She’s not Duan Wanfu’s wife.

She’s a teacher at City Nan Grade School.

Her name is Ma Mei!

“Teacher Ma Mei is having an affair.

Hurry up and call the cops!”

Ma Mei’s husband, upon hearing that his wife was in an accident, quickly took the day off and rushed over.

It was a 2-hour car ride over to the city from the Water Resources Bureau.

His boss,being thoughtful to him, had the driver of their department bring him over immediately.

After the car was parked, Ma Mei’s husband and the driver rushed over and saw a crowd standing in front of the house where Ma Mei had supposedly had an accident.

Seeing the crowd, he thought that the accident was real and quickly pushed his way to the front.

He had just walked inside the courtyard when he heard someone saying out loud, “She’s Teacher Ma Mei from City Nan Grade School.

She having an affair!”

He heard a loud buzz in his head right away.

The others, too, acted quickly.

Someone was already heading over to the police station.

The cops came quickly and arrested Ma Mei and Duan Wanfu.

When Ma Mei was brought out of the house, she looked up and suddenly saw her husband standing there looking at her, his face long.

Ma Mei’s husband rushed up to her and slapped her multiple times.

“You tramp.

Have I, Wang Baoguo, ever wronged you that you have to do this to me I am going to kill you!”

Ma Mei felt her cheeks burning.

But now wasn’t the time to be concerned with the pain.

“Lao Wang, I was set up.

I didn’t wrong you!”

Wang Baoguo slapped her again.

“You are still trying to lie even now”

Ma Mei’s face was slapped to one side.

With her face turned, she suddenly saw Tong Xuelu standing among the crowd.

Amidst the gray crowd, Tong Xuelu stood there like a white crane.

Standing tall and straight, she was very eye-catching.

Ma Mei’s eyes widened.


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