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Chapter 183 - She could smell an affair from miles away~ (4)

Edited by Lulu

Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin would not be attending school for the time being, so for the sake of distracting them, Tong Xuelu had them plow the yard and sow the vegetable seeds.

The Wei family had sent over a lot of seeds.

With the exception of tomatoes and lettuce, there were also pumpkins.

Tong Xuelu divided the yard into two portions – one side for the chickens and the vegetables and perhaps flowers on the other side.

Tong Mianmian was the happiest one after finding out that Tong Jiaming and Tong Jiaxin didn’t need to go to school.

She followed behind them day in and day out and turned into their little tails.

Their days were quiet for a few days, and Tong Xuelu finally felt relieved.

That was when she started taking action.

She waited around Ma Mei’s normal routes to and from work to see what she could find out.

In the beginning, Ma Mei would go to and from work like clockwork every day and never visited any places other than the school.

Her life was so structured that Tong Xuelu suspected that her speculation was wrong.

Nevertheless, a fox could only hide its tail for so long.

Ma Mei finally couldn’t hold out anymore.

On this very day, Ma Mei did not head straight home after school was out.

Instead, she walked into an alleyway after taking a lot of detours.

Tong Xuelu didn’t want to follow her too close for fear of being spotted by her, so she had almost lost track of her.

When she followed Ma Mei quietly into the alleyway, she was just in time to see Ma Mei walking into a house.

After Ma Mei had gone inside, a man poked his head out, looked around, and closed the door after confirming that he did not see anyone outside.

Tong Xuelu was so excited that her hands were shaking.

Oh boy.

She could smell an affair from miles away~

With Ma Mei and the man’s sneaky behaviors and the fact that Ma Mei had taken so many detours before coming here, it would be difficult for one to not think that it was an affair.

Given that it was autumntime, the days were shorter, and it was already starting to get dark now.

However, there still wasn’t a lot of foot traffic in this alleyway.

Tong Xuelu looked around and noticed that no lights were coming from either house beside the man’s place.

Tong Xuelu wasn’t sure if the owners weren’t home yet or if the houses were vacant to begin with.

She waited for a while at the corner and was bitten all over by mosquitos.

They were so itchy that she was going insane.

She pressed her fingernails into the bumps and made crosses and #’s on them.

Tong Xuelu finally walked out from the corner after she had waited for over 10 minutes and still didn’t see any signs of Ma Mei leaving the place.

The walls surrounding the man’s yard were a bit high.

Tong Xuelu could still climb on them, but it would be difficult to make an escape if she was spotted by someone.

As such, she only took a look from out front before she walked to the back of the house.

She was delighted when she saw a window in the back of the house.

It was one of those old-style wooden windows, and it was shut tightly right now.

She crept up there quietly and placed her ear against the window.

She heard moaning noises coming from the inside and also the squeaking noises of the bed.

Wu wu wu.

Her ear had been violated.

As an old creeper who had watched many videos in her previous life, she knew that they were really driving a luxurious car inside.

Once Tong Xuelu had confirmed that, she stopped listening and returned to the corner that she was hiding in previously, continuing to feed the mosquitos.

Another 10 ~ 20 minutes later, Ma Mei finally showed her face again.

The moon was very bright tonight, and with the moonlight casting down on her, Ma Mei’s eyes were filled with charm.

She looked like dried wood that had been watered by the spring shower.

Ma Mei looked around, even though there was nobody around, before saying, “Dai Ya, Aunty Mei is taking off now.

I’ll come visit you again next time!”

This time the man was carrying a little girl in his arms when he came out.

The little girl looked like she had just woken up and waved at Ma Mei, dispirited.

“Bye-bye, Aunty Mei.”

“Bye, Dai Ya.” Ma Mei blinked at the man as she talked, “I should be on my way then, Brother Fu.”

The man replied, “Alright, have a safe trip back.”

Ma Mei smiled at him and walked away twisting her waist from side to side.

The man only closed the door and walked back inside the house with the little girl after Ma Mei had walked out of the alleyway.


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