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Chapter 18 - Perhaps Fang Wenyuan could convince her.

She had always listened to him.


Even though he didn’t say a word and that his back was tall and thin, lanky, even, but he was somehow able to offer a great sense of security.

Tong Zhenzhen ran up and, before she could shout again, her arms were grabbed and twisted behind her back by Wen Rugui, nevermind about laying a finger on Tong Xuelu.

Wen Rugui’s actions were smooth and quick.

It didn’t match her lanky researcher image.

His taut and stern side profile made him look more like a well-trained soldier.

Tong Xuelu was surprised when she saw that.

“You *****! Who do you think you are!” Tong Zhenzhen was about to vomit blood with her arms twisted behind her.

“Let go of me now!”

Not only did Wen Rugui not let her go, he exerted some force and quickly brought her down onto the ground.

Both Fang Wenyuan and Mother Tong Mother Tong were startled when they witnessed that.

The former was surprised that Tong Xuelu wasn’t lying and the latter that her daughter was the one trying to kill Tong Xuelu.

Mother Tong was much more frantic than Fang Wenyuan.

She had just had a clerical staff went to fetch the cops.

If the cops got here, Tong Zhenzhen would be done for.

When that thought had occurred to her, she hurried up to save Tong Zhenzhen.

Naturally, Tong Xuelu wasn’t going to let Mother Tong save Tong Zhenzhen.

Seeing Mother Lu approaching them, she buckled her knees and fell down onto the ground.

“Mom, help me.

Tong Zhenzhen wants to kill me!”

“Xuelu, what is going on”

Mother Tong quickly caught her and, seeing all the dirt on her hair, had very complicated feelings.

“Mom, Tong Zhenzhen said I had taken her identity and, for the sake of revenging me, not only had she hurt Mianmian, she also wanted to kill me.


Tong Xuelu put her head down on Mother Tong’s shoulder and bawled.

Seeing that her Big Sister was crying, Tong Mianmian burst into tears as well.

“Bad person.

Beat up the bad person.”

Hearing the crying from the little bun, Tong Xuelu stopped with her acting.

She quickly looked up and hugged the little bun.

“It’s all Big Sister’s fault.

Big Sister shouldn’t have left Mianmian there by herself.

Mianmian, good girl.

You can stop crying now.”

Tong Mianmian cried so hard that she was having hiccups.

Her eyes and nose were read and she looked particularly pitiful.

Tong Xuelu checked her out and noticed that her entire left ear was red and swollen.

She wanted to kill Tong Zhenzhen now.

“Xuelu, Mom will apologize for Zhenzhen.

When the cops get here, you…… can you forgive Zhenzhen just this one time”

Mother Lu’s head was about to explode from all the wailing.

Looking at Tong Mianmian’s red and swollen ear, she, too, wishe to kill Tong Zhenzhen.

Nevertheless, her daughter didn’t grow up with her, which had caused her warped personality.

So how would she dare to place the blame on her

Mother Tong knew that it wasn’t fair for Tong Xuelu but what choice did she have She loved the both of them.

Tong Xuelu’s eyes widened when she looked over at Mother Tong.

Giving her a surprised look and, seeing the cops approaching out of the corners of her eyes, she rolled her eyes and passed out.

She was so angry that she passed out.

Of course it was all acting.

She understood that Mother Tong was stuck between a rock and a hard place and she could overlook the fact that Mother Tong favored her own daughter.

But, asking her to let Tong Zhenzhen off the hook That’s impossible.

Not in this lifetime.


Mother Tong was dumbfounded.

What had just happened

All she said was one sentence and Tong Xuelu passed out from anger

Xiao Hui returned with comrade cops shortly thereafter.

Tong Xuelu had thought that Tong Mianmian would wail when she saw her sister passing out.

Well, she did cry, but she also shuffled over in her two short legs to hit Tong Zhenzhen as she cried and told the story to comrade cops.

With Wen Rugui and the others as witnesses, there were no denying what had happened and Tong Zhenzhen was brought back to the police station and locked up temporarily.

Tong Xuelu, on the other hand, was taking to a hospital nearby.


At the hospital.

Tong Xuelu regained consciousness under the doctor’s “treatment”.

Tong Xuelu saw Wen Rugui feeding some water to Mianmian patiently when she opened up her eyes.

Except that his movements were a unfamiliar and stiff.

Sniffling, Tong Mianmian’s voice was still cracked.

“Uncle, when will Big Sister wake up”


Tong Xuelu frowned a little and said, “Mianmian, you should call him Big Brother, not uncle.”

If Tong Mianmian referred to him as Uncle, she would have to call him Uncle as well.



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