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Chapter 17 - Perhaps Fang Wenyuan could convince her.

She had always listened to him.


Tong Xuelu rode her bicycle as she called out, “Mianmian, Big Sister is back.

Respond to me if you can hear me.

“Mianmian, c’mon out quickly and come home with Big Sister.”

Tong Xuelu kicked herself for being too careless.

She never should have left Tong Mianmian behind by herself.

Who else could be as reliable as herself

She would feel awful for the rest of her life if anything happened to Tong Mianmian!

She seemed to heard a child’s crying voice coming from inside of an alley when she rode past it.

It sounded a lot like Tong Mianmian.

Tong Xuelu leaped off her bicycle and ran in that direction without giving it a second thought.

Inside the alleyway, Tong Zhenzhen was shouting at Tong Mianmian while gripping onto her ear.

“You stupid little baggage.

Did you hear what I have told you You go back and tell you two brothers that Tong Xuelu hit you and have them kick her out of the house!”

Tong Mianmian’s little face was red from her crying.

Her voice hoarse from crying.

“No, no, no.

Mianmian doesn’t want Big Sister to be kicked out.”

“You stupid child.

How stupid are you OOWWWW ––“

She hasn’t even finished with what she was saying, her hair was grabbed by someone from behind.

She let go of Tong Mianmian’s ear reflexively and shouted like a pig being slaughtered.

“OOWWWWWW, who was it”

“Your ancestor!”

Tong Xuelu’s eyes were cold.

“I hate two types of people the most in my life – men who beat up their women and scums who abuse helpless children.

We got a problem here.”

Tong Zhenzhen was enraged when she heard Tong Xuelu’s voice.

“Tong Xuelu you tramp.

Let go of me or you better watch out!”

“Oh I better watch out What are you going to do, huh”

Having said that, Tong Xuelu turned Tong Zhenzhen to face the wall and gave her a hard kick on her butt.

Tong Zhenzhen slammed into the wall like a pancake thrown against it.

Even her nose was almost flattened from the impact!

She was in so much pain that tears came streaming down her cheeks.

“That’s it, Tong Xuelu!!! You asked for it!!”

Tong Xuelu took the opportunity to do three things:

1.     She squatted down and wipes some dust onto her own face;

2.     She pulled her hair loose and roughed it up;

3.     She picked up Tong Mianmian and started running with her in her arms as she shouted out, “Help! Someone is trying to kill us––“

“You tramp! Stay right there if you dare.

I am going to kill you today.”

Tong Zhenzhen, infuriated, chased after Tong Xuelu without thinking it through.

Tong Xuelu ran outside of the alleyway and shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Someone come, please.

Help! Someone is trying to kill us!”

Mother Tong came running over with two clerical staff and all three of them were shocked when they heard what Tong Xuelu was shouting.

Mother Tong turned pale and quickly gave orders to one of the clerical staff.

“Xiao Hui, go get the cops quickly.”

Xiao Hui quickly answered her, turned, and took off as fast as she could.

Two other persons ran toward them from another direction.

They were none other than Fang Wenyuan, the original owner’s original fiancé, and the Tall, Rich, and Handsome Wen Rugui, whom Tong Xuelu had met earlier.

Tong Xuelu’s eyes lit up and she quickly ran toward Wen Rugui.


When Fang Wenyuan heard someone shouting out for help, he didn’t even give it a second thought before he came running over.

He couldn't help but frowned when he saw that the person running toward them was Tong Xuelu.

Didn’t Tong Xuelu already take off from the Tong family How was she back already

Well, that made sense.

That sounded more like something that Tong Xuelu would do.

He never quite believed it when he heard that she had taken off from the Tong family.

And, he was right.

It hadn’t even been one whole day yet and Tong Xuelu was already back.

It was like a joke to her.

Was this scene another trick of hers

He couldn't help but slowed down when he thought of that.

And it didn’t take long for Wen Rugui to be way ahead of him.

Tong Xuelu did not noticed Fang Wenyuan’s actions.

Panting, she dashed in front of Wen Rugui.

“Comrade Wen, please help me and my sister.

Someone wants to kill us!”

As though proving her right, Tong Zhenzhen came charging at them with her head of messy hair as soon as Tong Xuelu finished talking.

“You stay right there, Tong Xuelu.

I am going to kill you!”

Wen Rugui stretched out his arms quietly and blocked in front of Tong Xuelu and her little sister.



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