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Chapter 158 - “Comrade, whatever you are having smells so good.” (3)

Edited by Lulu

Wen Rugui held on tightly to the pouch with the leek dumplings and radish balls inside.

The early fall night was a bit chilly, but his heart was warm.

An hour later, he was sitting on the train heading to the Northwest.

He quickly found his own seat and settled down.

The train departed shortly.

Sitting next to him was a middle-aged man, while two women across from him.

A younger woman sat in the kitty-corner from him and smiled at him when he looked over at her.

Wen Rugui had no expression on him.

He placed his travel bag under his feet, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

He had no idea how long he slept for.

When he woke up, the first thing he did was to reach for his travel bag under his feet, but he discovered that it was gone!

He was shocked!

In addition to the referral letter and some items, most importantly, the leek dumplings and radish balls that Tong Xuelu had made for him were inside it!

He hadn’t even had one of them yet!

Right when he was about to ask those around him whether they had seen his travel bag, he saw Xiao Chengping walking over to him.

He had a pouch in his hand.

Smiling, he said, “Keke, your leek dumpling and radish balls are here with me.”

Wen Rugui frowned.

“Give them back to me!”

Xiao Chengping stuck his tongue out at him.


Tong Xuelu made them for me!”

He turned and ran after he said that.

He had gone too far!

Wen Rugui stood up and lunged at him.

He pinned Xiao Chengping under him and gave him a solid beating.

Black and blue, Xiao Chengping pleaded to him, “You can have them back! All of them! Don’t hit me on my face!”

Wen Rugui warned him coldly, “Do not approach Comrade Tong again, and don’t use her name in the future!”

Xiao Chengping nodded madly.

“Okay, I won’t.

And I will not approach Comrade Tong again in the future.

Please let me go……”

Wen Rugui finally let him and stood up, feeling content.

Right when he was about to pull out a leek dumpling and eat it, someone bumped into him, and he opened up his eyes, waking up all of a sudden.

After he was awakened, he stood motionless on his seat.

He still had no expression on him, but both of his ears turned beet red.

He had never dreamt about beating someone up.

How could he be so barbaric

It was the end of summer, soon going to be fall, so the weather was starting to cool.

Nevertheless, the ventilation wasn’t the greatest on the train, and the smell of feet, sweat, and food all mixed together to form a very indescribable smell.

When Wen Rugui recollected himself, he brought his military canteen with him to get some warm water for himself before he pulled out the leek dumplings and radish balls to eat.

Both the leek dumplings and radish balls were cold and were not as good as they were the night before, but Wen Rugui still enjoyed them thoroughly when he had them with the warm water.

These were all made by Comrade Tong, and they were tasty even when they were cold.

Except that he would blush whenever he recalled how she was holding his hand the night before.

The middle-aged man next to him was eating wowotou when suddenly, his nose wrinkled, and he smelled a very nice aroma.

He turned to look at the food in Wen Rugui’s hand and gulped uncontrollably.

“Comrade, whatever you are having smells so good.”

Wen Rugui replied softly, “Mmm.”

Normally, when one was traveling, they would politely offer what they were having when asked.

The middle-aged man didn’t think that Wen Rugui didn’t have that common courtesy.

“Comrade, I can see that you have plenty of them.

Why don’t I trade you for some”

As he spoke, he pulled out a bag of dried mushrooms from his bag.

“These are freshly dried mushrooms.

They are very fresh.

What say I trade them to you for a leek dumpling”

Wen Rugui immediately apologized.

“I’m sorry.

I can’t exchange it with you.”

He would not have cared if he had purchased them at the government-operated restaurant, but these were made for him by Comrade Tong.

He didn’t want to share them with anyone.

The middle-aged sighed when he heard that and returned to his wowotou.

The two women across from him also sighed.

They, too, had wanted to exchange some of the food with him as the aroma was too tempting.

It made them lose interest in the dried buns that they had in their hands.


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