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Chapter 153 - "Can I borrow some flour" (1)

Edited by Lulu

Wen Rugui walked up and grabbed Xiao Chengping by his wrist.

With his voice low and cold, he said, “Being a hooligan in public.

Aren’t you worried that you will be turned in to the police”

Xiao Chengping frowned a little and wanted to free his hand.

However, after trying a few times, he was not able to free himself, which surprised him quite a bit.

He was known to be one of the strongest in the troops and had never lost in a game of arm-wrestling.

The man in front of him looked pale and skinny but was a lot stronger than he appeared!

He looked Wen Rugui up and down and explained himself.

“You have misunderstood, Comrade.

I know her, and I am a soldier.

I am not being a hooligan.”

Wen Rugui looked over at Tong Xuelu.

Tong Xuelu nodded.

“You can let him go, Big Brother.

His dad is an officer of the General Logistics Department.”

Xiao Chengping nodded when he heard that.

“That’s right.

Both of us grew up together in the compound of the General Logistics Department.”

Wen Rugui frowned a little when he heard the “grew up together” part before he let go of Xiao Chengping.

He then took a step forward and conveniently stood in between the two of them.

Xiao Chengping did not notice what Wen Rugui had done.

He looked down at his wrist and saw that it had a ring of redness to it.

He didn’t get upset, however.

Instead, he smiled at Wen Rugui and said, “You are Tong Xuelu’s Big Brother Hi Big Brother.

I am Xiao Chengping……”

Standing behind Wen Rugui, Tong Xuelu rolled her eyes.

Big Brother your ***!

Before she even said anything, she heard Wen Rugui saying nonchalantly, “Don’t call me Big Brother.

You look older than me.”

Xiao Chengping, “……”


Tong Xuelu was taken aback a little, then busted out laughing.

She never knew that Wen Rugui had an evil side.

Xiao Chengping scratched his hand and gave an awkward smile.

“I only look more mature than my peers, but I am only 22 years old.

Comrade, how old are……”

He was interrupted by Tong Xuelu before he could finish his sentence.

Walking out from behind Wen Rugui, she thrusted the envelope back into Xiao Chengping’s chest.

“Take your money back.

I don’t need it.

My days are fine, and I don’t need your pity.

If you have extra compassion that needs an outlet, you could go care for the lonely elderlies.

I trust they would be really appreciative of that.”

She thought it was merely a coincidence running into Xiao Chengping last time and that it would be unlikely for them to cross paths again.

Who knew that he would let it get to his head to come and give her money On top of that, the straight man spiel that he gave her before handing her the money just made her want to beat him up.

One needn’t be too smart to figure out his intention.

Xiao Chengping was fond of the original owner when they were young, but he always bullied her until she cried.

When he was an adult, he figured it out and wanted to court her, which was why he was all sorts of nice to her.

What an interesting childhood friend.

Problem was that she wasn’t the same girl and that he wasn’t handsome enough!

For someone who valued physical appearance over everything else, not being handsome was the original sin.

She had zero interest in him.

Xiao Chengping caught the envelope that Tong Xuelu had tossed back at him, and feeling the heavy look from Wen Rugui, he scratched his head and said, “Fine.

You don’t want it.

I’m taking off now.”

He had thought that Tong Xuelu needed to prop up a family all on her own.

Now that he had seen the Tourbillon on her cousin’s wrist, he figured he was from a fairly well-off family.

Perhaps he was the one who arranged for Tong Xuelu’s job at the government-operated restaurant.

It would make sense that she did not need his help.

He should have looked into it more before coming over.

Xiao Chengping rubbed his nose and left.

When he got to the end of the alleyway, someone dashed out from behind a post.

“Cousin, did you lend the money to Crybaby”


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