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Chapter 143 - "You wouldn’t know because you don’t have a girlfriend." (1)

Who would have thought that a restaurant this size would have such internal politics

This was fun.

Now was a good time for a quick introduction.

In a government, the highest-ranking person was the manager.

His main responsibility was purchasing and was the number one in charge.

The next one down was the chef.

He was the next in charge in a government.

It was very obvious now that the first and second persons in charge did not get along and would not pee in the same pot.

There would be lots of drama to come.

Liu Dongchang did not want to completely offend Chef Meng.

The two stared each other down for a long while.

Finally, after looking over at both Tong Xuelu and Tan Xiaoyan, Liu Dongchang went by himself looking very unhappy.

Tong Xuelu was too pretty.

Bringing her with could potentially bring about unwanted rumors.

On top of what had just happened a little while ago, she was the last person he wanted to see right now.

As for Tan Xiaoyan, he didn’t even want to go there.

He only wished he could transfer her elsewhere immediately so as not to leave any loose ends.

As soon as Liu Dongchang was gone, Chef Meng stood up and said, “Come with me, Xiao Guo.

Let me show you how to chop vegetables.”

“Yes, Master.”

Su Xiuying had told Tong Xuelu in the past.

Guo Weiping had been there for two years and was still just a temporary worker.

And, in the past two years, the only so-called skills that he had learned was to cut meat.

Meaning, when the restaurant brought meat back from the market, it was his responsibility to slice or chop them up.

Now that Chef Meng was going to start teaching him how to dice vegetables, Guo Weiping couldn’t be happier.

He pitter pattered behind Chef Meng and into the kitchen.

Tong Xuelu felt for Guo Weiping when she saw that.

If she had to be trained like that, she would have been gone long ago.

After Chef Meng and Guo Weiping had gone into the kitchen, Tong Xuelu and Tan Xiaoyan were the only ones left in the dining area.

Tan Xiaoyan stared at her.

“What you standing there for Hurry up and clean the place up.”

Tong Xuelu gave her a cold look and said, “We are dividing it up.

I’ll take this side and you that side.”

Tan Xiaoyan was so shocked that her eyeballs could fall out of her sockets.

“You are the new girl and these are you responsibilities.

I am only responsible for collecting money and meal tickets!”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “That reminds me.

We will take turn collecting money and doing dishes as well.

If you don’t like it, you go and tell the Manager yourself.”

A server at the government was also responsible for doing dishes in addition to collecting money.

When Su Xiuying was there, she was the one responsible for cleaning and serving the dishes.

All Tan Xiaoyan did was to collect money and tickets.

Su Xiuying didn’t like that either but Tan Xiaoyan had background so Su Xiuying had no choice but to keep her head down and not make a peep.

Tong Xuelu never thought that she would have a good relationship with Tan Xiaoyan even before she started.

She just didn’t think that Tan Xiaoyan would be such a tramp on day one.

As such, she didn’t even need to feign courtesy.

Tan Xiaoyan’s cheeks puffed up and now she looked like a frog.

She would definitely had talked to Liu Dongchang in the past but, after what happened in the morning, she wouldn’t dare anymore.

Tong Xuelu couldn’t be bothered with her and started wiping down the tables and chairs on the east end.

When she was done, she sat down and zoned out.

Seeing that Tong Xuelu really wasn’t going to clean the other side of the restaurant, Tan Xiaoyan was so angry that she wanted to scream.

Nevertheless, she didn’t want to be yelled at by Liu Dongchang so she started cleaning disgruntledly.

When Chef Meng witnessed that from the kitchen, he smiled and said, “Finally, we got someone smart.”


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