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Chapter 142 - Tong Xuelu looked very calm sitting there, but she was feeling very excited.


The reason that Liu Dongchang did not doubt what Tong Xuelu had said was because his mother-in-law had a conversation with him after less than 6 months of his wife’s death and asked if he wanted to be a family again.

He had a little bit of alcohol in him at the time and didn’t immediately figure out what she was talking about.

His mother-in-law went on to say that his next wife might not necessarily be nice to his two children.

Things would, however, be very different if he was to marry Tan Xiaoyan.

Tan Xiaoyan was the two children’s aunty and she would for certain treat them as though they were her own.

Whatever alcohol was left in him was gone immediately when he heard that.

He immediately turned down his mother-in-law’s suggestion.

He had thought that that would be the end of it, except that, Tan Xiaoyan confessed to him that she had feelings for him two days later.

Even though he had been married once, but he was a manager of a government-operated restaurant.

He would never agree to an ugly woman like Tan Xiaoyan.

He liked young, pretty, and cultured woman.

The only requirement that Tan Xiaoyan met was the woman part.

He scolded Tan Xiaoyan right then and there and told her to never bring that up again.

Tan Xiaoyan felt very aggrieved.

Feeling unreconciled, Tan Xiaoyan stared at Tong Xuelu and asked her after Liu Dongchang had walked away, “Where did you hear that from”

Tong Xuelu curved her red lips and smiled at Tan Xiaoyan.

“Oh, I just made that up.

I didn’t know that it was true.”

Tan Xiaoyan “……”

The others from the government-operated restaurant showed up while they were talking.

Seeing the both of them standing outside the door, they were baffled, “Why are you two standing out here”

Tong Xuelu smiled and greeted them.

“Hi, I’m Tong Xuelu, the one who swapped jobs with Comrade Su.

Nice to meet you all!”

One of those who arrived was the chef of the government.

Other addressed as Chef Meng.

Chef Meng was in his 50s.

He was tall and chubby.

It was obvious that he got his chubbiness from working at the got.

He glanced over at Tong Xuelu, grunted a response and walked inside.

Behind him was a young man.

He was tall and lanky and looked to be around 15 or 16 years old.

He smiled at Tong Xuelu when he heard her words before he followed Chef Meng inside.

Su Xiuying had mentioned him to Tong Xuelu in the past.

The young man’s name is Guo Weiping.

He was Chef Meng’s disciple and had been an apprentice at the government-operated restaurant since he was 14 years old.

Seeing that all the others had gone inside, Tong Xuelu did even give Tan Xiaoyan another look before she, too, turned and walked inside.

Naturally, she didn’t just make up the matters between Liu Dongchang and Tan Xiaoyan.

It was told to her by Su Xiuying.

The day that Tan Xiaoyan professed her feelings to Liu Dongchang, Su Xiuying happened to have left something at the restaurant and she ran into Tan Xiaoyan hugging Liu Dongchang when she returned.

She told that to Tong Xuelu partly to thank Tong Xuelu for helping her and partly to revenge all the nasty remarks that Tan Xiaoyan had made about her.

Tong Xuelu didn’t think that that piece of information would have come in handy so soon.

After Tong Xuelu had gone inside, Tan Xiaoyan stomped her feet and went inside as well.

Liu Dongchang announced the dishes for the day after everyone was there.

It was Friday and usually they would serve dumplings and braised pork.

After Liu Dongchang had announced the menu of the day, he looked around and finally stopped at Guo Weiping.

“Xiao Guo will come with me to get the pork.”

Guo Weiping had yet to nod before Chef Meng harrumphed and said, ”Xiao Guo is busy today.

I need to teach him how to chop up vegetables today.”

Liu Dongchang frowned when he heard that.

“It doesn’t take that long to get pork.

Can’t you teach him after we get back”

Chef Meng grunted.

“That’s easy for you to say, Manager Liu.

We need to start preparing the food by the time you are back.

When will I have the time to teach”


Fight! Fight!

Tong Xuelu sat to one side calmly but was very excited down inside.


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