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Chapter 133 - More importantly, he didn't even get a bite of it.


He did need to go.

He had taken three day’s time off from the research center and he would need to take the red eye back tonight.

He wouldn’t want the principal to come looking for him in person tomorrow.

Walking Wen Rugui to the door, Tong Xuelu waved at him, “Don’t hesitate to come over for dinner in the future.

I’ll cook for you.”

The sun was going down and the red glow from the setting sun colored her cheeks red as though she had blush on.

Wen Rugui’s heart beat faster when he looked at her smile.


And he forced himself to turn and leave after he had said that.

Tong Xuelu finally closed the door after Wen Rugui had disappeared into the alleyway.


Material goods were sparce in this day and age and all families wanted to be self-sufficient.

That was also true even in the military compound.

There were areas within the compound that were dedicated for growing vegetables and keeping fowls.

Not a lot, but each family could keep up to 1 ~ 2 of them.

The Wen family, too, had two hens.

The two hens were raised from chicken by Old Mr.


He even named them Xiao Wu (No.

5) and Xiao Liu (No.


Everyday after dinner, when Old Mr.

Wen went for his walk, he would take a detour to check on them.

Lo and behold, when he went over to the chicken coup today, he noticed that Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu were gone!

Old Mr.

Wen was worried.

“Xiao Zong, where are Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu How come I can’t find them”

Uncle Zong looked around everywhere but still did not find any signs of Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu.

Even the eggs were gone!

Uncle Zong, too, got worried.

“Commander, Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu were not inside the chicken coup.

I’ve checked the cages nearby as well.


“Why are you still standing there Hurry up and check with Xiao Wang!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Uncle Zong walked so fast that he could bring up a draft.

He quickly went over to Xiao Wang, the orderly.

Xiao Wang was the person in charge of the chicken coups.

He was the one who took care of keeping the area clean and registration.

Xiao Wang was having dinner when Uncle Zong arrived.

Xiao Wang’s eyes were widened when he heard Uncle Zong’s question.

“Didn’t you know, Uncle Zong Rugui told me that Commander wanted the chicken to make broth so I helped him slaughtered it.

Didn’t he bring it back”

Uncle Zong was shocked.

“How many chicken did he kill And why”

Looking at Uncle Zong, Xiao Wang, too, noticed that something was not right.

“He only had me slaughtered Xiao Wu.

He left with Xiao Liu.

I don’t know where he went after that.”

Uncle Zong turned pale.

Uncle Zong’s hands started to tremble.

He was speechless.

Xiao Wu had died and Xiao Liu had gone missing!

After walking out of the dormitory building, Uncle Zong ran back frantically.

“Commander, we’ve got a problem!!!”


Old Mr.

Wen was so angry that he almost had a heart attack when he heard that Xiao Wu had been slaughtered.

“That brat! What was he thinking”

Uncle Zong couldn’t answer that question either.

Wen Rugui had initially said that he was only taken one day off.

Suddenly, he said he would be staying.

They asked him what was going on and all he said was he couldn’t tell me what was happening at the base.

They watched him leaving early and coming back late every day and dared not ask what was going on.

Then he killed Xiao Wu and took Xiao Liu away! This was going to far!!

Uncle Zong couldn’t say that out loud to Old Mr.


He just said, “Relax, Commander.

I am sure Rugui had his reasons.

Perhaps the base needed them.”

Old Mr.

Wen was so angry that even his goatie was shaking.

“The base needs that, my @$$! Rugui studies physics and mechanical engineering.

He’s not a vet!”

Even if he was, he couldn’t just slaughter his Xiao Wu!

More importantly, he didn’t even get one bite of it!

That was not cool!


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