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Chapter 130 - A handsome face appeared in front of her.


Tong Jiaxin harrumphed and said, “Why would I want to tell you my name You are not pretty!”

Wei Zhuzhu, “You are very pretty, Big Brother, but what is wrong with your eyes I am very pretty.

Besides, how are we going to be good friends if you don’t tell me your name”

Tong Jiaxin’s nose was about to point straight up into the sky.

“I don’t want to be friends with girls!”


Tong Xuelu’s lips twitched when she heard that.

She had no idea how a straight man like Tong Jiaxin was able to get himself a wife in his previous life.

Suddenly, Tong Jiaming walked out from inside the house, “Jiaxin, don’t be so rude!”

Tong Jiaxin felt unreconciled but, looking at the stern look on his Second Brother, he, too, felt a bit intimidated.

He had yet to be able to apologize when Wei Zhuzhu pushed hi away and rushed over to Tong Jiaming.

Giving him a sweet smile, she said, “Hi Big Brother, I am Wei Zhuzhu.

What is your name”

Tong Jiaxin, “……’

Tong Jiaming said, “Hi, I am Tong Jiaming.

That’s my little brother Tong Jiaxin.”

Wei Zhuzhu smiled so much that her eyes could barely be seen.

“You are not only good looking and have a melodious voice, but you are also so tender.

Big Brother, you are so nice!”

Tong Xuelu was impressed.

With her ability to smooth talk at her age, she would be able to have any pretty little big brothers after she had grown up.

Tong Jiaming had never run into anything that blunt before and his delicate face turned the color of pork liver.

Tong Mianmian came out from the house on her short chubby legs and said, “You are right, Big Sister, my Second Brother is very nice.”

Wei Zhuzhu’s eyes beamed again when she saw Tong Mianmian.

“You are so pretty, Little Sister.

You are as pretty as your Second Brother!”

The little bun’s face turned red and she twisted around.

“Big Sister is pretty too.”

Wei Zhuzhu nodded.

“I know I am very pretty.

My brother is ugly though.

I’m so envious of you having such good looking sister and brothers!”

Tong Mianmian blinked her big eyes, cocked her head, and said in a milky voice, “Is your Big Brother as ugly as my Third Brother”

Tong Jiaxin, “……”

Wei Zhuzhu, “No, my Big Brother is much uglier than your Third Brother!”

Tong Mianmian’s jaw dropped open in shock.

It looked as though she was saying, “How is it possible that someone can be uglier than my Third Brother Exactly how ugly is that”

Tong Jiaxin, “…………”

Oh, Little Sister, was that really necessary

Tong Jiaxin felt his heart shattered into pieces.

Listening to the kids’ talk, Tong Xuelu laughed so hard that there were tears in her eyes.

Wei Zhuzhu felt that the entire Tong family were very good looking and she didn’t want to go home anymore.

“Grandma, I want to stay here and play.”

Shen Wanrong, “Don’t you see that Big Sister and Big Brothers are cleaning right now You will slow them down if you stay here.

You can come over after they are done with their cleaning.”

Wei Zhuzhu thought about it some and said, “Alright.

I’ll b back tomorrow then.”


After Shen Wanrong and Wei Zhuzhu were gone, Tong Xuelu went back inside the house and combed her hair out before she headed over to C**C to buy groceries.

She had Tong Jiaming start the rice on her way out and to cook and peel the chestnuts.

Everything she went shopping, Tong Xuelu felt strongly about how rare material goods were in this day and age.

Unlike the pervious time, she didn’t find anyone who she could kiss up to, so she had to go and stand in line.

She was in line for almost an hour before she returned with a bundle of green vegetables, two cabbages, and three tomatoes.

All the meat at the C**C was already gone and there were only eggs left.

After what happened the previous time, she didn’t dare to head to the black market once again.

She returned with her vegetable and eggs and regretted not being able to make a good meal without the needed ingredients.

She heard Tong Jiaxin’s cheerful voice when she got to the front of her house.

“This is awesome! We will have eggs in the future! Second Brother, let me take care of feeding the chicken in the future!”

Feeding the chicken

What chicken

Tong Xuelu knocked on the door, feeling baffled, “Mianmian, Big Sister is home.”

She heard footsteps and expected that it would be Tong Jiaming who came to get the door.

When the door opened, she was Wen Rugui’s handsome face in front of her.


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